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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 16, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 16 2019 Compiled 16 Feb. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Saturday, February 16, 2019

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Scrambling" -- February 16, 2019

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 16, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe by the EU and U.S. in 2001 and 2002 (before and after 9/11).

These sanctions restrained Zimbabwe from accessing its vast amounts of valuable natural resources which otherwise would've benefited the world.

The EU's sanctions on Zimbabwe is due to expire this month on the 19th.

The U.S. already proposed to amend ZIDERA (sanctions on Zimbabwe) and is awaiting official signing by POTUS.

Once Zimbabwe is freed from the shackles of Western sanctions, the country will be allowed to benefit from their vast amounts of natural resources.

Zimbabwe is already preparing to announce a new currency (which may seem to be fiat but is actually gold/asset-backed and linked to the QFS).

Zimbabwe's announcement of their new currency signifies their compliance with GESARA.

Zimbabwe is a sleeping giant about to awaken and release its full potential.

Meanwhile, Trump's declaration of a national emergency was announced which now makes the US compliant with GESARA.

The UK is next on the list.

If Brexit is not agreed upon soon, then expect martial law to be declared in the UK.

Similar to the US, the declaration of martial law in the UK will signify the country's GESARA compliance.

The Cabal is now scrambling to stop the transition.

However, resistance is futile.

Sources believe now more than ever that the RV could begin at any moment.




Anna Von Reitz -- Against Fear

Friday, February 15, 2019

Against Fear

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

There are a great many people out there who have spent their lives in fear, trying to "live under the radar" and "off the grid" and trying to keep everything "secret".

If you were really living as a free man, would these things be your concern?


A free man or woman doesn't hide or run or horde things beyond sense and reason. A free man doesn't have to spend his life looking over his shoulder, quivering at the mention of the IRS, dreading red-and-blue lights in his rear view mirror. A free man doesn't just mutely turn over 60% of his earnings to "the government" --- whatever that is, to "avoid trouble". Free people don't have any reason to cringe and be afraid and "comply" and "plead" and answer "summons".


Because a free man is free.

And that state of bliss, is, after all, what America is famous for. It's what generations of American service men and women have fought and died for.

So why are you all living in the "US" instead of living in America?

The key to being free is being free. If my employees "target" me, they will have a most unpleasant amount of explaining to do, won't they?

Ironically, patriots have been misled to think that there is safety in hiding and running and trying to do everything under the table. They think that riding the fence and soft-pedaling will keep them safe --- and in fact, its the exact opposite.

While nobody gains respect or support from being rude or unreasonable, the fact is that not declaring your political status in a forthright fashion identifies you as a Troublemaker, and probably, an Easy Mark--- somebody they can prey upon like the weak animal in a herd.

Not only that, but when you act like a rat sneaking into the hog pen for supper, what do you expect the police and others to think?

So here are all these patriots sneaking and sliding and back-pedaling and hiding and trying to keep secrets and doing all this stuff that reminds a more sober individual of little kids playing games ---- and their whole rationale for this, that this will keep them "safe" and protect them from scrutiny--- is mistaken.

Scrutiny is what you want. The more scrutiny, the better.

Shout the truth from the mountaintops. Explain it to the local police. Button-hole your local attorney. Tell your pastor the facts. Make sure that everyone knows and knows where you stand, too. Tell the State of State Congressional Delegation. Fire them for cause. I did.

They didn't ever represent me before and they sure don't now. Might as well write them a little letter and say it, right?

"I'm sorry, but there's been a mistake. You don't represent me. You are my employee and any presumption that I gave you my proxy to just do whatever you want to do without regard for me and my needs and my desires and my security and the good of my State of the Union is mistaken, too. "

Ask yourself --- why would any American be afraid to declare their political status as an American?


See this article and over 1500 others on Anna's website here:

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(Video) The Quantum Shift with Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and Drake Bailey -- February 12, 2019

The Quantum Shift gang is back with some predictions and exopolitical information to share. - OD

Published on Feb 15, 2019

Planetary updates and events to come.

