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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- The Alliance have the Cabal surrounded and know their every move in this game of 4D Chess.

- Some rogue Cabal elements still remain and are being offered by the Alliance to surrender. If not, it's off to the Galactic Central Sun, in other words, death. Most chose the latter.

- All events are falling into place as planned.

- Zimbabwe is immensely rich in gold and rare earth elements which is already backing the country's currency under the new quantum financial system.

- GESARA will be enacted once the collapse of the global economy is visible.

- The enactment of GESARA will result in the activation of the new quantum financial system.

- Upon the activation of the new financial system, all currencies will be reset based on each country's assets and agriculture.

- Prosperity packages will be given to citizens of various countries, but not all.

- Many countries will need humanitarian aid.

- The RV will begin before the enactment of GESARA.

- The elusive release of the RV is set to be at any moment.




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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Documents Reveal America Destined to Lose War World 3

America has a date with depopulation and that date is 2025 at the latest.

Thanks to Ted Turner for making it clear what the globalists truly desire. Ninety percent depopulation is the goal.

The Georgia Guidestones declares that humanity will be reduced by 90%. To do that, a devastating world war will be needed and the world’s march toward depopulation will begin right here in the United States. The means for this devastating destruction will be the result of losing World War III. Following America’s devastating defeat, what is left of American society will be garrisoned and divided into 11 mega cities in a style befitting of the Hunger Games movie trilogy. Documents have emerged which clearly supports these assertions.

America to Lose 90% of Its Population In World War III
For three plus years, we have stated that World War III will begin in Syria.

Most court cases are decided by circumstantial evidence, alone. Both circumstantial and direct evidence demonstrate that the United States is destined to lose World War III along with 90% of its people. There are two smoking guns which conclusively support this assertion.

The emergence of the mega-cities concept which will replace our present societal structure. In this post-war America, 90% of the people are unaccounted for.

The release of the CIA controlled Deagel documents which demonstrates that both the US and the UK lose most of their military before 2025. As is the case for the mega-cities concept, the Deagel documents demonstrate that the United States will have lost 90% of its people by the year 2025.

The remainder of this article will expose the links between the Deagel and the Mega-Cities plan, known as America 2050.
Mega Cities

On August 27, 2014, I exposed the megacities concept in revealing something called the America 2050 plan.

The enslavement of America has taken center stage and it is indeed called “America 2050“. The plan for America 2050 is to herd Americans into 11 megacities consisting of six million people each totaling 66 million people. Under this plan, there are no provisions for any other population developments. After reporting in the August 27, 2014 article, I thought the target date for the implementation of the megacities plan would be the year 2050 as indicated in the title of the organization which is behind the planning of this concept (the article can be read here). This seems to be a multi-year plan.

316,000,000 million Americans will change to 66,000,000 megacity dwellers which equals 250,000,000 missing Americans!

It appears that the timetable for the implementation of the megacities concept and the 300 square foot stack and pack apartments is a lot closer that the year 2050.

(picture on link)

The picture of Obama and Mike Krulig, the founder of Building One America and America 2050, that the White House does not want you to see. Krulig was Obama's community activist adviser. He now runs point on many Agenda 21 plans for the White House including the America 2050 website and the Build One America Sovietization of America's local governments.

The CIA Front Group, Deagel, Brings Clarity to the Megacities Concept

Being a front group for the CIA, Deagel, is predicting that we are less than a decade away from this hellish nightmare.

Just who or what is Deagel? The power and influence of the corporation that you never heard of, is staggering. This is the modern day Zapata Oil, which was a CIA front corporation run by George H. W. Bush which in turn facilitated much of the Air America “drugs for guns” program in Latin America in the 1980’s.

My sources tell me that Deagel is the same exact kind of organization as Zapata Oil. Deagel ran guns through the late Ambassador Chris Stevens and subsequently delivered them to al-Qaeda in Libya and in Syria at the time of Stevens’ death. Deagel was intimately involved in Benghazi in ways that will be revealed in a later article. Deagel is not just a gun running/drug running/child sex trafficking organization, they are also intimately connected with the business as “Open source intelligence links”. This means that Deagel and their partner (affiliations listed below) serve as marketing companies for the CIA and sell intelligence information to the highest bidder. Stratfor and Deagel provide the CIA with a minimum of two degrees of separation from nefarious operations which could taint the U.S. government and in particular, the CIA. These activities will be the topic of a future article. The focus of the remainder of this article is the destruction and depopulation of the United States.

Deagel is a group that gets their hands dirty and they play both sides of the fence. Please note the publicly available list of Deagel partners, listed below. They do business with the Russian Defense Procurement Agency, but they are largely an American contractor with ties into the U.S. Navy, the NSA and the CIA, through Stratfor. If anyone wanted to make the case that I have, the “Bastard Banksters from Basel” control both sides of the coming WW III for fun and profit, the data trail of Deagel exemplifies this point. From the following information, we get a strong indication of how the U.S. is going to be depopulated. To further examine this possibility, take a look at a partial list of Deagel partners. The following list clearly shows that Deagel is “locked in” when it comes to the power centers on this planet.

A Partial List of Deagel Partners

National Security Agency –

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO – OTAN) –

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) –


Russian Defense Procurement Agency –

Stratfor –

The World Bank –

United Nations (UN) –

In the beginning of 2014, Deagel published a projected demographic shift of every nation on the planet. The projections are noteworthy. As one of the most prolific arms dealers and sellers of intelligence information on the planet, Deagel would be in a unique position from which to make projections with regard to coming world events as well as being able to anticipate dramatic shifts in global power. Not surprisingly, Deagel has made such a projection and the news is not good for the United States. Below is a list of projected changes for the United States during the time frame covering 2014-2025.

Year: 2013

Population: 316 million

Gross Domestic Product: $17 trillion

GDP per capita: $52,838

Budget: $5.8 trillion

Military Budget: $726 billion

Forecast 2025

Population: 69 million

Gross Domestic Product: $921 billion

GDP per capita: $13,328

Military Budget: $8.0 billion

Please note how the changes in U.S. population covering an 11 year period mirror what I wrote in the America 2050 article. The projected and dramatic downward shift in America’s population are nearly identical when one compares the America 2050 documents and the Deagel projections.

There is another striking projection which should alarm every American. In 2013, the U.S. military budget was $726 billion dollars. However, the projected 2025 projected budget is only $8 billion dollars. This clearly points to the fact that the CIA, through Deagel, is projecting that the United States is going to be militarily conquered within the next 10 years. The mere $8 billion dollar projected 2025 military budget speaks to a domestic martial law type of occupation force. With this kind of budget, the U.S. would not even be able to engage in regional conflicts.

The Deagel documents clearly speak to who the winners and losers of the coming global conflict will be. In the Deagel document, Russia, China, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and India maintain their respective populations or increase their populations by the year 2025. The United States and Britain undergo severe population reductions.

Common sense dictates that in a global conflict, with its advanced weaponry, that the U.S. would be able to devastate the populations of the aforementioned countries. However, the Deagel projections do not indicate this. Therefore, the only thing that makes any sense would be that the U.S. will fall victim to being sold out by treasonous leadership, thus precipitating its demise. Does this statement bring anyone to mind?

