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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Johnny Enlow: TrumpQuake! What's Next?

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

This is a very interesting and comprehensive article written by one of America's present-day prophets, Johnny Enlow. Enjoy! FYI.



November 28, 2016

With the election of Donald J. Trump, the United States and the world itself have just experienced a global-rattling earthquake, which will release tsunami waves of reformation changes for some time. No matter who wins elections, God remains King at all times and this time, because He is King, He chose and voted in the man of His choice. In the matrix of the spirit realm, as He placed Trump into power, He also released unprecedented wave after wave of the Hosts of Heaven (Angel Armies). These heavenly hosts have heavily damaged three major principalities over government, media, and the economy - and will continue to do so. The principalities were conspiring and doing everything in their power to sabotage this political result. They are not afraid of Trump’s righteousness, but rather they're afraid of the size of the heavenly army they see moving in synchronicity with him. In this day, it's important for all of us to understand that this is not about politics. It's not about left or right. It's not about our favorite political issue or our debates over the character or lack of it in "our candidate." This is about recognizing that God has intervened in the affairs of man and learning to agree with Him.

Trump has been anointed with an Isaiah 45, Cyrus anointing to break down the enemy's mafia-like stronghold on the mountains of government, media and economy. As our 45th President, he will "strip kings of their armor, level the mountains, break down the double gates of resistance, and cut through iron doors." (Is. 45) He will also be given access to treasures and riches stored in secret places. He will come in barely knowing God, yet friendly towards Him, and before he leaves, he'll be branded by the fire of God's presence. I believe he'll be filled with the Holy Spirit in progressive measures as his terms continue. Three major Archangels, including Gabriel, will be assigned to Trump’s commission, and gates of hell will rattle, shake, and be pulverized. A major black web that was over the nation has been suctioned off the land, and that's just the beginning. Next, the root structures of these webs will be exposed and uprooted.


After the election I had a series of dreams that all ended with the statement “Trump 183”. As I searched into the meaning, I was lead first of all to Isaiah 18:3. “All you people of the world, you who live on the earth, when a banner is raised on the mountains, you will see it, and when a TRUMP sounds, YOU WILL HEAR IT.” (my capitals) I was then lead to Jeremiah 18:3: “So I went down to the Potter’s House, and I saw him working at the wheel.” Verse 4 tells what the Potter was doing, “But the pot He was shaping from the clay was marred in His hands; so the Potter FORMED it into another pot, SHAPING IT AS SEEMED BEST TO HIM.”

God has raised a Trump to His mouth, and it is a Trump sound that all are hearing. As we connect Is.18:3 to Jer. 18:3, He is also letting us know that He has Potter rights to come REFORM something that has lost its original intention and design, and that He has the right to shape it as it seems best to Him. If you were to read on down in Jeremiah 18, He lays out how He has the right to announce the building or the uprooting of any nation He so chooses. Because of what God will now do in America and among the nations, the Sovereignty of God will gain understanding and luster as we have theologically reduced Him to an almost Deistic position that will be proven untrue. Yes, it is true He is inviting us in to partner with Him - but that is the focus - HE is the Ruler of the Nations, and we learn to partner with Him, His timing, and His rhythm. If you hadn’t noticed, He is not taking His cues from us.

He did not put Trump in because he has the best character and pro-life stance. There were perhaps 15 Presidential candidates who looked better than him in both of those matters. God was not asking us for our opinion. He is still not asking us for our opinion. Many of us have been like Joshua in Joshua 5:13-15 -- aware that we carry a lot of authority, but momentarily having forgotten the Greater Narrative. In that passage, Joshua sees a man with a drawn sword, and he asks Him, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” Many of us have been carrying this type of thinking, even as it relates to this election. The answer to Joshua was, “Neither, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have come.” Joshua then appropriately falls face down and is further instructed to take off his shoes because "this is holy ground." God is about to do a most holy thing among us as we go into "Promised Land” of the seven mountains and it all starts with getting clarification on Who is in charge. The symbols having to do with this 5777 year (Hebraic calendar) are all about a drawn sword. Our 7-spirited God is on the scene, even as we flex our authority muscle, and He is telling us to get out of our shoes and to come under His directive. He doesn’t want us taking so much “ownership” of our part that we behave as if we are orphans and it all depends only on us. The Nations are our inheritance - and inheritance is all about learning how to receive versus learning how to achieve. There is something to be done, but it is not frantic, nor frenetic - it is something to be done in rest and confidence, knowing the legal right that is being entered into and the overwhelming superiority of might that is ours.

