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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Toxic Control Disclosure -- List of All Ways the Cabal are Poising us

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Toxic Control disclosure:

The cabal keeps its victims sick and toxic.
The cabal poisons with pharmaceuticals.
The cabal poisons with vaccinations.
The cabal poisons with microwave radiation.
The cabal poisons with GMOs.
The cabal poisons with sweeteners.
The cabal poisons with food preservatives.
The cabal poisons with insecticides.
The cabal poisons with steroids.
The cabal poisons with fluoride.
The cabal poisons with packaging plastics.
The cabal poisons with chemtrails.
The cabal poisons with inadequate pasteurization.
Sources of poisons are endless and growing.

Short term memory loss? Any or all above.
Suggested book "Cure for all Diseases"
Disclosure author Hulda R. Clark.
Suggested organization? website and sacrament.

The wicked witch queen of the east is alive.
CROWN corporation and queen of England.
The queen's owner, the pope, is complacent.
Suggested reading "You know something's wrong…"
Disclosure author Anna Maria Riezinger

All poisons violate Natural law.
Suggested book "Transition to Natural Law"
Disclosure author Cindy K Currier
Suggested youtube:

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