The Method of America’s Demise

I have concluded that America will be thrust into martial law prior to fighting in WW III. Martial law is usually preceded by a false flag. There is no shortage of false flag possibilities and choosing the manner, the time and the place is a fool’s errand. However, there are a definitive 17 elements of martial law that we can analyze in order to gauge the progress America is making with regard to to being under total martial law. The 17 elements of martial law are:

1-Mass roundup of political dissidents

2-Dusk to dawn curfews

3-Rationing of essential resources

4-The seizing of personal assets such as food and water

5-Control over all food and water

6-The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives

7-The confiscation of property, homes and businesses

8-Arrests without due process

9-Massive “papers please” checkpoints with intrusive searches

10-Forced relocations

11-Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military

12-Outlawing of free speech

13-The installation of massive surveillance programs and the establishment of snitch programs

14-The total control or elimination of religion

15-Control of the media

16-Executions without due process of law

17-Total suspension of the Constitution

How many of these 17 elements are in place, or, are being put into place? I am in the midst of preparing a detailed and multi-part analysis of these 17 elements of martial law and their relative progress in America.

The conclusion which can be drawn from this article, is an article unto itself. Suffice it to say, that American is being set up to be destroyed in WW III as a result with the coming war with the BRIC nations along with some very timely and treasonous help from the inside. Further, we have major think tank organizations as well as a prominent CIA front organization publishing data and projections which reinforces all the Agenda 21 claims that have been made for 20 years. Namely, the United States is going to experience a series of major depopulation events as the landscape of this country will change forever as we will be moved into the hellish Agenda 21 projected cities of the future. The data sets that I am presently working on strongly suggests that we are much closer to these realities than many of us would have anticipated.

Putin on Arab Spring: "Do you realize what you have done?"

“Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”

No, they don’t realize what they have done, and they’re poised to do more of it. And those of us who warned at the time that the “Arab Spring” would not lead to “the triumph of democracy and progress,” but to “violence, poverty and social disaster,” were dismissed and derided as racist, bigoted “Islamophobes.” And no matter how often the establishment analysts get things wrong, and disastrously, fatally so, they never get called to account, and keep applying the same failed solutions over and over again.


“Putin: ‘Do you realize what you have done?,'” by Everett Rosenfeld, CNBC, September 28, 2015:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday admonished those who supported democratic revolutions in the Middle East, telling the United Nations they led to the rise of a globally ambitious Islamic State.

“Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life,” Putin said through a translator. “I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”

The Russian president added that the power vacuum following these revolutions led to the rise of terrorist groups in the region — including the Islamic State group.

He told the General Assembly it would be an “enormous mistake” not to cooperate with the Syrian government to combat the extremist group.

“No one but President (Bashar) Assad’s armed forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in Syria,” he said.

In an earlier speech at the U.N. , President Barack Obama said it would be a mistake to think that Syria could be stable under Assad.

Acknowledging some of the criticism lobbed at Russia’s proposal, Putin said his country is only proposing to help save the world from terrorism.

“I must note that such an honest and frank approach from Russia has been recently used as a pretext to accuse it of its growing ambitions — as if those who say it has no ambitions at all. However, it’s not about Russia’s ambitions, dear colleagues, but about the recognition of the fact that we can no longer tolerate the current state of affairs in the world,” he said.

He proposed a “generally broad international coalition against terrorism,” likening the suggestion to the anti-Hitler coalition that brought together disparate interests to battle fascism in Europe.

Putin warned that international policy toward the region has led to an Islamic State with plans that “go further” than simply dominating the Middle East. And citing recent data about failures in successfully recruiting “moderate” Syrian opposition, Putin said countries opposed to Assad are simply worsening the situation.

“We believe that any attempts to play games with terrorists, let alone to arm them, are not just short-sighted, but hazardous. This may result in the global terrorist threat increasing dramatically and engulfing new regions,” the Russian leader said….

Russian Air Force Starts Pinpoint Strikes Against Islamic State

Military & Defense
September 30, 16:21 UTC+3

Russian warplanes have attacked military equipment, communication centers, motor vehicles, and munitions and fuel and lubricants depots of the Islamic State terrorists.

© TASS/Alexandr Ryumin

MOSCOW, September 30. /TASS/. Russia’s Aerospace Forces planes have started dealing pinpoint strikes against the positions of the Islamic State group in Syria, outlawed in Russia as terrorist, Major-General Igor Konashenkov has told the media.

"In accordance with a decision by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin Russian Aerospace Forces planes on Wednesday started an operation to deal pinpoint strikes against ground targets of the IS terrorist group in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic," he said. "The Russian Defense Minister, General of the Army Sergey Shoigu has told his counterparts in the Collective Security Treaty Organization that in the course of the military operation in Syria Russian warplanes have been attacking military equipment, communication centers, motor vehicles, and munitions and fuel and lubricants depots of the Islamic State terrorists.

The upper house of Russia's parliament on Wednesday empowered the Russian president to use Russian military outside the national territory. As the chief of the presidential staff Sergey Ivanov explained, the air operation was to be launched against the Islamic State in Syria at the request of Syria’s president Bashar Assad. Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that Russia would not be involved in operations on the ground.

© ITAR-TASS/Yuriy Smityuk

Expert names Russian aircraft that may be used in Syria

Russia Begins Air Strikes Against the Islamic State

Agency, Blic | 30. 09. 2015. - 14: 40h

Russia has carried out the first air strike in Syria, near Homs, confirmed one American official for the US TV network CNN. West said in a statement confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian air force has reportedly fired around Homs

"In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces Vladimir Putin, the Russian air force planes today began air operations, uključljujući precision strikes on targets of the Islamic state on the ground in the territory of Syria," said ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

Konashenkov stated that the target of the attack military equipment, communication centers, vehicles, weapons and fuel depots Islamic State television reported the RT on its portal.

BBC transmitted the allegations of the opposition activist network in Syria under the name "The Local Coordination Committee," where are the charges that Russia carried out the attacks on five towns north of Homs (Zafarana, Rastan, Talbiseh, Makarmija and Ganto) when he died 36 people, including five children.

Security source tellsAFP areas in #Syria hit by Russia Homs - Talbiseh, Rastan; Hama - Latamneh Kafr Zita; Latakia - Ghmam, Deir Hana

- Sara Hussein (sarahussein) September 30, 2015

BBC also carries infomacije Observatory for Human Rights on the death of 27 people, including six children.

From the US military said that Moscow informed the US about its operation hours before its start. The official, who declined to be named said that the information on preliminary air strikes and refused to disclose any details, including the number of attacks and used aircraft.

The US military command for now does not want to comment on these allegations.

The attack came after the parliament approves Putin Russia's use of the army in Syria, and that the formal request of President Assad to help Russia.

Let us remind, Russia has earlier today asked the US to remove its planes out of Syrian airspace, to avoid incidents during the Russian attack on members of the so-called "Islamic state".

The Islamic state is destroying the cultural heritage in Palmyra

The Russians already trained Syrian forces to repress Islamists from Palmyra and release the remains of the Roman city, which would be a big victory of Russian-Syrian coalition and also marks a turning point war with the so-called "Islamic state".