Many have become aware that the enemy is in heavy backlash mode. The wrong take-away is to panic at that backlash. A lot of the backlash is similar to what a chicken does when it’s head is cut off – it’s strongest kick-back is once it is already dead. There are some dark things dying right now that don’t require any kind of strategy to contain - other than to stay back and observe. Panic belongs in the enemy camp, and Rest [God’s Rest] belongs in our camp.


It was not coincidental that the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series, breaking the longest drought in North America sports history. They last won the World Series in 1908, which wrapped up three consecutive years of being in the World Series. That 3-year period of 1906, 1907, 1908 was the 3 year period that marked the start of the Azusa Street Revival that has revolutionized the world forever and now encompasses 700 million Holy Spirit-filled believers. The Protestant Reformation that was unleashed through Martin Luther 499 years ago represented the beginning of receiving the full benefits of the Son. That which was kicked off through the Azusa Street Revival in 1906 represents the beginning of receiving the full benefits of the Holy Spirit. What kicks off now is the beginning of the era of the Father - and this is all about Inheritance, Promised Land, Reformation, Restoration, Renaissance, and the Nations becoming Jesus' reward. He was the first Son to ask for the Nations as Inheritance (Ps. 2:8). God is so good at synchronizing everything, that it is in the year 5777 He begins all of this. The number is significant. 5 is the number of grace. Each 7 represents one of the Trinity in fullness, and now all 3 will be on display in an unprecedented way. Furthermore, He orchestrates this even through the timing of inauguration as His Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days on that day. The enemy is still frantically working to derail this, but he will not succeed. His desperate attempts are revealing just that - his desperation. Remember the panic belongs in his camp.


Back in July 15, 2005, Bob Jones (now in Heaven) had a very significant vision while in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the vision, Bob saw a great man who in the past had fallen asleep. In fact he saw that the giant had been sleeping since 1967. This giant was on its back half covered in dirt and his name was Gulliver. Little people from little input had completely tied him down. Bob saw that the heart of this sleeping giant was in Jacob’s Field, Cleveland, Ohio; it’s heart was in Columbus, Ohio; it’s reproductive organs were in Cincinnati, Ohio; it’s left hand in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; it’s right hand in Indianapolis, Indiana; it’s left foot in Charlotte, North Carolina; it’s right foot in Nashville, Tennessee. He saw that Gulliver eventually stood up in Atlanta, Georgia, and through that standing up, took the whole south.

Now Bob received something specific for each city mentioned and that can be further researched on your own. However, he noted that it awakened in Jacob’s Field, which is the original name for the Cleveland Indians home stadium were the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Of interest perhaps is that the Chicago Cubs were originally called the White Stockings, which is a good description for “the Saints." That is whom He is arising through to break the witchcraft curses that have been on society. Bob saw this as an open vision in 2005 and we have all looked for the clear signs of this giant truly awakening. Suddenly all the signs point to NOW with the Cubs winning the big World Series in Jacob’s Field, thus reversing the curse. Furthermore as one studies the recent election results it becomes key that every state mentioned as to where key parts of Gulliver were located ended up being a key state for voting in Donald Trump.

The state of Ohio mentioned 3 times by Bob was perhaps the biggest surprise by going early and overwhelmingly towards Trump. Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina were all considered key swing states and they all went Trump. In fact, if you laid out a map and drew out the sleeping giant across the states described by Bob, you would see that it essentially outlines areas that all went the red color that represented Trump. I believe that Gulliver in some way represents the Church, but that it specifically speaks to America’s destiny. I believe that these cities will continue to be significant even in ways not seen by Bob Jones, as he looked at these cities more through the spectrum of the Church. I believe that much of America’s resurrected destiny will have to do with finding inner-city solutions, and that these will be forthcoming in key cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Atlanta. It is not coincidental that Atlanta was the birth place of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement. The giant destiny of America has to somehow rise and stand in Atlanta, and that is when it becomes fully legitimate. Nashville is highlighted because an anointed music will be birthed out of Nashville that will be the sound that this Gulliver marches and dances to. Columbus is highlighted because of its name, and the new discovery of the heart of America takes place as Gulliver arises. Columbus itself will model the heart of this awakened giant of destiny.