(Video) Secret News Compilation -- No Mercy, a New Phase, Border Importance, National Emergency, McCabe, and More

Q predicted right with a national emergency being declared on the 15th. It seems the next phase on taking down the Cabal has begun. The Cabal are in panic now that Trump will have emergency powers at his disposal. - OD

Lori Colley
Published on Feb 15, 2019

New Q: No Mercy, No Bargaining (Plus Trump Declares Nat'l Emergency)

Q suggests we'll soon be hearing about the failing health of America's former first couple, and the ominous word "treason." Join me for a full look at the latest Q posts, plus the signing of the funding bill and Trump's declaration of a national emergency.

Craig Mason's Reasonable Conversation Channel
Published on Feb 15, 2019

Hello everyone - contained herein is a breakdown of the new Q posts from today as well as discussion of the new phase of the great awakening and how it might go down among anons/non-anons that already knew in discussing with those that are going to be blindsided. Also, Trump declared his National Emergency on F15 as expected. Happening status: happening.

Published on Feb 15, 2019

New Q today, this is the LATEST (second video today). Goes up to post 2731. Let me know what you think. Q has been posting all morning. Is it going down?

The Patriot Hour
Published on Feb 15, 2019

Black Conservative Patriot
Published on Feb 15, 2019

Sweet Li!
Premiered Feb 15, 2019

Tonight's report consists of President Trump's entire news conference from the Rose Garden at the White House and includes reactions from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, as well as what the legal definition of a National Emergency is and why our POTUS has chosen to declare one.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 16, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 16 2019

Compiled 16 Feb. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces.” Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth, Dale who keeps me in line and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophiles to help us Save the Children. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. 

Judy Note: The RV was expected at any moment now that the US was GESARA compliant. Nations wanting to be GESARA compliant in order to participate in the GCR had until midnight Friday Feb. 15. The US met the NESARA criteria when President Trump quietly closed the IRS and Federal Reserve on Feb. 15 (effectively ending the Cabal’s global financial system and rule over the US taxpayer), plus declared a national emergency and thus had the authority to begin arrests on over 76,492 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation. Additionally, yesterday the Brexit vote eliminated the City of London (Cabal fiat financial system) from relevance to the RV.

A. The Plan

Fri. Feb. 15:

Trump closed the Federal Reserve and IRS, ending the Cabal’s global financial system.

Midnight deadline for all nations to be GESARA compliant.

Zimbabwe to announce their new monetary policy, including a new Zim Currency.

Trump to activate the National Emergencies Act, giving the government the right to call forth the militia, execute the laws, suppress an insurrection or repel an invasion.

Notification to set redemption/ exchange appointments was expected at any moment.

Sat. Feb. 16:

Mass data dumps to begin.

Mass arrests to begin regarding over 76,492 sealed indictments filed in federal courts.

Trump was expected to fire Mueller. On Feb. 13 a bipartisan Congressional Committee determined that collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia did not happen, and announced they would look into Muller’s roles in Uranium One, FISA Court abuses and a 9/11 Coverup. It was rumored that charges against Muller were already filed.

Stock Market: The New York Stock Market has been on the brink of collapse since Oct. 1 2018 when it lost all gains for the year. By early March the financial giant was expected to crash, putting a final nail into the Cabal financial system’s coffin. This crash of global markets would hide the huge influx of monies from the Global Currency Reset, while Zim redemption would not only back the GCR, but revive the Stock Market.

Be Prepared: No one really knows what would happen during this period when the Cabal monetary system was being taken down and disclosure opened up on what was really going on. If public chaos occurred and to calm the masses, there would be a public announcement of the new Quantum Financial System. It was suggested that you have water, food, cash and emergency supplies on hand to sustain yourself and others.

B. Feb. 15 2019 7:05 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 15, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. It's official, Mitch O'Connell announced that Trump will sign the (government funding) bill but would also declare a national emergency.

2. It was expected that the Deep State would not back down (and fully build the wall).
The Deep State would now face total annihilation once Trump declared a national emergency. Deep State = Cabal in the US.

3. The UK may be facing Martial Law after Brexit was once again down voted by their government. The Cabal were afraid of Brexit as it would cause a cascade of events for the UK once passed. Northern Ireland would be forced to leave the UK and unify with the rest of the Ireland. Scotland would vote to leave the UK and join the EU as a sovereign nation.

