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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 12, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 12, 2018 Compiled 12 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse R...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 12, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 12, 2018

Compiled 12 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces.” Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. 

I would like to extend a special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth. 

Judy Note - The Plan: Where we think we are as of early morning Mon. Dec. 12:


*China and Iraq have been exchanging for over two weeks, while private bank exchanges in the US have been going on since Mon. Dec. 3.

*All paymasters have been paid and have paid out, or were ready to pay out their groups. The 127 Humanitarian sources were paid out last Wed-Sat and were finished. Tiers 1, 2, 3 have been paid. Tier 4 Group A were either paid or lining up to be paid.

* Tony said his Iraq intel sources indicated that there was a 100% chance that the RV/GCR would happen this week. The dates of Dec. 12 to 15 have been put out there. Bruce said that Tier 4 Group B (us) would be paid by the end of this week. Everything initiated last night Dec. 10 in Hong Kong and Redemption staff were on 24 hour call right now.

*At any time this week we could expect announcement of a Declassification Event that would trigger unsealing 63,233 indictments and cause the Stock Market to crash, forcing the Global Currency Reset. It was believed that Tier 4 Group B (us, the Internet Group) would begin exchanges/ redemptions around the time of that Declassification Event and Stock Market crash.

*We have between now and Sat. Dec. 22 to do our Zim redemptions, then would be cut off.

*During the RV/GCR there would be a transition period of around two weeks where indictment unsealing would instigate mass arrests.

*Congress was scheduled to recess on Dec. 21, (the same day of the Congressional Budget vote). Government officials were to come back on Jan. 3. Does anyone think that would happen with the soon-to-begin RV/GCR and mass arrests on 63,233 indictments said to name ¾ of Congress?

*Q said that the FISA declassification would “bring down the House” and the latest Intel Report on Dec. 11 stated: “All U.S. government officials listed in the sealed indictments have been given notice of imminent criminal prosecution and a lifetime at GITMO.”

*By year’s end Central Banks would be reorganized, plus the Federal Reserve and IRS, eliminated.

*Sometime this Dec. we could expect announcement of the US Restored Republic, GESARA Law and a new Flat Tax System - said to be 17% on newly bought items only, with no tax on medicine and food.

*Military Tribunals for Elites sent to GITMO would begin Jan 2.

*The public could get started with their exchanges the middle of the first week in Jan. 2019.

*New US elections were expected to be completed sometime in April-May 2019.

Trump’s Tweets:

Q Posts:

Q was Santa Clause in Dallas Parade on 55th Anniversary of JFK Assassination?:

Merry Christmas, Q: "Merry Christmas Q" - GCR/RV Community Thought (Video) - 12.11.18

B. Dec. 11 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. We would have a wonderful week this week.

2. They have paid out all of the paymasters and are ready to pay out their groups.

3. Tiers 1, 2, 3 were paid. Tier 4 Group A were lining up to be paid.

4. Tier 4 Group B would be paid by the end of this week.

5. The 127 Humanitarian sources were paid out last Wed-Sat and will be finished.

6. Iraq has completed what they needed to be done. They put everything in the Gazette last Sat. Dec. 8.

7. As of last Sun. Dec. 9 a new Iraqi Dinar rate has been on the bank screens and moving up in value.

8. No rate would appear on a website that the public could see until after we receive our 800#s.

9. Today Dec. 11 the rates were only showing up on the back screens, not on the front screens. That showed movement.

10. The USTN is live, gold-asset-backed, tradable and is being paid in par with the Dinar and Zim.

11. We can get up to $14,200 in cash at the exchange.

12. At the US Dept. of Commerce meeting in Washington DC Shabbi said the Dinar could sustain a rate of $16. It could make it to that number by Sat. Dec. 15.

13. We have between now and Sat. Dec. 22 to do our Zim redemptions.

14. The public could get started the middle of the first week in Jan. 2019.

15. Redemption staff were on 24 hour call right now.

16. Everything initiated last night Dec. 10 in Hong Kong.

C. Dec. 11 2018 8:12 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 11, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may be included in this overview.)

1. Today Dec. 11 the Alliance was holding briefings on a last, massive operation that included both military and financial fronts, to liberate the planet from the Cabal.

2. Remaining non-GESARA compliant nations were the main delayers of the transition. A Brexit vote, although not required for the RV to happen, would trigger a "domino effect" for all remaining geopolitical obstacles. The sole purpose of Brexit was to relinquish London as the financial capital of the world (removing the Cabal's control and influence over the global economic system).

3. General Dunford would soon be replaced with Milley, as Dunford had accomplished his role in the operation to restore the Republic of the United States of America.

