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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Work has Just Started -- Attempts to Crucify President-Elect Trump

Submitted by Vinod to Operation Disclosure,

Work ahead!

Appalling was the CNN cover of Florida’s Student anti-Trump Rally, their continuous Crusade to crucify the now elected President of the USA.

I don’t give much on their survival, after playing the same tune again and again “Trump is a racist, was endorsed by KKK, Women rapist, etc.

Watching the crowd closely, one notices an immature one, with healthy democrats families parrots, illegal aliens, foreigners which think wrongly on how lucky they are to be living in America with a sense of wrong debts towards their savior, but forgetting obviously the slaughter of the rest of their family remaining in their birth nations!

“Trump was endorsed by the KKK” big deal, especially when Bill and Hillary Clinton had the former head of KKK, not only to endorse them, but their “mentor”!

Mainstream media should be ashamed of their attitude and continuous manipulation of the Masses!

Stupid and ignorant people should be home keep on watching their favorite craps!

Let the adult world take care of what may be the beginning of your future freedom from the obvious NOW which would have been served by your “insider”.

This “insider” who did not even had the decency to face her own crowd after defeat, interested only in people if she gets something out of it! That’s Hillary’s way, as it always had been, and the only credulous are the ones already brainwashed to think properly! As if Democrats means something since Bill, as if you could hear the word “Democracy” in democrats (‘cause I can’t!)

Now, of course everything will be made to fuck up this national election (as we already see) and we can’t rely on the already brainwashed people to help for the common good, to willing to unite, and obviously measures will have to be taken as fast as possible:

Trey Gowdy as General Attorney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the BEST move Donald trump could make for People as myself (though I’m leaving in France but believe that the US election will have wonderful repercussions on our internal policy) because it shows that HE is leading the way to a big general cleaning up, that “we” get what he promised and what he was elected for.

And obviously the work has just started!

God, for the first time in 30 years I would be proud to be American!

Vinod http://secrets-de-

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