Releasing Roman city will not only strengthen the position of Assad, but will also become a major symbol of the new approach to Moscow in the Middle East, said, "The Guardian".

Earlier in the day it became clear that there is a high possibility that Russia was actively involved in the fight against ISIS.

"Russia would at any moment could start with air strikes on Syria," said a senior Pentagon official for "CNN".

Moscow Authorizes Air Strikes in Syria, Warns US to "Clear Skies"

(Franco Iacch)

The Upper House of the Russian Parliament has approved the use of the armed forces of the country abroad. The decision provides for the exclusive use of the Air Force and provides no ground operation. And 'as they communicate at the Kremlin.

"We are talking only of the use of the Russian Air Force, as confirmed by our president. And 'exclude the use of ground forces. The aim of the military operations is targeted to the air support to the Syrian government forces in their fight against Islamic state.
The President of the Syrian Arab Republic has asked the leadership of our country to provide military assistance. Terrorism must be fought, but you still need to observe the rules of international law.
Our goal is to save Syria in the interest of his people and not to meet, as they feared the Westerners, our ambitions. As for the timeline, we are unable to give a time frame it will take us many aircraft do their armament. We are the only ones to respect international law . United States, France and Australia with their raid in Syria and Iraq have circumvented the international standards".

According to Fox News, Russia asked the US to vacate Syrian airspace immediately. The Pentagon has not shown any willingness to do so.

Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria have recently created an information center in Baghdad to coordinate the fight against the Islamic state.

Chinese Troops in the Middle East

From CGI's Morgan:

China will be helping out the Syrian government in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) by sending “military advisers,” media reports have claimed.

“The Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks,” a Syrian army official told the Lebanon-based news website Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi.

The report claims that a Chinese naval vessel is on its way to Syria with dozens of “military advisers” on board. They will reportedly be followed by troops.

The ship is said to have passed the Suez Canal in Egypt and be making its way through the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the website, the advisers will be joining Russian personnel in the Latakia region.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military news website, DEBKAfile, has cited military sources as saying that a Chinese aircraft carrier, the Liaoning-CV-16, has already been spotted at the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean coast. It was said to be accompanied by a guided missile cruiser.

The news comes after Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria agreed to establish a joint information center in Baghdad to coordinate their operations against Islamic State militants, according to sources.

“The main goal of the center will be gathering, processing and analyzing current information about the situation in the Middle East – primarily for fighting IS,” a military-diplomatic source told Russian news agencies on Saturday.

Managing the Transition to a Healthier Global Economy

Managing the Transition to a Healthier Global Economy

Address by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF

At "A Conversation with Christine Lagarde"
An event hosted by Council of the Americas Washington, D.C., September 30, 2015

As prepared for delivery


Good morning. Ambassador Negroponte, thank you for the kind introduction, and thank you to the Council of the Americas for inviting me here today.

It is a great pleasure to “raise the curtain” on the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings to be held next week in Lima – our first in Latin America in nearly fifty years.

For those past 50 years, the Council of the Americas has brought together opinion leaders to exchange ideas and forge solutions to Latin America’s biggest challenges. Your mission is very important today because the region is facing serious challenges – and so is the world.

Indeed, I am concerned about the state of global affairs. The refugee influx into Europe is the latest symptom of sharp political and economic tensions in North Africa and the Middle East. While this refugee crisis captures media attention in the advanced economies, it is by no means an isolated event. Conflicts are raging in many other parts of the world, too, and there are close to 60 million displaced people worldwide.

Let us also not forget that the year 2015 is on course to be the hottest year on record, with an extremely strong El Niño that has spawned weather-related calamities in the Pacific.
On the economic front, there is also reason to be concerned. The prospect of rising interest rates in the United States and China’s slowdown are contributing to uncertainty and higher market volatility. There has been a sharp deceleration in the growth of global trade. And the rapid drop in commodity prices is posing problems for resource-based economies.

Besides the heartbreaking suffering from conflict and forced migration, there is a human toll from economic dislocation and low activity: more than 200 million people are unemployed worldwide; income and wealth inequality keep on rising; and women continue to be disadvantaged both in pay and labor market opportunities.

Now, it could be much worse, of course. Let us not forget that we have come out of a major financial crisis a few years ago, and some areas of the world have been doing quite well throughout that period.

For example, think of the many countries in Latin America which, over the past two decades, have transformed themselves economically and socially – bringing a better life to millions of their citizens in the process. There has been tangible progress in Africa, too, and Asia’s economic weight has continued to grow tremendously in recent years.

But many of these gains now seem in jeopardy, and understandably, there is some confusion and concern. I am asked all the time: “Are current economic developments just cyclical or are they structural – is something more fundamental going on?”

The simple answer is that there is no simple answer. Certainly, we are at a difficult and complex juncture. My key message today, however is this: with the right policies, strong leadership, and global cooperation, it can be managed.

Think of past challenges – the oil shocks of the 1970s and 1980s, the end of the Bretton Woods system, or the problems that confronted the newly independent countries of the former Soviet Union.

Today’s world is, of course, different – demographic pressures, climate change, and environmental degradation are more acute now. But there was just as much risk and uncertainty back then, and policymakers did manage to lead the world economy back into calmer waters.

This is what they must do again today.

Peru’s Nobel laureate, Mario Vargas Llosa, once said: “Uncertainty is a daisy whose petals are never fully plucked.”

Policymakers will pluck some of these “petals” in our Meetings in Lima next week. Today, I would like to pluck a few myself by asking three questions:

Where do we stand? What should we do? How do we make it happen?

1. Where do we stand?

Let us start with the state of the global economy; and then focus on some of the transition issues underlying it.

State of the Global Economy

Our World Economic Outlook numbers will be released next week, but I can already tell you this: global growth will likely be weaker this year than last, with only a modest acceleration expected in 2016. 

The good news is that we are seeing a modest pickup in advanced economies. The moderate recovery is strengthening in the Euro Area; Japan is returning to positive growth; and activity remains robust in the US and the UK as well.

The not-so-good news is that emerging economies are likely to see their fifth consecutive year of declining rates of growth.

India remains a bright spot. China is slowing down as it rebalances away from export-led growth. Countries such as Russia and Brazil are facing serious economic difficulties. Growth in Latin American countries, in general, continues to slow sharply. We are also seeing weaker activity in low-income countries – which will be increasingly affected by the worsening external environment.

At the global level, there is still a drag on the economy because financial stability is not yet assured. Despite progress in recent years, financial sector weaknesses remain in many countries, and financial risks are now elevated in emerging markets.

If we put all this together, we see global growth that is disappointing and uneven. In addition, medium-term growth prospects have become weaker. The “new mediocre” of which I warned exactly a year ago – the risk of low growth for a long time – looms closer.

Why? Because potential growth is being held back by low productivity, population aging, and the legacies of the global financial crisis. High debt, low investment, and weak banks continue to burden some advanced economies, especially in Europe; and many emerging economies continue to face adjustments after their post-crisis credit and investment boom.

Major economic transitions and spillovers

This outlook is heavily affected by some major economic transitions that are creating global ripple effects – what we call spillovers and spillbacks. Let me highlight two of these: China’s transition to a new growth model; and the normalization of U.S monetary policy.

