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News Alerts

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 24, 2018

(Note: All info that is leaked already occurred unless stated otherwise.)

The Cabal underground outpost/facility near Torc Mountain has been destroyed.

Evidence found of other possible facilities is classified at this time.

Upon the destruction of the facility, many of the facility's personnel have scattered across Kerry County.

Alliance Ghost Operator Teams have went incognito searching for these remaining Cabal escapees.

Local Alliance members in the country's law enforcement and military were contacted and have agreed to help.

One of the incognito Ghost Operators spotted several Cabal escapees disguised as tourists on Carrauntoohil, the largest peak in Ireland.

These Cabal escapees were "covertly" apprehended.

Two other Cabal escapees were also seen in the town of Killarney and were covertly apprehended.

After being interrogated, these two escapees explained that they were to oversee operations at the facility near Torc Mountain.

Before they could arrive, their visit was cut short when they spotted the Alliance surrounding the facility near Torc Mountain.

This is where they decided to go into hiding in Killarney.

It was not long until they were both found intoxicated at a local bar which is where they were covertly apprehended.

No further intel on this matter at this time.

The RV is still set to begin before the collapse, or after the Cabal have been neutralized.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 25, 2018

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Scientists Learn that Gut Bacteria Control Over your Moods and Brain Function

Source: Natural News | by: Rhonda Johansson

To accomplish this, researchers collected fecal samples from all the participants and measured their brain activity using a MRI scan as they viewed images that evoked an emotional response. The women were grouped according to the gut bacteria found in their feces. Thirty-three of them were recorded to have a bacterium called Bacteroides, while the remaining seven had the bacteria strain Prevotella. Surprisingly, the Bacteroids group were measured to have thicker gray matter in the frontal cortex and insula — regions of the brain that are associated with the processing of information. The Prevotella group, on the other hand, displayed more neural connections linked to emotional, attention, and sensory brain regions. Yet, this group also showed to have less active hippocampi, which is responsible for the processing of long term memory and how people respond to emotional situations. As expected, the Prevotella group reported to experience higher levels of negative feelings such as anxiety, irritability, or distress when looking at the photos.

These results support the age-old assumption that there is a connection between gut microbes and emotional response. Previous data studied the link in animal models, but there has been very little evidence on the connection in humans so far.

The team has said that their results do not determine if the bacteria in the gut influenced the development of the brain or if existing differences in the brain disrupted gut bacteria production. Either possibility, however, does suggest a relationship between the two.

These results were published in Psychosomatic Medicine.

The brain-gut connection

There is mounting evidence that indicates that the gut is the "second brain." Scientists and medical professionals alike are now seeing how the gut can affect and be affected by brain processes. Research is now suggesting that gut microbiota or gastrointestinal conditions (such as irritable bowel syndrome) can lead to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

The enteric nervous system (ENS) is composed of more than 100 million nerve cells that line the gastrointestinal tract from the esophagus to rectum, as defined by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Dr. Jay Pasricha, who has extensively studied the ENS and its connections to mood, said on the medical group's website, "For decades, researchers and doctors thought that anxiety and depression contributed to [functional bowel problems such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, pain, and stomach upset]. But our studies, and others, show that it may also be the other way around." Dr. Pasricha said that evidence says that when the gastrointestinal system is irritated (either due to a disease or poor diet), it sends signals to the central nervous system (CNS) which inevitably changes mood.

Dr. Pasricha explained that this connection "may explain why a higher-than-normal percentage of people with [irritable bowel syndrome] and functional bowel problems develop depression and anxiety."

Recognizing the connection, health experts say, can lead to better treatments and prevention plans. More importantly, it could empower patients to take a closer look at their lifestyle habits, particularly with their diet. An ample and daily intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other healthful foods could significantly reduce their risk of developing mental conditions.

Given that many prescription medicines for mental illnesses have numerous side-effects(many of which can actually lead to more severe physical conditions if not treated early), transitioning to a healthier lifestyle could prove to be an easier (and less expensive) treatment.

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