4. All U.S. government officials listed in the sealed indictments have been given notice of imminent criminal prosecution and lifetime penitentiary at GITMO.

5. It was clear that a "structure change" was coming as Q post #2575 stated: The plan to have the (Cabal) FED raise rates (steep incline beginning Mar 2019) in an effort to “kill” the economy prior to 2020 Presidential election was known and planned for. Structure change coming?

6. According to sources, military tribunals were expected to begin early as the first week of January.

7. It was said that the private currency redemption event (RV) would begin before the military tribunals.

D. Dec. 11 2018 8:44 pm EST Trying to Switch on RV, Tilton: "Trying to Switch the RV on" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 12-11-18 They are trying to switch the RV on for all of us. Am hearing this is the plan. Looking for mid to late week. Lets watch. Declas is cover for the RV.

E. Dec. 11 2018 JFK Jr., aka Santa, Came to Town? (video):

Judy Note: This video was made the same day as Cabal Leader and head of the CIA Mind Control program that tortured thousands of children, HW Bush, died – some say by assisted suicide to prevent going through a Tribunal at Gitmo. That Nov. 30 2018 “happened” to be around the 55th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 22 1963. The video chronicles this year’s Nov. 30 2018 Thanksgiving Santa Clause Parade in Dallas Texas that was on the same parade route as Kennedy’s in 1963 when he was killed. The Prairie View Marching Storm Band led a float carrying suspected Q person Vincent Fusca as Santa Clause = John F. Kennedy Jr. = Q. (Q+ was suspected to be President Trump).

F. Dec. 11 2018 6:49 am EST Merry Christmas Q, (video): "Merry Christmas Q" - GCR/RV Community Thought (Video) - 12.11.18

Q is real. Disinfo is necessary. We are at war for the soul of America, and the future of humanity. You cannot possibly comprehend what is stake. During the turbulence of The Storm, I call upon all the soldiers of our second and final revolution to reflect on this year, Dec. 25, 2018, as the first Christmas day where we, the PEOPLE, became UNIFIED. Bless you and Merry Christmas Donald Trump, your family, your administration, the White Hats and digital soldiers of the Great Awakening. Where we go one, we truly do go all.

G. Dec. 11 2018 Trump Destroying Deep State Before He Became President, Sather:

Jordan Sather's latest video proves that Donald Trump was posting on 8 Chan BEFORE he became President. Watch the video from 2' 50" - 4' 38"It means that the Alliance has been in this long game of destroying the Deep State for a VERY long time. It means that we can totally - 100% - TRUST THE PLAN. Recent Q posts have featured photos of Q emblems throughout Europe and at the South Pole. These photos prove without a doubt that the Q movement is now GLOBAL. The massive reach of Q has become unstoppable. The D5 avalanche is roaring down the mountain with ferocious speed and power.

H. Dec. 10 2018 11:52 pm EST Central Banks Worried, X22 Report (video): (Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1737: Central Banks are Worried | Panic is off the Charts

The vote in the UK on BREXIT might be canceled and be no deal at all. The establishment pushed their agenda when they arrested Meng Wanzhou. Their plan was to stop China and the US from working out a trade deal. The Central Banks were in a panic. Governments and the people were questioning their independence. Early on in posts Q mentioned this. The plan was to return the power to the people. The Deep State pushed their agenda by trying to push the idea that Trump used campaign funds to pay off people. This happened before running and it was Cohen who did it. Comey, Schipp, Brennan and the rest of the gang were in a complete panic. Protests (yellow vests) were spreading around the world. Macron tried to calm down the situation. The Deep State pushes the idea of an event with China. They are desperate at this point. Q dropped more bread crumbs. The world was watching and ready. DC panic was off the charts.

Updates for the week prior:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 11, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 10, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 9, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 8, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 7, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 6, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 5, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1738: Economic Structure Change | Military Tribunals

Published on Dec 11, 2018

Europe insists that the BREXIT deal will not be renegotiated, it is either the people take the EU deal or else. Australia is warning of a housing crisis. World's largest cleaning service ISS is now laying off 100,000 employees, they number of employees has been declining for years. Trump reports very productive talks with China, big new coming soon. The central bank is trying to control the narrative, you can see via the MSM. The entire economic structure is about to change, prepared and ready for the transition.

Published on Dec 11, 2018

Broward commissioner on elections will do an audit. Nadler pushes the campaign violation, it was not a violation. Obama was fined for a violation in 2013, Trump's occurred before he was running. Trump tweets out that Comey knew the dossier was paid for by the D's.Jim Jordan grills Google. Yellow vests reject Macrons concessions. Q drops more bread, the wall will be build using military funding. The raid on the CF whistleblower was needed, name leaked to unseal docs. Can civilians be on military tribunals, history says yes. The DS is panicking, they cannot impeach the President because the senate will try the impeachment, the target was the Senate.