To be clear: both of these shifts are necessary and healthy. They are good for China, good for the United States, and good for the world. The challenge is to manage them as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

First, China, which is in the midst of a fundamental and welcome transformation. It has launched deep structural reforms to lift incomes and living standards. These reforms will, by design, lead to a “new normal” of slower, safer, and more sustainable growth. The new model relies more on consumption and less on commodity-intensive investment. More on services and less on manufacturing.

It also requires transitioning to a stable, more market-driven financial system. In other words, China’s policymakers are facing a delicate balancing act: they need to implement these difficult reforms while preserving demand and financial stability.

As I said, this kind of major transition can create spillover effects – through trade, exchange rates, asset markets, and capital flows.

We saw some of these spillovers in recent months: investors were worried about the speed at which China’s economy is slowing. These concerns put further pressure on commodity markets and triggered sizeable currency depreciations in a number of commodity exporters.
Those countries have, for many years, relied on China as an export destination. For example, China consumes 60 percent of the world’s iron ore. But as it invests less, China will reduce its appetite for commodities.

This will contribute to what could be a prolonged period of low commodity prices – a change that will need to be managed by policymakers, particularly in the large commodity exporters.

The second major transition concerns the normalization of U.S monetary policy. The Federal Reserve is poised to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years – although the Fed has also clearly indicated that rates are expected to remain low for some time. This transition reflects better economic conditions in the US, which is also good for the global economy.

Low interest rates contributed to a search for yield on the part of investors, which supported financial risk-taking and higher valuations of equities, sovereign bonds, and corporate credit. So the Fed also faces a delicate balancing act: to normalize interest rates while minimizing the risk of financial market disruption.

Again, there are potential spillovers. The prospect of rising U.S. rates has already contributed to higher financing costs for some borrowers, including emerging and developing economies.

This is part of a necessary adjustment in global financial conditions. The process, however, could be complicated by structural changes in fixed-income markets, which have become less liquid and more fragile – a recipe for market overreactions and disruptions.

Outside the advanced economies, countries are generally better prepared for higher interest rates than in the past. And yet I am concerned about their capacity to buffer shocks.

Why? Because many emerging and developing economies responded to the global financial crisis with bold counter-cyclical fiscal and monetary actions. By using these policy buffers, they were able to lead the global economy in its time of need. And over the past five years, they have accounted for almost 80 percent of global growth.

These policy actions generally went together with an increase in financial leverage in the private sector, and many countries have incurred more debt – a significant portion of which is in U.S dollars.

So rising U.S. interest rates and a stronger dollar could reveal currency mismatches, leading to corporate defaults – and a vicious cycle between corporates, banks, and sovereigns.
The bottom line is that proactive policy management by everyone – and especially the emerging economies – is now more important than ever.

2. What should we do?

So much for the diagnosis. What should be done? That is my second question.
While the transitions underway carry a downside risk, we know that this can be managed – by supporting demand, preserving financial stability, and implementing structural reforms.
Most economists would probably agree with this general recipe, but I would like to be very specific today. As I noted earlier, action is required now, and we need to intensify our policy efforts.

To be clear: I am calling on policymakers to make a policy upgrade to address the current challenges.

What do I mean by “upgrade?”

On the demand side, most advanced economies, except the United States and possibly the UK, will continue to require accommodative monetary policies. All advanced economies, however, should fully incorporate spillover risks in their decision-making process and, in addition, ensure that their communications are very clear in this regard. This constitutes a crucial policy upgrade.

The Euro Area can upgrade by fully tackling nonperforming loans worth some €900 billion. This is one of the major unresolved legacies of the financial crisis. By removing the NPL buildup, banks would be able to increase the supply of credit to companies and households. It would enhance the potency of monetary accommodation, improve the outlook, and bolster market confidence.

Emerging economies would need to improve the monitoring of foreign currency exposures of major companies. They should also use macroprudential tools to ensure the resilience of banks vis-à-vis the buildup of corporate leverage and foreign debt. This would contribute to financial stability and reduce the risk of a vicious cycle between corporates, banks, and sovereigns.

At the global level, there is a pressing need to complete and implement the regulatory reform agenda – with a special focus on improving the transparency and oversight of non-banks, or shadow banks. And we still have another major upgrade ahead of us – the resolution framework for systemic, globally active financial institutions remains inadequate.
On the fiscal side, countries should use policies that are as flexible and growth-friendly as possible.

The IMF continues to recommend that advanced economies with room for fiscal stimulus use it to boost public investment, especially in quality infrastructure. Credible medium-term fiscal plans also remain a priority, especially for the United States and Japan.
Commodity exporting countries that have policy room for maneuver should use it to smooth their adjustment to lower prices. Others should rely on growth-friendly fiscal rebalancing – including tax reforms, energy pricing reforms, and by reprioritizing spending, including to protect the most vulnerable.

What about the upgrade? Commodity exporters such as Colombia, Norway, and Botswana used the commodity boom to strengthen their fiscal frameworks against shocks. This has put them in a position where they can better determine the pace of necessary fiscal adjustment and thus preserve growth. There is a useful lesson here for others.

Finally, all countries need to upgrade their economic structures through reforms in labor and product markets, infrastructure, education, healthcare, and trade, to name just a few.

3. How do we make it happen?

Which brings me to my last, and perhaps most important question: How to make it happen?
It is, of course, easy to make policy recommendations. But implementation requires skillful and savvy policy making, especially in this phase of lower growth and higher uncertainty.
Moreover, it is important that these policies are implemented not only at the national level, but also that they contribute to a coherent global approach.

Given the collective nature of many of the issues involved – like climate change, trade, migration, and the global financial safety net – increased international cooperation is more urgent and essential than ever before.

I was glad to see this spirit come through in the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals last weekend in New York. I hope that it will also lead to a meaningful agreement at the Climate Change Summit in Paris in December.

Or take, for instance, the current refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. This is not just a humanitarian issue – it is an economic issue that affects everyone. Everyone has an obligation to help.

The IMF will play its part. We are analyzing the economic impact on our affected members, and we will provide specific policy recommendations. We are also providing more fiscal space in our program support – as we have done already in Jordan, Iraq, and Tunisia.

With our mandate to address growth and economic stability issues at the national and global level, we also continue to refine our core activities – surveillance, lending, and capacity building. And we are adapting to further strengthen our support for our membership as they face the ongoing transitions that I have outlined.

What do I mean by “adapting”? Our “AIM” is to improve along three dimensions: “A” as in “moreagile,” “I” as in “more integrated,” and “M” as in “member-focused.”
First, more agile – for example, focusing our policy advice much more on managing short and medium-term risks and spillovers. Analyzing the inter-linkages between economies and connecting the dots is becoming a hallmark of our work.

Second, more integrated – macro-financial linkages, for instance, are becoming better integrated into our projections and risk assessments; so are macro-critical issues which have a bearing on growth sustainability – such as financial inclusion, inequality, climate change, and policies to support the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Third, member-focused – enhancing our delivery of both country-specific assistance and cross-country experience. In my travels to our membership, I find that this sharing of best practices is now one of the Fund’s most highly valued contributions.

I will elaborate further on these “Aims” in my annual address to our 188 member countries next week in Lima. Let me add just one crucial point: the Fund can only be as effective as the support we receive from our members.

