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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 23, 2018

On the 19th-20th, removal operations of underground Cabal outposts around Idaho and Wyoming were occurring.

Sources reported that Cabal-MIC military formations were moving from Idaho to Wyoming.

These military formations were intercepted by the Alliance's SSP fleet over Nevada as seen below:

The Cabal-MIC military formation was annihilated. A few ships were allowed to retreat in order to track where they were headed.

The retreating Cabal-MIC ships disappeared near Torc Mountain located in Ireland.

Alliance Ghost Operative Teams on the ground were able to find the exact location of their outpost through documents found at one of their previous outposts near Yellowstone.

(Note: All info that is leaked already occurred and is no longer compromising to the plans and security of the Alliance.)

The RV will begin once all levels of Cabal threats have been neutralized.

If this is not accomplished in due time, the RV will begin before the financial system crashes.

The checklist for the RV release only needs one last check ✔ for the following:

- Neutralization of the Cabal

Deadline: Before the financial system collapses.




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(Video) David Wilcock -- Disclosure, Cabal's Defeat, Ancient Aliens, and Inner Earth

Published on Feb 19, 2018

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Supernote" -- September 13, 2017

Source: Human Angel Services

Back in October of 2013, the distribution of the $100 USD “Supernote” counterfeit bills got so bad they had to make a new $100 bill with an advanced light refractory security element built into every bill.

North Korea since the 1970’s was a known counterfeiter of Chinese Yuan, but began doing the same with the USD in the 1999’s and then kicked the program into hyperdrive in 2007-8 after the market collapse.

This was done to keep the USA, Inc afloat through the financial storm blowing in from the East after China threatened to pull the plug on the Western World’s entire old financial system via Lehman Brothers debt instrument calls.

This began where are at now–the total elimination of the old financial system highlighted by the elimination from existence of the USD permanently.

Some like the Church Bank are preparing for this doomsday scenario, banking and leveraging gold assets in other parts of the world not being dependent on the US banking system for our lifestyle or daily currency.

Others banks and credit unions won’t be as fortunate because they either didn’t have the foresight or war moral allegiances

to overcome sovereign counterfeiters–the largest of these is Federal Reserve Board. A thieving group of Zionists have all gets thrown out September 30, 2017.

What makes the RV complicated is knowing who the enemy is, what’re they are, and what they have left up their sleeve, and when their cobra will strike next.

The USN has has yet to be voted into law by the Us Congress, which by GESARA's ownmandates, must occur before the new financial system can function in the United States.

So by Israel/dark nobility continuing to hold hostage negotiations and threatened the US Congress (Freedom Caucus in the House Republicans Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Democrats in the Senate).

No bill can reach the desk of a sitting US President, so he can sign it into law immediately. The USN and all other global revaluing currencies wait patiently on he sidelines just waiting its turn… so does the world… and so do we.

North Korea is but a pawn that pits the USA against China / Russia in order to start WW3, which is a fire the cabal must light in order to delay the global monetary reforms– which is their true death blow.

Legally we’re all waiting on Congress and then ultimately President Trump to start the RV by passing and signing into law the gold backed USN.

This is why banking details are secondary because without s recognized currency by the rest of the free world, our USD is s lame duck instrument of value being shot at by the minute by the rest of the world.

This is why North Korea is suddenly shooting missiles at Japan, and why Israel’s Netanyahu is traveling the world looking for a friend.

But it’s too late BiBi. Your bed is made. Trump’s too. Thankfully, our bed, bedroom and house are very different even though we too are waiting on the same thing.

It’s all about those damn USN still.


God’s is with us.

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