This is interesting to look into because 1967 is often seen as the year the Jesus Movement began. It is also the year Israel won the six-day war, and Jerusalem once again came under Israel jurisdiction, thus reawakening its destiny after a couple of millennia. How then could a sleeping giant fall asleep at this time when new significant awakenings and restorations were taking place? The Summer of Love in San Francisco took place in 1967, and MLK Jr.’s last full year was 1967.

As I stated, I believe that Gulliver represents some combination of the Church as well as America’s destiny. What is it that went asleep in 1967? Perhaps we can get further insight by remembering details of the story of Gulliver. Gulliver was a cheery optimist who was a surgeon and whose first name was Lemuel - meaning “belonging to God,” and is a King mentioned in Proverbs. It is the six-inch tall Lilliputians who turn on him in mass, and while he sleeps, manage to tie him down with thousands of little ropes. The Lilliputians were a people driven by the most trivial matters, and it was the author’s intention to, in satire, have them be representative of petty religion. The Jesus Movement was the last great move of the Holy Spirit in America, but almost in mass, using petty religious treatises, the mainstream churches rejected this move of God, and in doing so, became as the Lilliputians, tying down a healing optimistic giant who then has struggled to awaken and arise until this day. In much the same way, mainstream America rejected the essence of the Civil Rights Movement by finding petty disagreements with the main voices of the movement, also thus tying down that which was supposed to flourish. A move of God, both in the Church and in society, found itself co-opted, put to sleep, and tied down by pessimistic, fault-finding Lilliputians. God was awakening love on the west coast, but the east coast intellectually put it to sleep and tied it down.

Nor can it be considered just an afterthought what took place with the liberating of Jerusalem. God was giving Israel back her capital, and yet the Church with its Replacement Theology and society with its demonically-distorted perspective on middle eastern history, found a way to tie down the awakened giant of new destiny. The Church did not get that God was awakening the giant destiny of natural Israel, and society had no grid for working things out through love, which was the cry that arose in 1967. These two things will now be awakened to unprecedented measures as Israel’s destiny and the love of the Father will begin to take center stage. It is no minor thing that Trump has stated that he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s historic capital. This is so huge, that it alone could justify his becoming President of the United States of America.

My last comment on being asleep since 1967: It is unfortunate that historically, for lack of vision when there is revival, the task of reformation is essentially ignored, as if more people getting saved is the cure-all for the institutional ills of society. Gulliver ultimately represents more than revival, as he was a surgeon, and that speaks into reformation. It was remarkable that in 1967 and beyond, there was a ‘disconnect’ between the revival atmosphere spun off by the Jesus Movement and the reformation assignment of the Civil Rights Movement. This time there can be no disconnect, and the sleeping giant of reformation cannot be put to sleep, even by revival-mindedness. The expanded purpose of revival beyond the immediate harvest is to inspire those being revived to show up in society carrying the nuanced love of God designed to show up in each of the 7 mountains. To make it clearer, revival must ultimately affect government, media, economy, family, education, and arts and entertainment and not just awake and then die, asleep on the mountain of religion. In fact when we finally learn to channel revival happenings into the other 6 mountains, revival will never sleep again.


