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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 20, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 20 2019 Compiled 20 Jan. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

(Video) The Patriot Hour -- Trump Just Said this [Popcorn on Standby] Rulers of this Nation Again!

Published on Jan 20, 2019


Reader: Three Things that Need to be Done to Stop the Masses from Coming here

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

There are three things that need to be done to stop the masses from coming here


There are three things that need to be done to stop the masses from coming here;

1. no more 'goodies' or services to those who cross the border; 2. no more chain migrations, allowing those who come to bring in families - all must come in according to changed law; and, 3. legalize all drugs putting the drug lords these people claim to be escaping out of business, giving them no profits. Those who are addicted could get their fix cheaply from a drugstore and not have to rob others for the money to pay for same.

$100,000 on that plane for alcohol??? So besides being a slut for the New World Order, Nancy is a lush. Of course she becomes Prez if they dump the Prez and the Vice-Prez and I suspect she is counting on that and practicing. She needs to be put in her place -- or send her one way to that war zone.......-Kathy

PS One other way, stop ANCHOR BABIES!!

Jim Stone -- Trump did Another Setup to Prove the Shut Down is on Pelosi

JIM STONE's take on TRUMP's Saturday speech: HE did another SETUP to prove the shut down was a PELOSI shut down

Is time on Trump's side to hold another speech?

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

My take on Trump's Saturday speech:

He did another setup to prove the shut down was a Pelosi shut down. He offered everything on a silver platter as part of strategic planning, knowing she'd say no to ANYTHING. Now, he can declare a national emergency and build the wall, but he won't do that yet, at least if I am right about this. FIRST:

He will do ONE MORE widely publicized speech, offering even more in concessions, to REALLY show the American people what a dirt bag Pelosi is. After this third whack, he will shut her down. GAME OVER, he will bury her but this needs to go one more round. Just watch and enjoy.

I hope I am not right about the third whack, maybe he's already destroyed her credibility enough and I am ready to just get on with it all. He will know what to do, and his decision will be correct and an absolute desert burial, sans ceremony.

And on another note, Trump looks like he gained 50 pounds in one day. Gee, I wonder why. Bullet proof fat?

Super Blood Moon to Mark the Second Anniversary of Trump's Inauguration


1/16/19 AT 12:55 PM

Source: Newsweek | By KATHERINE HIGNETT

On the second anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration, an eclipse will bathe a “supermoon” in an orangey glow. For many sky-watchers, it’s a beautiful reason to stare up at our planet's rocky neighbor. But for some conspiracy theorists, it’s a sign of the end of the world.

If some fringe doomsayers are to be believed, the president could be linked to the biblical “End Times” prophecies. After all, he was born on the day of a total lunar eclipse.

Making the rounds online since at least December, YouTube pastor Paul Begley touts Trump as the “Blood Moon President,” linking the upcoming lunar eclipse—which will take place the night of January 20-21—to chaos in America.

“Is this a sign? Is this a harbinger for America?” Begley said in a YouTube video posted Sunday. “It seems like the prophetic scriptures of the Bible are starting to play out right on the world stage, right before our very eyes.”

Although the U.S. is arguably the midst of turmoil—furloughed federal workers are resorting to food banks as the government shutdown is on its 26th day—that doesn’t make this outlandish online prophecy true.

Bible-inspired prophecies like Begley’s often rely on passages such as Joel 2:30-31, which predicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It reads: “I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

But this kind of prediction is vague, explained Nottingham Trent University astronomer Daniel Brown, and “can be interpreted in any kind of manner.”

Orangey-red moons, for example, aren’t limited to eclipses. Atmospheric conditions and dust can make the moon glow a dark orange when it sits very low on the horizon—hardly something that can be predicted hundreds of years out, like an eclipse, Brown told Newsweek.

Doomsayers use everything from earthquakes to social calamity as signs the end is upon us, Brown explained. “Dating and determining what kind of events fit the bill is always difficult and can be the source of a lot of fantasy,” he added. “As an astronomer, I would comment that it is impossible to make such predictions.”

He added, “It is important to remember that ‘blood moon’ is just another more dramatic term for what we would refer to as a lunar eclipse. Nothing more and nothing less. It doesn’t take away anything of its fascination and beauty, but it is not some kind of new thing and filled with the notion of the end of the world around the corner.”

The sometimes reddish glow of a lunar eclipse is caused by the bending of light by Earth’s atmosphere, as the moon passes through our planet’s shadow. Light is absorbed, affecting the level of blue light that reaches the moon. “A lunar eclipse can be quite poetic if you imagine standing on the moon and being able to see every sunset and sunrise on Earth at the same time,” Brown said.

Beyond apocalyptic prophecies, eclipses have inspired a wide range of myths and legends throughout history.

The ancient Mesopotamians, for example, saw the moon as a symbol for their king, and an eclipse as a dangerous omen. When a lunar eclipse was predicted, the king would be replaced by a proxy for his protection. “After the eclipse had passed, the proxy king would have an unfortunate accident and disappear, replaced by the old king,” Brown explained.

