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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Secret Activities in Antarctica: Ancient Energy Sources the Reason for All it?

Source: The Event Chronicle | by UFO Sightings Hotspot

Some issues he talks about:

  • Ancient energy fields or sources
  • Russia: 6 new nuclear icebreakers
  • Hidden armies under the ice
  • A lot of women are being brought into the arctic.
  • Soros foundation
  • All the bases have a purpose but the real purpose is under the ice

Well-known bases are clearly marked but two bases "Novolazarevskaya and Maitri" are hard to find and what is the purpose of the disc found near one of the bases.

Novolazarevskaya Base: 70°46'40.55″S 11°49'9.73″E

Maitri Base: 70°46'4.28″S 11°43'31.89″E

Strange disc in rock: 70°46'40.51″S 11°49'38.29″E

Sorry, I'm not a non-believer but that looks like a helipad to me. - OD

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