Here is what I believe Donald Trump has been commissioned to do. First of all, he is quite on track with his often-ridiculed mantra of “Let’s Make America Great." While it initially sounds too self-centered and void of care for the rest of the world, it is not when properly understood. America has a great call to be a Great Samaritan nation, as well as to be a model Melting Pot for the Nations. Both of those long-term calls have to be put on a general pause while the nation itself becomes strengthened. Even as a natural mother needs recovery time from birthing a baby before she prepares to birth another, our nation needs a recovery time of identity, purpose, finances, and general well-being before re-presenting herself before the world. Some momentary “selfishness” for the sake of long-term service and generosity is needed. Part of the “selfishness” is eliminating the corruption and big money interests in government, economy, and media. The strongholds of darkness in those three mountains have been threatening our nation’s destiny. Here in brief is some of what Trump is anointed and empowered to accomplish:

#1- Upgrade Government:

The way government gets upgraded is by identifying corrupted and corrupting systems, removing them, and then replacing them with transparent systems. Trump is getting an eye-full from the inside out at how widespread corruption is in government. It is so corrupt that without discernment, most of us are just pawns in the processes of elections. The key to discernment is to not assume you already know what is going on, but to withhold one’s own preference until insight [is provided] from the Holy Spirit. Many of us voted wrongly this year because of this lack of discernment. However, there is no condemnation for this, as the swirl around this election made discerning not an easy thing. Furthermore, I think those of you who voted wrongly can in the future have inroads with people who also voted the way you did. I saw a prophetic quote from the recently passed Kim Clement regarding this election that said to the effect, “I will fool the people because the man I choose will not be a praying man when he goes in, but will become one when he is there.” Perhaps God didn’t want all of us discerning the election correctly so that there are bridges of connecting conversation available between those who voted similarly but begin to see things were not what they thought.

Election funding, lobbying limits, and ensuring voting integrity are major assignments - as there is little doubt that as presently operated, our great “democracy” has multiple capabilities/probabilities of being rigged, and those must be identified and removed. Almost no democracy on the planet is presently absent the rigging capabilities/probabilities, and a new model and system must be discovered and implemented. What good is “the will of the people” idea if it can’t be discovered? As Churchill famously noted, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried.” If the world standard bearer for democracy cannot ensure fair elections and proper vote counting, then there is no true democracy on the planet, but just charades of pretend democracies orchestrated by a corrupt handful. This must be addressed and changed during the Trump years. Not only do we hang in the balance as a nation but so does the world.

Criminal justice reform is huge, as is reforming our prisons - so that they truly are rehabilitation centers and not just punishment centers that turn the temporarily misbehaving into life-time misbehavers. Our inner cities are often essentially a backwash of prison toxicity, and the assignment of “fixing” inner cities is directly tied into prison reform, sentencing reform and criminal targeting reform. Eliminating racism in the police force is important, but less so than these other reforms. Racism could be removed from the police force, and yet it does not substantially improve inner city realities of 50% unemployment and high illiteracy. I believe Donald Trump has the heart and the resolve to tackle and reform core issues rather than just continue the platitudes and empty promises of typical politicians.

#2- Upgrade the Economy:

The "Cyrus anointing" being released on Trump will allow him to fix supposedly unfixable matters of our national economy, as well as heal aspects of the global economy. Though the following don’t necessarily all equate to a healthy economy, I believe that when President Trump comes into power there will be a greatly-stimulated economy just by the accompanied anointing being sent on him. I believe we will see the Dow Jones go quickly to 21,000. I heard that the “bubble” doesn’t have to pop, but the air can be “folded” out of the bubble. I believe during his presidency that true unemployment will go down to an unheard of 3%. I say “true unemployment” because much of today’s unemployment rate does not take into consideration the millions that have already given up on finding work. Trump will have a plan to Rebuild America, and it will be great for jobs and great for the economy. I believe he has a goal for producing 25 million jobs in ten years, and that the Lord is going to so bless it, that there will end up being 30 million new jobs in 8 years. I think we will see the greatest economic boom in United States history, and innovation and trade is going to explode. Against many prognostications, the USA and China will make great business deals that will positively affect both nations and the world itself.

Beyond the above-mentioned upgrades, there will be the identifying of systemic weaknesses to our economic engine, including its susceptibility to being manipulated by the traditional manipulators of world economies. These have had a curtain from behind which they have operated, and that curtain must and will be systemically identified and removed - with a new transparency built in. God has been surprising even world economic manipulators with His sovereign moves, but things must be reformed for long-term solvency. The Archangel of the mountain of economy has been activated for this time, and what is impossible with man will be possible with God.