Some Native American tribes, he added, send healing songs to a moon they interpret as sick. For the Batammaliba, an African tribe, lunar eclipses are a time for conflict resolution—offering an example of peace to a warring sun and moon, Brown explained.

For the astronomer, lunar eclipses offer a “beautiful” example of the motions of the solar system. “Just noting the difference of curvature of the Earth’s shadow on the moon shows how much larger the Earth is compared to the moon—no math involved at all.”

Instead of thinking of a lunar eclipse as a “blood moon,” with all its doomsday connotations, Brown recommends coming up with a name of your own. “Try and go outside and experience the full moon in all its glory. Then see if you can create your own term for the full moon as you see it."

A perigee full moon, or supermoon, is seen during a total lunar eclipse behind the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver on September 27, 2015.NASA/BILL INGALLS/GETTY IMAGES

Why Does Pelosi’s Secret Overseas Mission Included 93 Family Members?

Pelosi’s Secret Overseas Mission Included 93 Family Members? Why?

January 19, 2019

Source: The Marshall Report

Why did Pelosis have all of her children and grandchildren – 93 family members going with her on her trip to Egypt, Afghanistan and Brussells? And 7 congress members? Who takes 93 family members (mostly children) on a secret government business trip on military aircraft, paid for by tax payer dollars?

What ideas were rolling around in her head? If true, as so much gets spinned, what was she thinking? Doing?

President Trump grounded her from whatever it was she was planning to do. But what exactly was she planning? The Commander In Chief has access to classified information and knows far more than any of we who are watching this circus. So, knowing there is a war going on between nationalists and globalists, and the globalists are having their meeting next week in Brussels to plan world economics, trade, climate change and a new GLOBALIZATION roadmap… and knowing Pelosi is power hungry and other things…it’s not far fetched to rummage through your wildest imagined conspiracy box and come up with something very real and valid. I’ll give it a shot.

Was Pelosis planning for the Jihadist Attack that was intercepted by the FBI a day or so ago, in Georgia to be successful? Remember he had rockets. And or was the Georgia arrest a first step leading into an upcoming false flag? Was it planned to take place while POTUS and V-P were together in the Oval Office or in one of the several buildings that were earmarked?

Pelosi is Third in Line of Succession, so if POTUS and V-P were both killed, (GOD FORBID) she would be the next President. Being out of the states (good alibi) the news would coordinate their talking points and gasp as they report how fortunate America is that Pelosi was not in DC! They would make up something like, “If she hadn’t been working overseas she would have been in that meeting and killed too”. All media would have the same talking points that would be jumbled up and leading to the findings that the Georgia Jihadist was not working alone as they had thought. It was a big operation with several sleeper cells. Etc.

The next question is -why would she be going to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan? Was she going to meet her deep state handlers in Brussels for her globalization instructions? Was she negotiating a new batch of mercenary’s from the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt? Was she checking on deep state “Poppy Bush’s” CIA opium lab in Afghanistan? Maybe she was carrying out some diabolical scheme for the UN and NATO? Who knows?

If this were a movie, which it is not, I would bet the plot would be they were planning to flee the country with their families while something horrific happened back here at home; if they were ever planning to return at all.

Or is it just a simple matter of Pelosi being Pelosi? Or does she fear indictment, especially knowing the entire plot to oust the President is falling apart very quickly?

After all, she was very shaken over missing her flight. Very shaken. See video in link : Pelosi Shaken Up

Trump stated in a series of tweets on January 12th:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Jan 12
“….the FBI was in complete turmoil (see N.Y. Post) because of Comey’s poor leadership and the way he handled the Clinton mess (not to mention his usurpation of powers from the Justice Department). My firing of James Comey was a great day for America. He was a Crooked Cop……”

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Jan 12
“…..who is being totally protected by his best friend, Bob Mueller, & the 13 Angry Democrats – leaking machines who have NO interest in going after the Real Collusion (and much more) by Crooked Hillary Clinton, her Campaign, and the Democratic National Committee. Just Watch!”

Which brings us to the question….what does President Trump know and what is his counter plan? I hear a BOOM – BOOM – BOOM – BOOM!

Dianne Marshall

Anna Von Reitz -- To all the Jural Assemblies 5: Mission Statement and Membership Agreement

Sunday, January 20, 2019

To All The Jural Assemblies 5 - Mission Statement and Membership Agreement

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The Mission Statement for any organization worth its salt should be short and sweet and exact and as explicit as humanly possible, so as to conclusively answer the questions--- "What are we doing and why?" In the case of the State Jural Assemblies the answer to these questions is exactly the same all across the board---- for example:

Mission Statement for the Wisconsin Jural Assembly

Our Wisconsin Jural Assembly is dedicated to the restoration of a complete and fully operational land and soil jurisdiction State and County court system serving the people of Wisconsin, the preservation of the National Trust, the enforcement of the Public Law, the upholding of the Federal Constitution owed to our State and People, the re-population of our land and soil jurisdiction, the filling of vacated Public Offices, and the reclamation of our material and intellectual public and private assets.