Therefore, the adoption of the 2010 Quota and Governance reforms is essential to reflect the dynamic changes taking place amongst our membership, and to ensure that the Fund has the resources that are needed to respond to our members’ needs – today and tomorrow. In fact, this is at the heart of the global financial safety net.

I continue to urge ratification by the U.S. Congress as quickly as possible.
It would be in line with the important role that the United States plays in the IMF – and it is, quite simply, indispensable if the world is to effectively manage the transitions that I have discussed with you here today.


Let me conclude by quoting from the IMF’s founding father, John Maynard Keynes. In the midst of the Great Depression, he wrote this:

“It is common to hear people say that the epoch of enormous economic progress is over. But I believe that is a wildly mistaken interpretation of what is happening to us.
We are suffering not from the rheumatics of old age, but from the growing pains of over-rapid changes, from the painfulness of readjustment between one economic period and another.”

Keynes’s note of realism – and optimism – proved to be right, of course. I believe it is a fitting note on which to end.

Yes, there is uncertainty. Yes, the challenges are great. And yes, with the right policies, leadership and cooperation, we can manage through to a brighter future for us all.
Thank you.


Media Relations

Mountain Goat: UU6812 - "Full Reconciliation is Coming Very Soon"

UU6812 – “Full Reconciliation is Coming Very Soon”

Hello Everyone,

In today’s news letter I am bringing you nuggets of information that are so powerful I just had to sit back in my chair in awe and amazement when I read them. Why did I feel this way?

A feeling of FINALITY came over me. Like a vale being lifted when I read these articles. We now know why many of these reforms have been stalled as to why they are taking so long to pass and implement. This is all about to change.

As I suggested many months ago in my news letter the USA will not give full military support to Iraq until they get what they want. We read many past articles about this topic and Abadi’s resistance to give the USA what it wanted.

So what did the USA want?

We will see these next steps in the coming weeks as the USA is now going to get what it wants as Abadi can see that Iraq itself can never defeat ISIS. So now that the USA is going to get certain needed reform laws from Iraq, an in return Iraq will then get the military backing and full support of USA led coalition to fight ISIS.

Iraq can then move on to getting the “full” reconciliation it needs going forward. So we might have to wait a little bit longer to see how this all plays out but I believe we are getting closer than ever to the RV. I am talking maybe weeks at tops not months.

They have to make some kind of “reconciliation” or they will NEVER join the international community. Pressure is just too great from the USA and GB not to conclude this sooner than later. This they want and need so desperately. They also have until early 2016 to get their act together to get fully out of chapter 7 sanctions. This deadline is fast approaching. This was a deadline imposed by the UN of 10 year sanction release period.

Now, with the full backing of the USA, GB, the other coalition countries and many of the middle eastern countries, Abadi knows his direction and to despite the criticisms from the “do nothing” party of the Maliki and his goons days, he is moving aggressively forward. For some he is even moving too quickly and that scares them too, even though they are on his side and totally agree with what he is doing to benefit Iraq. So this too slows up the process somewhat as they need confidence Abadi is not going to be another Maliki. Some even compare his style to Saddam Hussein (Dr Ayad Allawi). Of course this is again Maliki propaganda.

I need to explain to you that a management style is dependent on the situation to which it must be applied. Not all managers are well suited to manage every situations. For instance you don’t take the management style of a minister as applied to managing his congregation and apply it to the situation of General George Patton and his circumstances in fighting WWII. Two separate styles and very different situations that must be managed.

So you must select carefully who is placed to manage the circumstances at hand at the time. Many of the more successful board of directors of major companies too will often change who is at the helm depending on the direction that needs to be taken by the company at the time.

As it is when the current prime minister Abadi was selected, the Dowa party thought he would go along with the Maliki madness and Maliki would actually continue to dictate party lines to him behind the scenes and he would obey. Of course we all know now why Abadi made many trips to the USA back then. What do you think these trips were for? Where they just to sip cocktails and chat with Oboma in the oval office?

We know now why the complete opposite is occurred. In short – Abadi was interviewed by Obama as he was found to be the right manager, at the right time, in the right place. He himself has said it too so completely – nothing will stop my reforms short of my assassination (as they plotted already twice to get him).

One lesson that the USA and GB have learned a very long time ago is this – “National Unity” as a nation is the pivotal foundation to any great nation. Without patriotism and unity you are just a country struggling to maintain a sense of democracy for the average citizen to prevent the wolves from taking full control. Iraq has experienced the wolves and knows fully the damage.

Now it’s time for Iraq to turn the page and to experience the full blessings and abundance that can come from the proper use of all their resources once applied to the global markets. It is my opinion the time is now. The clock is ticking.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday September 30th and still no RV. We will see an RV this week?

I do not believe there will be an RV this week…sorry. But I do believe we may be on the path to see a change in the value very soon.

There was a target date for Oct 1st and we might be very close to this date as an end result. I am saying this because I have seen some very amazing results come out of the recent UN summits in NYC.

I also want to say that when Iraq is ready to revalue their currency and come back as an international player it will just happen. NOTHING WILL STOP IT. There are no boogie men, conspiracies or foreign countries with issues holding it back each weekend, as some make you believe.

So once again we are in the middle of a new week and all the hype about an RV window by the end of September is passing as Oct 1st is tomorrow. Sorry you so called intel “gurus” you were wrong once again….lol…lol…. !!!!

Watch in their next intel conference calls these same gurus will tell you September is over but it was supposed to RV and got held back. Held back….really? No Kidding!

No kidding it was held back. I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU ALL ALONG IT WOULD BE HELD BACK if the reforms were not completed for the needed STABILITY and SECURITY of Iraq necessary to get out of chapter 7, Article 4 ,the last remaining sanction still imposed upon Iraq. If you read what I have presented to you in the last section of this news letter today (under update on fighting ISIS) you will see that these reforms are all but now done and why the hold up in the past.

Now Oct 1st is tomorrow and then what will they tell you next?

Oh- will they will simply give you another outside window for the RV without any facts to back it up?

Oh- but they will say - you want to hear the minute by minute inside intel don’t you? Did you ever tell them that this is what you desire or did they just tell you that you wanted? So what do you really want?

Ridiculous and Insane! I say trust in the articles from Iraq. It has been proven over and over again.

Let me also say this from my own experience - Sources of information from “boots on the ground” in Iraq is very unreliable and they often don’t know anymore than we do. In fact in most cases they know even less. The fact that they are in Iraq has little significance. Any news from these sources is often totally misinterpreted as they do not have a strong handle on the Arabic language and customs. They often give you the western viewpoint too looking through their RV glasses. We could do a better job just reading the articles ourselves.

The article might not be as timely as we want or even easy to read sometimes but believe me the articles have a hell of a lot more of a reality check on the pulse of Iraq than most of these so called intel “gurus”. My advice is simply stop listening to them unless they clean up their source of information. It is your choice. By the way many of them simply make up their intel anyhow to suite their own agenda.

So what is now happening in Iraq in this RV saga?

I will do my best to present to you what I know with NO hype, No rumors and just the FACTS. If I have an opinion I will tell you it is just my opinion.