4. These events were all under GESARA compliant terms given to the UK via Brexit.

5. Reminder: GESARA was not a law, it was a complex secretive treaty (or even agenda) that was being enforced upon all nations by BRICS (whom were working with the Alliance).

6. There would be no GESARA announcement, but rather nations would have to reform and create GESARA compliant laws.

7. The declaration of a National Emergency in the US and Martial Law in the UK might occur simultaneously. This would wipe out the Cabal/Deep State's Military Industrial Complex and their financial capital (City of London) and cause the rest of their global structure to completely collapse.

8. Any other Cabal remnants that refused to surrender would be tracked down and apprehended. The Earth Alliance was willing to do whatever it took to begin the transition with or without the Cabal's surrender.

9. The RV could be expected to begin at any moment as it would kick start the transition.

C. Feb. 15 2019 TNT Call Ray, Tony: 

1. In Iraq there would be things signed and implemented tomorrow Feb. 16.

2. Tony was supposed to get the 800 numbers.

3. Rates came back on the screens last night Feb. 14 and people are looking at the weekend for something to happen.

4. People on both sides of the pond are very excited. Tony was looking forward to tomorrow Feb. 16.

D. Feb. 15 2019 Q and Trump Twitter Posts

Judy Note: On Feb. 14 President Trump announced that he would declare a National Emergency. There were significant Tweets sent out that day:

Feb. 14 2019 12:21 pm EST Q

(picture of a watch showing 12:21 pm)

Funding Bill of Dec. 21 2017: “Executive Order blocking property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.”

Feb. 14 3:14 pm EST Trump

Announcement that Trump would declare a National Emergency on Feb. 15 over security concerns of the Border Wall.

Feb. 14 2019 4:35 pm EST Q

Fox News: President Trump on National Security: “We are calling for a Great Awakening of the US.”

Feb. 14 2019 11:46 pm EST Q

Chatter – Bill and Hillary’s “public” health will begin to rapidly deteriorate.

Feb. 15 2019 5:11 am EST Q

Be alert next 10 days. False Flag attempts may be carried out in attempt to change narrative (negative optics). High possibility of multiple day coverage event forcing pause on news. See something – say something.

Feb. 15 2019 5:32 am EST Anonymous ID:934a60 No.5185721 5185619
DOJ held meetings on how to oust President Trump
Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?
ANONs knew it beforehand.

Q Posts, Sierra:

Q Post #2734 proves that Q knew two weeks ago that President Trump would declare a National Emergency on 15th February

Feb. 1 Q post #2734 starts with an Anon writing on 15th February at 09.19

'Yes, the F15 plane pic Q posted’

Feb. 15 Q responded (picture of the F15 plane)

NAT EM today?'

E. Feb. 15 2019 2:45 am EST Pelosi Received Unexpected News on Impeaching Trump (video), Global News: (Video) Pelosi Got the Most Unexpected News about Impeaching Trump The end! Nancy Pelosi got the most unexpected news of her life about impeaching Trump. She was counting on Robert Mueller to draw a road map that led to removing Donald Trump from office. Democrats were waiting for the special counsel’s final report.

John Dowd – who represented Trump for the first part of the Mueller investigation – does not believe Mueller will even submit a final report. If Democrats are waiting for Robert Mueller to issue a final report, they could be waiting until the end of time. John Dowd tells there is a coup against President Trump by Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe.

F. International Child Sex Trafficking Ring:

On Feb. 11 2019 Ben Fulford said that the announcement of a one-world religion by Pope Francis, a senior Islamic representative and representatives from many other religions came after Francis became the first pope in history to visit the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam. This was especially concerning as the Vatican and Islamic nations have been known to be heavily involved in child trafficking. The Vatican was not only known, but Popes Francis and Benedict have been convicted of regularly practicing child sacrifices across the globe. See:

G. Redemption/Exchanges: Currency exchange appointments would use 800#s sent out through websites or email. Zim redemption appointments would be made through emergency text, or email with the number to call. If you were a Zim redeemer and called an 800 number you would be steered to a redemption center in your area (expected to be a military base), or be given another number to call in order to obtain your redemption appointment. At the time of redemption you could give a list of those to whom you gifted Zim so that they could be contacted to redeem.