#3- Upgrade the Media:

The past election showed us perhaps better than ever the need for reform in media, and much change will now come of necessity for media agencies that want to survive. Beyond that, Trump will have an assignment to reform or disband the White House Press-corps, who are almost in their entirety under a political agenda, and are not serving the people with any kind of objectivity. The identifying and exposing of corrupting influences in media is a necessary assignment and one that this president will be courageous enough to step into. It is not entirely his assignment to reform media, but Trump will instigate and inspire reformation changes that will reverberate in everything having to do with news media. This will be the best of times for those who understand the need to bring a well-thought through kingdom media outlet.


It becomes important for the Church not to expect President Trump to accomplish all the changes that need to come. Though Trump may or may not be able to affect the Supreme Court so that it overturns Roe vs. Wade, the Church must not put all their eggs in that basket. The Church must continue to work at winning the battle for the hearts and minds of men and women and seeing that as a more effective long-term answer to the moral disaster of abortions. We will know we have accomplished that goal when the nation itself demands that abortion on demand be eliminated. It is arguably defensible in only very limited instances.

The Church must also be so aware of the cultural and racial divide that presently exists in the nation and be about working to eliminate that gulf. It is not okay that 80% of white evangelicals voted for Trump and that almost 90% of black believers voted for Clinton. It is not just that black believers have been more easily misled by politicians - as that is too simplistic of a perspective. It also has to do with the white church being asleep as it relates to systemic ways they could assist in responding to and healing the ills of inner-city America, prison reform, criminal justice reform, etc. We also saw 70% of Latino voters oppose Trump for president, and the Church must work at understanding why there is a ‘disconnect’ here as well, and go the second mile in bringing healing and unity.

If I can simplify the Church's coming assignment, it is the responsibility to love. This will not be a part of Donald Trump’s specific assignment, and we must understand that. We could even pick up the wrong cues based on what he is permitted to do and say. Rudeness, crudeness, and meanness is not suddenly in for Christians because the God-ordained president-elect is spotlighted for showcasing that from time to time. Furthermore, we must learn many more facets of love than we presently have. As my wife and I write about in "Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love", we must learn to discover what His love looks like in every sphere/mountain of society and begin to display it. The long-term reformation of America is not just contingent on a president making political moves and creating new laws, but rather it is a vibrant, in love with God, and in love with people - church. The Church’s role stated simply is to discover what God’s love looks like in every area of society and then to display that. We can no longer just be known for what we are against. This becomes our personal area of reformation, and the Church is about to go through as much shaking and reconstituting as any mountain of society. We are perhaps further from our “as it is in Heaven” ideal than any sphere of society, including government, so hang on there for the coming extreme makeover.


Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a wild and exciting ride. Everything is about to change. There will be moves and counter moves and then moves to counter that. The key is to choose ahead of time to enjoy the ride. We tend to be so observant of the enemy that we panic and overreact when we see what He is doing. If we continue that trend we will have “emergency” calls for fasting and praying at almost a continual basis. Rather than getting on that express, just stay in unceasing hopeful prayer. “Prayer” is not supposed to be just the fearful processing of troubling news. Prayer is to be faith, hope and love-inspired conversations with God. We should pray more to agree with God than to disagree with the devil. We want to remain Third-Heaven conscious and less Second-Heaven conscious. It is very often irrelevant what the enemy is concocting. For every "Mordecai’s gallows" that the enemy is surreptitiously orchestrating, there will be an accompanying “Haman’s noose” that is being prepared for the enemy himself [Esther 7:9-10]. We must operate from a foundation of the expectation of good from God. If we have a choice between being cynical or gullible, go with gullible. That was the mark of Gulliver. It is time for outrageous kingdom optimism. Everything will be working towards kingdom advancement as never before in history. A protracted Era of Renaissance in the knowledge of God and His Kingdom is upon us - and if you keep that uppermost in your own narrative, you will find your personal destiny accelerated.

[Amos 3:7 - For the Lord God does nothing unless He has revealed His secret to His servants, the prophets.]

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