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The timely passing of the spending bill was a significant move prior to the 26th.

What is "actually" contained in the spending bill will benefit us all.

Everything officially released is scripted and already done or agreed upon behind the scenes.

The Petrodollar will be forgotten once oil starts trading in gold-backed Yuan by the 26th.

The end of the Petrodollar is the end of Cabal leverage in the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency will trigger the new financial system.

The RV was said to begin before the new financial system is triggered.

RV exchanges/redemptions will be processed through the new financial system's back screen rates via private appointment.

Your exchanged/redeemed funds will be in gold-backed Yuan or USN.

Withdrawal of these funds will temporarily be in your local fiat currency until the new financial system is officially triggered and all rates are reset.

Stay seated and enjoy the show.

Change is coming.




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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Judge Anna: FBI Assembling Death Squads in Oregon

Is The FBI Assembling Death Squads - A Commentary

By Anna Von Reitz

The following headline was published at the Common Sense Show website on Saturday the 23rd, 2016

The FBI Assembling Death Squads As They Bring In 200 Vehicles to Oregon

In a shocking development, the FBI has brought in over 200 vehicles to Burns,
Oregon. To those that know their history, it appears that Burns, Oregon will soon
become the next Waco. If I had family (i.e. women, children and the elderly), I
would have them leave the Burns, Oregon area as there is ready to be a good old
fashion military battleground. ......


I forwarded that to Judge Anna hoping she would write something, and this is what
she has sent back with instructions to make sure this goes viral and very quickly
before these agents get violent.

Notice to Pope Francis, the UN Security Council, Congress, and The World---
Round Seven: Karen Hudes/World Bank/IBRD/IMF:

There Is No “Interregnum”

23 January 2016

Everyone needs understand that our government is not in any “interregnum” as the
result of a governmental services corporation going bankrupt. 

That is a problem for the owners and operators of that corporation. It is not a
problem for the lawful sovereigns of this country. We are able and willing to appoint
new federal entities to act as our agents in the international venue and we have
done so.

This is the equivalent of dropping the employment contract of a criminal
housekeeper and hiring someone new to do the job. The IMF owned and
operated UNITED STATES is insolvent. It presumed upon us, stole our
identities, racked up our credit accounts to the moon --- and we have
repudiated the entire circumstance and the associated odious debts.

Everyone on Earth can plainly see that the sovereignty of this country is fully vested
in the unincorporated people and organic states and has never been vested in any
incorporated legal fiction entity at all. Ms. Hudes’ presumption that this country is in
any kind of “interregnum” is the height of self-interested wishful thinking.

The "federal government" with respect to us is a provider of government services
under contract, an association of states that has never been a sovereign government
with respect to us or our assets to begin with. 

If any form of "United States" is in interregnum, it is the euphemistically named
United States of America, Minor---- composed of the seven (7) Insular states and
the District of Columbia. 

It isn't the Continental United States and any confusion with us will be summarily
dealt with---most likely at the end of a rope for those promoting it. 

The sovereignty of our country has always been with the people and the
organic states on the land, not with any incorporated vessel in commerce.
Our country has never been bankrupt, hasn’t been at war in 150 years, and
we are not obligated to explain our actions or inactions.

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