H. The Zim: There appeared to be some confusion about the Zim. It was my opinion that uncirculated 2008-2009 Zimbabwe Bond Notes if bought from a reputable dealer, could be redeemed on military bases with HSBC Private Bankers for a yet-to-be-determined rate that was dependent upon a redeemer’s humanitarian plan.

Zim Currency has not yet been placed on the market to be sold, thus was not changing in value and therefore would not be exchanged at a higher rate for profit. On Fri. Feb. 15 that would change as the new gold/asset-backed Zim Currency was expected to be introduced at a 1:1 value to the gold/asset-backed US Note, though would not be put into circulation until Aug. 1 2019.

I. Resources:

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

Trump Twitter:

Donald J. Trump ‏verified account: @realDonaldTrump

Trump’s Email:

Q Posts:

GCR: The master plan for the global financial system began on Sat. Feb. 1, 2003 and came to fruition on Fri. Feb. 1 2019.


Martial Law Text:

Military Tribunals, complete transcripts:

C-VINE International News Network Facebook for Military Tribunals:

Trump To Impose Martial Law Part One:

Trump To Impose Martial Law Part Two:

Updates for the week prior:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 15, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 14, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 13, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 12, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 11, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 10, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 9, 2019

Friday, February 15, 2019

Anna Von Reitz -- Necessary Paperwork to Establish State National and State Citizen Status

Friday, February 15, 2019

Necessary Paperwork to Establish State National and State Citizen Status

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Since the beginning of this whole rabbit chase the goal has been to streamline the process of correcting our political status records and getting back to our original birthright status as people living on the land and soil of our country.

There is a logic to it, once you get your head wrapped around the fact that you have been kidnapped into a foreign jurisdiction and mis-identified accidentally-on-purpose by your own employees.

Okay, you have been misidentified as a Federal Citizen---- one of three different Federal Citizenship statuses are possible. You are naturally "none of the above".

The quickest, simplest way out of this is to declare by Act of Expatriation that you are not any kind of Federal, Territorial or Municipal United States Citizen, nor Citizen of the United States nor US CITIZEN.

So you need a competent Act of Expatriation, signed, sealed, and Witnessed.

That's Job One.

Okay, that declares what you are not and where you are not standing, but only coincidentally tells the world who you are and in what capacity you are acting and in which jurisdiction. Though this is referenced in the Act of Expatriation, it isn't sufficient.

So, you need to formally and specifically "Acknowledge, Accept, and Re-Convey" your Given Trade Name, which your parents gave you as a gift.

This is the name that was seized upon and used to create all the other variations and permutations and "styles" of names that have been attributed to you----- so you need to say, yes, this is my property, I acknowledge and accept it as mine and I re-convey it from any presumed location at sea back to its natural and permanent domicile on the land and soil of _____________. (Maine, Wisconsin, Texas, etc.)

So that is Job Two.

Now that you have expatriated from the wrong political status and repatriated your Trade Name to the correct status, it's time to take control of all the "Assumed Names" that have been ascribed to you based on your Trade Name, as well as any Pen Names or Performance Names or Married Names you have used.

You list all these various names like: MARILYN JONES, MARILYN A. JONES, MARILYN ANN JONES, JONES, MARILYN, JONES, MARILYN A., JONES, MARILYN ANN, Marilyn Jones, Marilyn A. Jones, Marilyn Ann Jones, Marilyn Logan (Married Name), Marilyn A. Logan (Married Name), Marilyn Ann Logan (Married Name)...... and so on, plus, if you have other names you use as Pen Names or as Performer Names, you will want to add those as well as a general claim to "all variations, permutations, punctuation variations, orderings, fonts or styles of my name and names associated with me in any way whatsoever" as part of your Certificate of Assumed Name.

That is Job Three.

So, you have expatriated, repatriated your Trade Name, and now, you have claimed and "re-flagged" and permanently domiciled all the various Assumed Names on the land and soil of your State, too.