(Video) History is a Lie, We've been Set up

Published on Nov 23, 2018

James Gilliland -- Planetary Liberation: Off World Solutions to a Failed Experiment

The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland


Planetary Liberation

Off World Solutions to a Failed Experiment

By James Gilliland

A misdirected Global Elite is the core issue on planet Earth. Their entire lives are based on lies, misperceptions and ignorance. Love, joy and power are what they seek yet they have none of the above. Most have no love in their lives, they are seen as an asset by others, a means to an end. They be lie ve joy comes from acquiring more yet material objects possess no emotions. They may have a mansion, have all the toys yet they have very little love within themselves nor are they loved by others who again only love what they can do for them. Their joy is dependent on their transitory material objects. A man’s/woman’s self-worth is not determined by how much gold they own, their mansions, what kind of car they drive if so what happens when they lose the mansion, the gold and the car is wrecked or stolen? The rich often resort to buying the love and respect of others yet what do others really think of them? Real power comes from one’s position on the vibrational continuum. Love, joy, and bliss is the highest level. Power over others is not power. It is a path of devolution as most Satanic and self-aggrandizement cults end up finding out. Worshipping others, external deities and not making ones own personal connection with Creator is like a battery that is leaking. Service to others moves you up the spiritual ladder where the true power exists. Overpowering others, harming others or disrespecting life in general creates devolution. This does not mean you live in denial, it is said evil persists when good men do nothing. We have to make sure we do not become what we are fighting. Many tyrants end up being replaced with another tyrant.

Who are the most loved and remembered people on the planet? What were they remembered by? Their personal God connection and their service to others. Love, Joy, Acceptance found within is the true everlasting wealth. You cannot match the love, joy and bliss that comes from making one’s own personal God connection. The Global Elite have deceived themselves. Love is the ultimate power, the highest joy is making one’s own personal God connection and service to others. This insures your hereafter and rise up the spiritual evolutionary scale. Having power over others and gaining power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth is a very low state of existence. It insures spiritual devolution. The Global Elite are clever however they are not wise. Most have either bought into false beliefs, are part of a generational passing of the torch or are playing a nasty trick on themselves. There are some who have taken actions against humanity and Earth to an all-time low, they are at the bottom of the evolutionary scale. Many have lost their soul connection and are being used as puppets by unseen negative influences even lower on the evolutionary scale. When you climb the ladder of, “ false power and wealth” it ends up in some very dark places. Almost, all institutions are spiritually bankrupt at the top. I would advise the next generation to take a brutally honest look at their parents. If they have no joy, love and are not creating Heaven on Earth do not follow in their footsteps. If they are not loved, respected, and do not exude joy or have been in service to Humanity and the Earth walk away. Take a path of honor following Universal Law where you and your deeds are respected. It can be simply put are you doing what is best for your country, your people. Who are your people if we are all souls and spirits coming from the same source? Are you creating Heaven on Earth. Take care of home first then others.

As mentioned earlier about how, almost, all institutions are spiritually bankrupt at the top that is an understatement. If most people knew the depths of ungodly actions they would fall to their knees. It is time this is addressed. Satanic, Luciferian worship, child sacrifice, torture, sexual abuse, and pedophilia is rampant within the Political, Religious, Movie, Music and other agencies and industries. This includes global elite run deep state and their sock puppets replete within the main stream media. In many cases these despicable activities have been recorded and used as blackmail. The politicians, actors, musicians, screaming the loudest with unfounded, meritless and unlawful accusations are in most cases the ones most guilty. Some are blackmailed into going along with the corruption and deceptions. Most cannot handle the truth about the depth of corruption and ungodly acts, those responsible will say how dare you and call it conspiracy. Some will never know. Nothing is hidden all will be made known yet there are always those who refuse to change and those in denial that will hold out till the bitter end. For them it will be bitter here and in the hereafter. I would not want to be in their shoes during their light review.

The present administration and what many refer to as the White Hats are going after the corruption, pedophiles, and what one would call the elite governed deep state. The Republic and its laws will be restored, the financial control will return to the people, and the days of tyranny will be coming to an end.

