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Thursday, November 17, 2016

We are Loved, the RV is Near

Submitted Anonymously to Operation Disclosure,

I am feeling very unhappy lately, are you?

My dreams still reel like old films in my mind - dreams of the past cast for the future

We have spent so much time and effort on this adventure to help all

I drink, I eat, I smoke, I hope

What is going on?

Why are we all suffering?

We all want to do so much for the world.

What is going on?

I want to be happy.

Why cant I/we do it without the RV?

I mean, help the world, fulfil our dreams and the heal the world?

Do we need to be rich to it, or, do we only want to rich people doing it?

I will be honest, the higher me, is the richer me and help the world.

Am I bad.


This is my destiny - for poorer or richer, I am married to this now.

I hope this not a hoax as i want this so much.

I know the good things i have planned will become 1000000 x infinity of good things.

Am I a fool = probably , no, yes, not today, never...

I still feel and want love.

= Does this make me bad brothers and sisters?

The answer is simple.


God loves us all and if God wants us to win we will.

I want truth

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