This puts "You" and all your assets back on the land and soil and it "permanently domiciles" all the assumed NAMES on the land and soil, too. They may go out on the "sea of international trade" or the "sea of commerce" again, but they have to be recognized as "vessels" belonging to an American, not a "US Citizen" of some undeclared kind.

All of this is necessary because you have lived your whole life since babyhood under a false legal presumption and your Trade Name was never properly recorded as an American State National when you were a child.

Nobody told your parents that this was necessary, so they didn't do it. Not only that, but undeclared Federal Agents acting as scavengers deliberately misidentified you as a Federal Citizen and got your Mother to sign undisclosed and deceitful paperwork agreeing to this.

So this is not just a matter of something important being left undone --- its a matter of correcting a record that shouldn't exist, a "registration" which serves to defraud you and cheat you out of your natural birthright and inheritance as an American.

These three steps need to be done and these three records: (1) Expatriation; (2) Repatriation; (3) Certificate of Assumed Names --- need to be established on the international land record via a land recording office. Any land recording office will do.

This is your evidence established as of the day of your recording it, that you are an American and operating in the capacity of an American, not a "US Citizen".

Obviously, the earlier you do this in life, the better. Obviously, too, the current practices forcing Mothers to sign inappropriate false registration documents upon leaving hospitals needs to cease.

These steps evidence your "return" to your birthright political status --- even though most of us never dreamed of leaving in the first place.

These records also record your claim to have and enjoy your assets as private assets belonging to you and under your control, and also your declaration that you are owed your Natural and Unalienable Rights and all constitutional guarantees.

We cannot easily understand why any American in their right mind would neglect doing this and leave themselves or their children open to having their "estate" administered and pillaged and prosecuted by foreign interests.

It's a few pieces of paper and the work of hammering out the basic verbiage has already been done for you and made available to you free of charge at, Article 928.

Recording these three records establishes your claim to your Good Name and your public and private property assets, including your Natural and Unalienable Rights and your constitutional guarantees---- but ironically enough, they do not prove who you are.

That is, someone named, for example, "Joseph Allen Bell" made a claim, but for court and State Jural Assembly purposes, you will additionally need to prove that you are that "Joseph Allen Bell" and that you were born at the time, date, place and parentage shown on the Birth Certificate that was issued in YOUR NAME.

Some names are very common and this necessitates this additional paper chase.

In addition to the three recorded declarations described above, you will need to have in your possession: (1) a certified or preferably authenticated copy of the Birth Certificate that was issued to you; (2) signed and witnessed testimony of two credible Witnesses having first hand knowledge of you and your family, who are reasonably able to confirm where and when you were born.

The Birth Certificate is a private document and does not get recorded. It's only use in this regard is to prove that "a" baby with your name was born at such and such a place within the borders of an American State.

The Testimony of the two Witnesses can be recorded or not. I prefer to record this Testimony along with the first three pieces so that it can't be lost or misplaced. This is especially recommended as you get older and fewer and fewer friends and family members remain who can affirm that you are you and that you were born in an American State.

If you are claiming American State National or American State Citizen political status, you need all six of these records, the first three for the correction of the existing registration record, and the second three for confirmation of your identity and place of birth. State Nationals and State Citizens can participate freely in the State Jural Assemblies. If they own land within the borders of the State where they are living, they can also serve as State Electors. Once you

If you are -- in spite of everything we have told you -- still obligated or inclined to remain in the political status of some kind of "US Citizen", for example, you are directly employed by the Federal Government or in U.S. Military Service, you should still complete and compile all but the Act of Expatriation, and record the repatriation of your Trade Name and Certificate of Assumed Names for your own protection and the protection of your children.

United States Citizens, Citizens of the United States, and even US CITIZENS can still serve as a member of a State Jural Society for your Federal State of State and vote in Federal Elections.

State Nationals and State Citizens are precluded from participating in Federal Elections at this time, because our Federal States of States are not in operation yet, pending reconstruction.

United States Citizens, Citizens of the United States, and US CITIZENS are precluded from participating in actual State Elections and can only participate in "State of State" elections. This is because while the Federal entities allow Dual Citizenship, the States of the Union do not.

America needs help from both sides of the fence --- from people acting as State Nationals and State Citizens, and persons acting in the capacity of Federal Citizens, too.