To these ends we, the living people of Wisconsin, have called the eligible Wisconsin nationals and electors to assemble and to serve as Jurors and Officers, and we have established the process and procedure to qualify Jurors and others competent to hold State Citizenship and Public Office. We do this peacefully and without rancor in the exercise of our unincorporated powers and capacities.

The above Mission Statement pretty much nails down who is doing what and in what capacity and why. That's all a Mission Statement needs.

Now for the Membership Agreement portion --- again, using Wisconsin as an example:

Wisconsin Jural Assembly Membership Agreement

In acknowledging and accepting the duties of a Wisconsin Jural Assembly Member, I act without any deceit or profit motive or obligation. I affirm that I am one of the people of Wisconsin and that I am acting exclusively in my natural and unincorporated capacity. I affirm that I have expatriated from any presumed citizenship obligation owed to the Territorial United States and/or to the Municipal United States and I make no claim of Dual Citizenship and hold no allegiance to any foreign power at all. I affirm by this testament that I am qualified and able and willing to act as a Wisconsin Citizen, as a Wisconsin Juror, and as a Wisconsin Elector and do so of my own free will and I also say that there is to my best knowledge and belief no circumstance or obligation barring me from occupying any vacated Wisconsin Public Office or preventing me from providing Good Faith Service in such Office if I am elected. In accepting the duties of a Wisconsin Jural Assembly Member I also accept the rights and responsibilities thereof. I understand that I may be called upon to serve as a member of a Grand Jury, or a Trial Jury, or to act as a Sheriff's Deputy, or to act as a Witness to Public or Private Records, and that I may be asked to serve in similar capacities with or without pay. I accept my duty to serve Wisconsin and my fellow Wisconsinites without reservation, coercion, or issue of conscience. I understand that I am, as a Wisconsin Citizen, responsible for upholding the Public and Organic Law of Wisconsin and that if I should be elected or appointed or otherwise entrusted with assets belonging to Wisconsin or any County thereof, I am obligated to act as a deputy and as a fiduciary under the Prudent Man Standard until relieved of such duty. As a member of the Wisconsin Jural Assembly I shall faithfully promote and help secure Justice for all people, through the right use of Due Process and Jury Nullification. I shall at all times endeavor to keep the peace and to know and uphold the best standards and traditions of the American Common Law. So say I and witness my autograph and thumbprint seal as I commit myself to serve as a member of the Wisconsin Jural Assembly this ____ day of _________ in the year _________ before these Witnesses:

by: ___________________________(___Seal____) living at 1101 Bollingbrook Street in Racine, Wisconsin.

Witnessed by: __________________________ living at _______________________________________________________.

Witnessed by: __________________________ living at _______________________________________________________.


Ideally, the Witnesses will also be Jural Assembly Members and the records will be kept in original triplicate, one copy to the new Juror, one to the Juror's home County, one to be kept by the State Jural Assembly.

It is advisable to design and secure the unique use of a distinctive Jural Assembly stamp and/or Logo to be used as a Letterhead on these records.

Although there may be some additional or different issues each Jural Assembly may wish to address, the verbiage given here is precise and correct for the jurisdiction invoked: we do not, for example, use "affidavits" and we do not "swear" any oaths or make reference to "God" in the land and soil jurisdiction courts.

The confirmations of Public Offices are simple affirmations of duties and obligations undertaken due to the Separation of Church and State in the actual American government.

Though familiar to us, swearing oaths is a pagan practice of commercial courts, the phrase "so help me God" we grew up hearing from Perry Mason and on other court dramas, is also. It was not used in American Courts until the Unlawful Conversion of our Court System by FDR.

The actual land and soil jurisdiction courts operate on the principle of "Let your yes be yes and your no be no." Instead of affidavits we use testamentary evidence and instead of swearing to anything under penalty of perjury, we use affirmations "to the best of our knowledge and belief from without the United States".


See this article and over 1500 others on Anna's website here:

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

Interesting Lunar Eclipse Details to Consider -- Prophecy or Fantasy?


Posted on January 20, 2019

Source: Guides Blog

I quite enjoyed this fellow’s high energy presentation of research around the eclipse and prophecy surrounding President Trump, astrology, history, and more. He throws it out there for us to decide what is what.

Thanks for the share, J.

In case you want to have a listen before the meditation tonight… and just before sunrise afterward is said to be a key time, as well.

As we learn just how critical this spiritual war is at this juncture, I don’t believe the Light would be introducing anything but their best and most powerful heavy weights to put the psychopaths down for the count. I think Trump is their man.

I feel like we’re increasingly seeing the spiritual side of this war leaking into the physical/political. The gloves are off, and the natives are restless. We could reach the flash-point any second.

I awoke to heavy chemtrailing this morning and the entire sky is filled with latticework to the point I am wondering if they are trying to prevent us from watching the eclipse. ~ CB


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