We need to address the mind control and deceptions of the deep state and the main stream media. To do this we need to follow the money and know the goals of the global elite. The goals of the global elite are total control, full spectrum domination. They will use whatever means possible to meet these goals. The Georgia Guide Stones spell it out. They want over 80% of humanity gone. They want total control of the masses ruled by a few powerful families. They have to keep you sick, ignorant and divided to fulfill these goals. That is why you have chemtrails, inoculations filled with carcinogens, mercury and other concoctions to collapse your immune system. Fluoride in the water, Aspartame, white flour, corn syrup and other detrimental food additives. This includes estrogen mimicers to de-masculine the males. This is often referred to as the gay frog soy boy syndrome. The environment is also suffering from these chemicals where frogs, alligators, crocodiles and other amphibians are not able to reproduce.

The most obvious is the separation game, race card, gender card and the funding of organizations designed to create division, separation and violence. The global elite are funding these, so called anti-establishment programs which in truth are doing the very bidding of the global elite. This fits into the Hegelian Dialect. Problem, action solution or “Order out of Chaos. “The greatest fear of the global elite is the people unifying, waking up and realizing who the dark hearts are and what they have done. They are the war and disease profiteers, have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon. They are the owners of the mega corporations that have been destroying your environment, keeping you enslaved through dependency and are behind the manufactured lack as well as planned obsolescence. They are also the ones stopping with deadly force cures and alternative energy. This needs to be addressed for Humanity and the Earth to survive and evolve as a civilization.

The demonstrations and riots in other countries are not because of gas taxes, global warming etc. They are against a ruling elite replete with pedophiles and tyrants operating outside of Universal Law. The masses are awakening and soon the global elite, the deep state, their less than truthful sock puppets in the main stream media will no longer be able to walk the streets. This is globally. The global elite and their deep states even in other countries have failed to factor in a more powerful consciousness and energy which is behind the White Hats. Call it God/Creator/Great Spirit, Ascended Masters, the greater family of man our ancient ancestors who have returned, spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors. They are all part of a greater plan, planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. It is also part of a grand cycle no man/woman can stop.

This cycle in known by the wise ones, measured by the scientists of integrity, ignored, unacknowledged or kept secret by the tyrants and their minions. The electromagnetic light spectrum on all bands has increased. Infrared, ultraviolet, x, gamma, and cosmic rays have increased exponentially. We are moving into a highly energized place in space. All the planets within our solar system are going through atmospheric changes. On Earth is will be seen as solar flares and CMEs, coronal mass ejections. This is followed by severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity even social and economic changes. These energies affect the bioelectric fields around the body, they have highs and lows everything from extreme tiredness and emotional out bursts to body ailments as the body tries to adjust to the new energies. We would advise lots of rest, meditation, cleansing, and eating naturally. These new energies are creating change on every level especially DNA. Could this be one of the reasons for blocking the sun with geoengineering by the dark hearts and what is behind the mass awakening? Reason this the dark hearts are doing everything possible to keep you confused, off center, sick and uninformed. It is futile. Their world is coming to an end. They are not frequency specific to the incoming consciousness and energy. Because of their choices they have found themselves at the bottom of the ladder. Their bodies will fail despite their technology and their kingdoms will crumble. It is all about resonance. Their only hope is to release the past, align themselves with Universal Law, and make restitution, direct their assets and energies toward the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth.

These exponentially increasing waves of energy are going to continue. The next peak will be December 16th building two days before and continuing a few days after. I was also shaken during the transmission and was shown in very large letters QUAKE. A very large quake is coming in the very near future. We will try to narrow it down. This happened before with the San Francisco quake, the LA and Seattle Quake. The past visions have been accurate and documented therefore I would find it wise to take heed. Hopefully we are wrong. This is not to create fear, it is to prepare and for those who are healers to get busy. Also pray and clear your leaders. They are under serious attack by black magic and other unseen negative influences. The light will prevail.

Be well.

James Gilliland

Randy Cramer -- Super Soldier Talk: Mars Defense Force

Published on Nov 12, 2018

Captain Randy Cramer talks about his 20 years and back with Project Moonshadow in the Mars Defense Force. Learn about Martian Lifeforms, civilian Life, Reptilian and Insectoids Lifeforms, medical technology, Intergalactic Space Station, SSP Disclosure, terraforming Mars, and more.

(Video) Destroying the Illusion -- [12.11] Latest QAnon | Smocking Tweet | Antarctica Earthquake

Published on Dec 11, 2018

(Video) David Wilcock Exclusive Interview -- The Whole Truth

Premiered 4 hours ago

Conspiracy no longer, here's the final video you have to watch to put your mind to rest on this subject. When did the #Alliance form? Why did the deep state need to bring down the towers? We sit down with David Wilcock who has done his research and corroborated testimonies across many insiders.

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