I came to you earlier this week and stated I thought something BIG was brewing in Iraq.

Well we now have our BIG event! By BIG I meant an event such as the “full” reconciliation. Today I will present to you the breakdown of some of these obstacles that have prevented this reconciliation from occurring.

I thought this because there seemed to be a lull in the news last week of anything very significant. We know from the past that often Iraq does work through the holidays, such as Eid, and they normally keep the news down to a minimum during these timeframes. So now Eid is over. What have they been doing?

I asked how will they present this “full” reconciliation to us? The answer was given to us the next day. Funny too how president Masum told us just last week we can expect this “full” reconciliation shortly after Eid. I am presenting an article below about a proposed National Reconciliation conference. Will this be the vehicle they will use to conclude this effort? You see you can not forget the past news since its all a continuing saga.

They have stated in the recent article and I quote- “The head of Iraq Scholars Mullah Khalid had called in a press statement the federal government to conduct genuine national reconciliation between moderate political and religious authorities of the Sunni community.”

We can see they are working on setting up this conference as they know they are very close.  Will it be this week? I believe it will be within the next couple weeks at most, but first they need the rest of the reform laws passed in parliament and at least some form of implementation started in good faith. What will get them to this point?

I am saying this because you have to ask another question - How do you come to the table to reconcile differences, when the agreed to reforms to overcome the obstacles preventing reconciliation, have not yet all been met? So we know they can not yet have this conference but they know it is coming shortly since all the needed laws are now in play and just need the final voting process in parliament. Maybe one big “package” of laws for one vote is on the horizon?

What will happen in the National Reconciliation conference?
They are telling us in the article I have presented below and I quote – “a joint paper gathering all parties”.

They are also telling us the UN, representatives of each of the parties, and the representatives of the branches of government (the three presidents) will be present. The joint paper is a translation issue and means a paper treaty (a document of some sort) will be signed by all parties present.

The VERY interesting part (and I need to emphasize VERY interesting) in the article is this – They explain - Who will be allowed to attend this conference?

I quote from the article – “to hold a special conference of national reconciliation and the introduction of those who want to contribute to the building the state and the new Iraq, provided that these authorities are not supportive of terrorism and is stained with the blood of innocent people.” Oh boy this also sounds like the amnesty law too doesn’t it?

This is WOW news since it will not include Maliki, his goons and any parties associated with these terrorist militias or past corruption. How can it possible include them and we all should know why by now.

Folks – this is a brand new Iraq being built from the ground up and this National Reconciliation and its reforms to back it up is the foundation. I have been telling you this for years now. Hope you have been listening.

This reconciliation process along with the economic and security provisions will get us the RV we have been long waiting for. Remember there is much overlap too since it is all interconnected. But we must be patient since Iraq will choose when they are ready.

Again I will list these needed reforms (did I miss any? )

-Justice & Accountability reforms

-Establishment of the Provincial National Guards

-Full implementation of the Amnesty

-Formal announcement of the Federation Council

In my past news letters I have talked in detail as to why I thought each of these reforms were important to Iraq and why they must be implemented prior to any reconciliation being completed.

These laws are all in motion already and much groundwork is completed so they are not starting implementation from scratch once the laws are passed.

Remember this - No reconciliation thus No RV!

Note: I believe Iraq also needs the Investment law and Banking laws (already passed) and this too is holding back the RV but not needed for the “full” reconciliation.

You see there are also economic reforms that the government WOULD LIKE TO PUT IN PLACE too that can ensure a smooth transition to investors and international players doing business in Iraq prior to the RV.

Article Begins

09/29/2015BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah

said Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability in Parliament, she addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in order to provide support to the Committee and activate its role with a view to the success of a conference of reconciliation in Iraq.

A member of the committee MP Mohammed Naji military told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network):

The Commission is seeking to introduce some national parties that want to engage in the national reconciliation project and build the political process, however, that the Commission needs to be supported by the House of Representatives. He continued military that the Commission formally addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to hold a special conference of national reconciliation and the introduction of those who want to contribute to the building the state and the new Iraq, provided that these authorities are not supportive of terrorism and is stained with the blood of innocent people.

He said committee member Hisham Abdul Malik earlier this month: The reconciliation project a bad project for a long time, the United Nations began its activities after it was inactive with national reconciliation has been working to collect Securities of the three presidencies, because each side has as well as the United Nations Project will be consolidated in a joint paper gathering all parties , adding that it is difficult to launch a conference bringing together components of all, because the result is far does not satisfy one of the conference will be held one case is mature and reach a solution agreed upon by everyone without exhibitions and in this case we get to genuine national reconciliation.

The head of Iraq Scholars Mullah Khalid had called in a press statement the federal government to conduct genuine national reconciliation between moderate political and religious authorities of the Sunni community

Article Ends

Article Begins


Monday 28-09-2015 | 8:32:37

Twilight News / Rafidain Bank announced on Monday for the rehabilitation of its branches at home and abroad and the introduction of modern technologies and advanced in the banking business in line with the reforms announced by the government package.

The general director of the bank on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani said in a statement, said that bank branches abroad, including (Beirut branch - Oman Branch - Bahrain branch) have been rehabilitated and developed properly in line with the reputation and the location of the bank and provide better services to citizens. He is adding that he has approached a number of countries where we do not have bank branches to identify the instructions and controls on the opening of branches.

Article Ends

[Update: CBI Corruption]

I will say this again. That Iraq has plans to clean up the CBI prior to any RV. They would not even consider an RV unless they know the wolves are gone from the CBI. From my last post you know who these wolves are?

Simply put they must clean up this money laundering and get to root of the problem, like who is involved and who is the instigator. Another reason why Dr Shabibi was chased out of the CBI in 2013 on false charges. Can you connect the pieces to the puzzle yet?

The article below tells it all and I need say nothing more.

Article Begins


Tuesday 09/29/2015 15:16

Former central bank director Shabibi; Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered the appointment of four members of his ruling party in the bank to control the money laundering department.

He explained that al-Maliki appointed four of singled out his ruling large positions within the central bank and they are not with jurisdiction even affected Bank Central and took a random hit Otunabh They Director-money laundering department, and director of the Legal Department, and Director of the banks control, and Director of the Economic Department, "pointing out that" corruption was rife within the central bank by co-Maliki in the party.

"He noted that" the Director-laundering department funds "allocate money laundering Iraq in favor of the ruling party and legal director gloss upon the Director of the banks control traders taking sold dollars to private banks associated with the ruling party and the prime minister, less than the market amounts making Iraq millions of dollars lost every day due to this corruption and the smuggling of the government's budget funds abroad in favor of al-Maliki and Gelaozath.

"He continued that" when he decided to Governor of the Central Bank change them in order to maintain the nation funds from theft came to him a letter from Prime Minister prevented him from removal of these corrupt and between the lines of the book veiled threat, "he added," when beyond the first corrupt gang is mad al-Maliki issued for Using his partner and his friend Medhat al-Mahmoud arrests on Shabibi after that was the last in Switzerland lectured about the new monetary policy in a global seminar for International Monetary Fund.