Nobody is being left out and everybody can serve --- but at the same time, to assure that our actions and words hold water and that our respective Jural Bodies have correct standing, it is necessary to decide whether you are a State National/State Citizen and belong serving on a State Jural Assembly, or a Federal (US) Citizen who naturally belongs to a State of State Jural Society.

Retirees please note that leaving the political status of a "US Citizen" after you retire has no adverse impact on what you are owed from any federal employer or program like Social Security or Medicare, regardless of whether you were a Federal Civilian Employee or Federal Military Employee or not. You simply gain back your rights and freedoms for which you have struggled and sacrificed--- and regain control of your private property assets by reclaiming your birthright political status.

There are considerable advantages to being a State National or State Citizen and it is very well worth the small trouble it takes to reclaim and record your proper political status.

It is also very necessary for the peaceful survival of this country that at least a good many of us who are eligible to populate our States as State Nationals and as State Citizens get busy rechartering and "reconstructing" our Federal States of States and restoring the government we are owed, upholding the Public Law, and enforcing the Federal Constitution.

I am sorry that some people are ranting and raving about the inconvenience of having to declare their political status on paper, but anyone who doesn't do so is suspect. Why not declare your political status loud and clear?

I have. My husband has. My son has. Most of my family has. Most of my friends have also. We are proud to be Americans and determined to be respected as such. Most of us serve the neglected but crucially important American Government in one capacity or another, and by doing so we preserve what our Forefathers fought and died for.

We do not propose to be overrun by some slick talking, predatory foreign corporations in the business of providing governmental services, even if some of those corporations are in the business of providing military services.

Most of us or our spouses served in the "U.S. Military" too, and bore the brunt of functioning as "US Citizens" during extended tours of duty here and abroad. Any idea that we don't understand military issues or don't value military service needs to be promptly dispensed with along with the name-calling, false accusations and other mindless idiocy.

There are some people who feel threatened by the States being assembled and by the prospect of having our American Government back up and fully functioning again. There is no very clear reason for this, except perhaps some guilty consciences, some criminals afraid of consequences or gluttons who fear that their gravy train will be at an end.

We literally can't afford to be too concerned about their druthers.


See this article and over 1500 others on Anna's website here:

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

A Message to Christians

To My Fellow Christians;

You have learned, or will learn, that Jesus’, or rather Yeshua’s message was distorted and corrupted over time - both intentionally and through error. It took me about five years to accept the truth, so I understand if it takes you time too.

This really shouldn’t be a surprise to you, as Yeshua told you it would happen in the parable of the wheat that was sown and the tares that grew among it. The wheat represents Yeshua’s words of truth, and the tares are the lies and corruption. Those tending the wheat could not pluck out the tares until the wheat was fully mature and ready for harvest.

You, Christian churches of the Earth, are the Keepers of the Seed. You have faithfully tended the field until it was ready for harvest. A two thousand year period was given to evangelize the entire Earth. You accomplished that which you set out to do. The Host of Heaven rejoices at your success.

Did you do it without becoming a little battered and bruised? No, but do you see how you have been oppressed? Do you know how long a period that people were imprisoned, tortured and murdered by the Catholics if they were found in possession of a Bible? Have you read any of the stories of the Christian martyrs who have died continually for two thousand years? It wasn’t just the pagan emperors of Rome who were killing Christians, the so-called Christians were doing it too. Actually - they were the same, they just lost their guise as the Roman Empire and became the Holy Roman Empire and vested power in the Pope instead of the Emperor. Rather than continuing to do battle to keep their empire together, the Romans decided to use a combination of brainwashing through their dogma and oppressive control over the populace. So, if you feel bad that many aspects of the religion you hold so dear are wrong, or are the complete opposite of what you have been told, you needn’t bother. It’s not the end of the world - because the truth is so much better than the falsehoods.

