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Monday, November 28, 2016

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Gets this One Right

Bill de Blasio - My promise to all New Yorkers

Pertinent words for our times(s), de Blasio's overt non-compliance policy statement is a breath of fresh air amidst the toxic fumes generated by the mainstream PRess. Many similar de Blasio clips seem to get the message right also - but is his motivation genuine? Is the point to drive a broadly and entheusiastically welcomed message home, thus paving the way for a domino 'Spring' effect or is de Basio covertly batting for the other team with the intent to stir up more anti-Trump ferver? Does he eat pizza for example... These are genuine questions from a non-NYCite. In light of the disappearance of Assange and the ballot-box 'recounts' it seems the Clinton camp may yet be able to re-engineer an election result more to their liking?

Bill de Blasio Verified account ‏@NYCMayor

My promise to ALL New Yorkers. #AlwaysNewYork

Submitted by Citizen K

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