"He indicated that he" then appointed al-Maliki cousin named Ali al-Moussawi, the governor of the central bank to plunder every provision of the Iraqi state and the amount $ 67 billion in the last days of his dominance on the government to hand over power to Ebadi and the budget for Iraq empty and the Reserve Central Bank ravished to enter Iraq in a major financial crisis for the Advancement of which can not after a decade even if oil prices improved today.

"He added Professor Kadhim Jawad, quoting Professor Sinan Shabibi: that "al-Maliki receive more money than all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq" together "of Abdel-Karim Kassem leader Saddam Hussein, it was being investigated by any unfinished mention the Iraqi people and homeland, it was enough to build a new home according to the latest international standards, can accommodate up to 30 million people live in which the well-being and stability of the security of all human beings in the world in which to live. "

Article Ends

[Update; Fighting ISIS / DAASH]

Looks like all these meetings in the UN and in Washington are paying off as the USA is now going to lead an international coalition to organize a counter against ISIS / DAASH as it did with al Qaeda. I say its about time!

I present to you two articles below on this subject matter. So what does this mean for the RV?

In the very last paragraph in the second article below is nugget of information. If you don’t read it carefully it is easy to overlook. I believe a compromise has been negotiated during these last few days in these summits / meetings that will overcome the stalling of these much needed bills from Iraq. So what is the compromise?

This is the compromise:

USA is now going to give support to lead the international coalition for Iraq against ISIS / DAASH, (and I quote from the article) - "subject to the passage of the National Guard and forgiveness, accountability and justice laws", believing that the Abadi "Cisael by the international coalition leaders delayed approval".

This coalition is much different than the support now being given by the USA. I believe the USA has been holding off in giving the kind of support necessary to rid Iraq of ISIS until it got what it needed. The USA is now getting exactly what it wanted, thus Iraq gets what it wants. You see even in the fight against ISIS there are political moves being made.

One side note – It is my opinion also that they need this security first in Iraq (National Guards) and to cleanse Iraq of ISIS then onward in full force in an all out coordinated effort with Russia, Iran and Saudi to deal with this Syrian crisis once and for all.

So we just might be seeing the conclusion of the following laws very soon and I mean very soon. So what are these laws they are talking about?

Pay attention!

National Guard law

Amnesty (forgiveness) law

Accountability and Justice law

Article Begins


Editor: AHF 2015/09/29

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, with US President Barack Obama, the bilateral relations between the two countries and increase US support for Iraq in the field of economy and armament, as also discussed the strengthening of the international coalition to fight (Daash( . nformation Office of the Primei Minister, said in a statement received by AFP term copy of "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi solo meeting held on Tuesday in New York with US President Mr. Barack Obama."

The statement added, "During the meeting, to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to strengthen and increase US support for Iraq in the field of armament and the economy in addition to the situation in the region and the strengthening of the international coalition to fight Daash terrorist gangs".

The United States is leading an international coalition to organize a counter the so-called Islamic State (Daash), as it did with "Al Qaeda".

Article Ends

Article Begins


Baghdad Jamil al-Rubaie
Expressed parliamentary blocs expressed optimism including carrying Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to New York, predicted that the new international-led coalition Moscow will top the discussions the leaders of major countries, after the "failure" coalition of the United States in eliminating the "Daash", noting that the economic file "It would be present" in the al-Abadi talks on the sidelines of meetings of the General Assembly, but politicians assert that many of the heads of state would put the prime minister questions about the delay in approving the legislation, the National Guard and the accountability and justice, amnesty, which mortgaged the United States and its allies to support Iraq approval by.

and arrived Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the ministerial delegation accompanying him yesterday morning Monday to New York City for US participation in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations, in a two-day visit, cast in which the word Iraq in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations, as the Prime Minister held a number of meetings with heads of state address search to strengthen relations bilateral and face the political, security and economic challenges and the war against "Daash".

will participate Abadi also, according to a statement issued by his office, at the international conference to combat terrorism and to support Iraq in the face of terrorism, which will be held in New York of an international presence and wide.

He said Habib Terminal, a spokesman for the citizen Bloc , that Iraq "needs international position Aaazarh war and economic crisis," and expressed optimism about the talks to be conducted by Abadi on the sidelines of the meetings to document the international relations and upgrade them.

It is believed Terminal in an interview to the correspondent of "the world", that "new alliance" will have an impact on the ground, after the alliance said the United States "a failure".Moscow and Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad governments and plans to launch a new alliance against "Daash" the leaders of the coalition led by Washington State, in the meetings of the General Assembly.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday, in a speech before heading to New York to participate in a United Nations meeting, that "Russia in the recent period have shown interest in the fight against Daash to the presence of Russian citizens in its ranks, and they pose a threat to Russia's security in the event of their return. " He stressed Abadi said, "We are going to break Daash military and we need to prosecute intelligence."
He added that "Iraq has established committees intelligence with several countries to fight Daash," noting that "Iraq has the intelligence cooperation with Germany, Jordan and several countries interested in fighting organization."

And see Abbas al-Bayati, MP a coalition of law, that the post-Abadi in the Assembly meetings "have a significant impact on the country in the current stage."

He said al-Bayati, a member of the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations, in a telephone conversation with "the world", on Monday, that "al-Abadi will carry to the chief and the leaders of all countries terrorism file and the progress made on the ground by Iraqi security forces and the importance of strengthening this progress in greater armament and intelligence support to speed up the pace of the elimination of Daash.

"and between al-Bayati said the prime minister" will urge the United Nations to implement its commitments and decisions concerning dry up the sources of terrorism, and cooperation between the neighboring countries and prevent the recruitment for the benefit of Daash, cut networking Web them on social networking sites.
"and added that" the economic situation of Iraq will be present in the talks between al-Abbadi and other international actors.

"He said al-Bayati said," Abadi will participate in an important conference, called by the United States US and attended by more than 140 countries under anti-terrorism address.
"After that al-Bayati stressed that" Russia will not allow that are drawn region Lines window, away from its interests ", he referred to" the Syrian file and the intervention of Moscow would be strongly present, through the new alliance ". Iraq seeks to strengthen its relations with the countries of the world and specifically the regional surroundings, especially a locked in a heated battle against al "Daash"; the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in more than one occasion his country's keenness on building good-neighborly relations with surrounding countries.

In turn regarded confident Hashemi, observer and analyst of political affairs, Abadi participation in meetings of the General Assembly "a major opportunity" for the biggest rally towards strengthening the role of Iraq in its war against "Daash". Hashemi said in a telephone interview with "the world", said Monday that "al-Abadi would send messages of reassurance to allay international fears of a Russian alliance of the Iraqi Syrian-Iranian agreement, that it would be for the purpose of sharing intelligence information." According to Hashemi, there will be a meeting between Presidents Obama and Putin on the sidelines of the meetings "to discuss the developments of the situation in the Near East, and the formation of the new alliance." He was a diplomat, a military source in Moscow revealed Saturday an agreement between Russia and Syria, Iraq and Iran to create my information center in Baghdad, comprising representatives of the bodies of Staff of the armies
of the four countries.

Hashemi believes that the support of the international coalition for Iraq, "subject to the passage of the National Guard and forgiveness, accountability and justice laws", believing that the Abadi "Cisael by the international coalition leaders delayed approval".

Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

Benjamin Fulford: Blood Moon events turn out to be Vatican and Rothschild theatrics

Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Blood Moon events turn out to be Vatican and Rothschild theatrics

Posted by benjamin
September 29, 2015

Although the big Vatican/Rothschild love-fest at the United Nations is continuing even as this weekly goes out, it is already clear that the hopes for massive changes in how we run this planet have not been realized. What we saw instead was theatrics, the reopening of old wounds and vague promises to do good things by 2030.

The biggest insult to the intelligence of people around the world was Chinese President Xi Jinping’s promise to spend $1 billion a year until then on fighting poverty. On a global scale this is less than chickenfeed and amounts to about 0.0003 cents per day for the world’s poorest people.

Then there was the agreement announced by so many countries, including China, the United States and Russia, to take action against “global warming.” This made it clear the “global warming” Rothschild faction was on the ascendant and the perpetual “war on terror” Bush/Netanyahu/Neocon faction was losing the cabal power struggle.

Another sign the Bush/Neocon/Netanyahu Zionazi faction is losing was the fact Bush/Netanyahu allies such US House Speaker John Boehner and “ISIS tsar” General John Allen were both forced to resign last week. Boehner was told by Pope Francis to resign because he sponsored the trip in March by war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu to speak to the Congress, according to CIA sources. General Allen was forced to quit because he was “cooking intelligence,” “sabotage,” and supporting ISIS with airdrops, according to Pentagon sources.

The White Dragon faction supports the removal of these individuals but believes the military industrial complex needs to take much bigger, bolder action on behalf of the people of the planet. Marine General Joseph Dunford was sworn in last week as top military honcho and is expected to give the WDS a big boost in its efforts to take control of the financial system, and thus the world’s future, from inbred families and return it to the people.

If the new leadership at the Pentagon takes action against the Federal Reserve Board criminals, they can return $300,000 in stolen funds to each and every man, woman and child in the US and have plenty for the rest of the world too. The WDS will be happy to explain exactly how this can be done.

For now though, the most visible and dramatic changes continue to take place in the Midde-East where Israel is being liberated from Zionazi fascist control.

Last week war-criminal Israeli leader Benyamin Netanyahu and a delegation of generals went to Russia to seek protection and reassurances. The Israelis were “treated like the thugs they are,” according to Pentagon sources. The Israelis were told that a large portion of the population of Israel was of Russian origin and that there would be no danger to the citizens of Israel in the event of the overthrow of the Zionazis. However, “when Putin told bibi (Netanyahu) that Syria cannot open a second front against Israel he meant that Russia, China, Iran and Hezbollah will,” Pentagon sources familiar with the meeting said.

There are proliferating signs it is end game for the Nazionist nightmare regime in that country. China, for example, is now fully aware that it was agents of the Netanyahu regime who detonated the small nuclear weapon in Tianjin in August. For that reason a Chinese fleet and Chinese troops are now headed to Syria. Hezbollah has also now been supplied with 75 tanks to use against the Satanic regime in Israel.

There is also a concerted international effort under-way to hunt down and destroy Israel’s fleet of nuclear armed submarines. The French Mistral helicopter carriers that were supposed to be sent to Russia are now going to Egypt where they will be equipped by the Russians and join the Russian fleet in actions against the Israeli submarines, the Pentagon sources say. Furthermore, at the end of the day, the Egyptians might sell these ships at a discount to the Russians anyway.

There is also a lot of pressure being applied on Germany to stop them from supplying any more submarines to the Zionazi regime, the sources say. For example, when Egyptian President Sisi met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on September 25th he added his voice to US and Russian requests to stop supplying submarines to Israel. He also informed her that Egypt and Syria were thinking of joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Germans are also considering seriously leaving NATO and joining the SCO, according to German second Reich faction sources. Germany has been put under a lot of pressure recently because it has blocked its borders to the hired “Syrian refugees” being sent into their country. That is the real reason why Volkswagen has suddenly been attacked for “faking CO2 emission data,” according to the German sources. Other German auto makers are also now expected to get hit with similar claims, they say. The result has only been to alienate German industrialists and strengthen their resolve to once again achieve real independence, they continue.

The Germans are, in fact, preparing to nationalize their banks and reinstate the Deutschemark in reaction to an expected up-coming implosion of Deutschebank, the sources said. This of course would put a quick end to the Euro.

The end of the Euro, of course, would once again bring into question the viability of the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board. There was a lot of speculation that when Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen kept losing her voice during a speech last week and required medical attention, it was because she was emotionally distraught at some imminent announcements related to the Fed. On this front, multiple sources continue to confirm the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board are being put under new management.

It is not clear exactly what is to be announced but, the US corporate government’s year end comes this Wednesday, September 30th. The US Government has been cooking its books by keeping the debt frozen at exactly $25 million under the legal limit since March 15th. If, as expected, the US government fails to make payments due on September 30, it will be given until October 17th to come up with the money. That is why we have a lot of serious horse trading ahead of us in the coming weeks.

Public statements last week by the Pope, US President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping make clear some of the conditions the US has to meet if it is to avoid bankruptcy. They all agree China needs a bigger vote in the IMF and needs to continue linking the Yuan to the US dollar.

The fact JP Morgan, Citibank and Goldman Sachs were not invited to the state dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinping also makes it obvious the US faction behind the Federal Reserve Board must be removed as a condition for further Chinese financing.

The public announcements made by the US and China last week also make it certain there is an effort underway to systematically and inextricably link the US and Chinese economies, military forces and governments on multiple levels. This includes a promise by the US government to teach Mandarin Chinese to 1 million US children by 2020. The Chinese are also asking for more access to US high tech in exchange for continued funding of the US government. Talks on allowing further Chinese investment in the US real economy, though, were not concluded, indicating a power struggle continues.

There were also indications the power struggle inside the Washington D.C. establishment is not over. The Pentagon put pressure on Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to meet and reconcile with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. This was supposed to be followed up on in a meeting between Putin and Obama on the 28th. At this meeting, and at his UN speech, Obama reiterated Zionazi lies about the Ukraine, Syria, Libya and ISIS, making it clear he put more precedence on orders given to him by the Rothschilds than on Pentagon pressure for a US/Russian military alignment against Israel and China.

Getting back to the UN, there is still hope the entire meeting will not be written off as just an empty talking head festival. All the world’s top leaders speaking there agreed on the need for major action against environmental destruction and poverty.

Many also agreed on the need to develop new energy technology. For example, Putin, in his speech, said “We have to focus on introducing fundamental and new technologies,” hopefully meaning the Russian introduction of Tesla and other suppressed energy technology. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for his part, said “Our national plans are ambitious and purposeful: new capacity of 175 GW of renewable energy over the next seven years; energy efficiency; a tax on coal; a huge afforestation programme; reforming our transportation; and, cleaning up our cities and rivers.” There are also unconfirmed reports India is releasing suppressed energy technology.

The plans announced by the various world leaders at the UN would cost about $3 trillion a year to implement if they were serious about changing this planet. As the saying goes “money talks, BS walks” The big unanswered question remains: “will the new financial system, and the release of trillions upon trillions of dollars, be announced soon?” If that does not happen there will be revolution starting at the very top of the pyramid, according to the gnostic illuminati.

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