Yeshua did not come to tell people they were born sinners or that they needed to be saved. He never said they had to believe anything in particular. He broke the whole law down into one sentence; “Do unto others what you would have them do to you.” His only law was to love one another. So anyone who says that you must profess anything or be forgiven for anything is not spreading the gospel of Yeshua. Yeshua came to demonstrate humanity’s greatness. He was no more God than each of us are. We are all, each one of us, sons and daughters of God. More than that, we are, each of us, incarnated aspects of God. We all have a spark or flame of God within. Yeshua was a forerunner. He came to demonstrate what the Adamic human is capable of. And just so you know, Adamic humans are considered the pinnacle of material Creation. Even above the angels and archangels and certainly above the demons. Didn’t Yeshua say you will do everything I do and more? It is written within the very dna of our bodies.

It was the self-proclaimed, so-called Christians who spread a false religion of fear, death and blood. They are the ones who have dared to call war holy - when it is the opposite. When did Yeshua ever say to declare war? He said to turn the other cheek.

Do you know that Jesus was not a part of the mainstream religion of Judaism, which had been overtaken by demonic forces - but was an Essene? The Essene’s were one of three main sects of Judaism at that time. They believed that the Kingdom of Heaven was to be built on Earth, starting within each person. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place - it is a state of transformed consciousness. A consciousness that is at peace and in love. A consciousness that embraces all of Creation, both seen and unseen, and longs for the unseen, the unheard, and the unknown. It is a consciousness state that is searching both inside and outside itself. It reaches for higher realms – even to the very throne of God. It longs for direct communication with Spirit - it wants to know the ALL. It searches for Wisdom upon pages and nature and in experience and Silence. It is a consciousness that is attuned within. It is a joining together of ego and soul. It is you sitting on the throne of your divinity. It is your natural estate.

The voice of God is within us. We think it is just our own voice, and in many respects it is, as we are one with God. It’s that voice that argues with our ego voice. The “should I or shouldn’t I’? The voice that make us wrestle with, “is this right or wrong?” That is your God voice arguing with your ego voice. Since most don’t know that God speaks within us, God speaks without us too - to try and get our attention. God can speak through another person, a book, a magazine, a television show, movie or countless other ‘mundane’ ways. God can speak through a broken heart or a child’s smile. God speaks through our intuition. And, as the mystics throughout the ages can attest to, God can even speak to us in a clear, audible voice, as can angels and other celestial beings. We can make a choice to tune into the frequency where we can hear them, or we can continue to just have one way conversations conveying our hopes, petitions and complaints.

The choice is ours to make alone, but the goal of Adamic human evolution is to be a fully God-conscious person experiencing physicality in its fullest. A blending of Heaven and Earth, body, soul and Spirit. To be in such a state is to leave behind life’s cares and worries and fears, even if they still present themselves to your attention. To be in the Kingdom of Heaven is to know the Laws of Creation so that one can live within them. The Law of Attraction, as in “Like begets Like” is the same as Yeshua’s “You shall reap what you sow.” Therefore if you sow love, compassion, generosity, kindness and honesty, you should expect those and their rewards in return. If you sow the opposite, you should expect those too. Now, in the past, these results would not necessarily have come in the same lifetime, and since your memories/consciousness were wiped between lifetimes by nefarious beings, you were prevented from learning lessons and reaping rewards that you were aware of. They seemed to come willy-nilly to you in later lifetimes and you couldn’t figure out what you had done to deserve such a horrible life or wondered why fortune smiled so warmly on you and less so on others.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven requires effort and self-examination. It requires changes to ways of being and ways of thinking. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be entered until you can unconditionally love yourselves and all others. Only the meek and the mild, the kind hearted and compassionate can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only the doers of justice and truth tellers are given keys to the Kingdom. The doors are locked to deceit and anger and injustice and vanity and pride and ruthlessness and gossip and greed and every other profane thing.

Inside the Kingdom resides peace and love, joy and contentment, ecstasy and bliss. It is a land of gods and goddesses, true human angels creating through heart and emotion and mind. There is no limit imposed as long as the creation is for the highest good of all and no one is harmed. Best of all, we get to experience a deep sensuality, a physicality, a cause and effect instead of instantaneous thought projection. We gained a greater breadth of experience as human angels who had never gone so low before - and as for me - I don’t ever want to go that low again.

I’d much rather dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Written by Melinda Siebold. I welcome the free sharing of my messages as long as they are not altered in any way, and this notice is included. To read more of my work go to

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