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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The New Republic -- A Nation of America and Canada Combined?

Operation Disclosure
January 30, 2016

The New Republic... Does that possibly include Canada?

I've come to the theory that the New Republic may be entirely a new nation which includes America and Canada combined. How did I come to this theory? Let's find out.

The very many of us know that the united States of America has been corrupted and illegally usurped by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. that was fabricated by the Khazarian's. The corporate body governing our nation along with their masters, the Khazarian's are all responsible of horrendous crimes against humanity and our nation. They have been stealing and depriving We The People of their rights little by little for over a hundred years. This needs to end now.

Years ago, rumors of a New Republic and NESARA emerged on the internet. It was at first, amazing news to hear but over time nothing has happened. Ever since then more and more information about a "New Republic" has been emerging, especially recently. Now we have Judge Anna, a conduit of information regarding the New Republic.

First it was said that the New Republic was located in Colorado Springs. It was then apparently moved near Reno, Nevada. Recent information according to Judge Anna and other sources now confirm that the New Republic is located on an Indian Reservation, the Athabasca whose Chief is Michael Young. Judge Anna stated that Michael Young is her appointed trustworthy Peer and Business Agent.

Quoting Benjamin Fulford on this matter:

"The Athabascans are some of the purest blood first nations around. If you see their copper coloured skin you get the idea where the world "red Indian" came from.
Legally speaking (but not in terms of here now power) they have a legitimate claim that since they were here first they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the corporation."
Where is this Indian Reservation?

Any information regarding an "Athabasca" tribe says it is located in Alberta, Canada. So Canada, eh? Also hey, this is where Benjamin Fulford is from, coincidence? If this New Republic was supposedly fabricated to restore the Republic of the united States of America -- why is it located on an Indian Reservation in Canada? Well, there are two reasons for that. One being protection from the USA, INC. and the Khazarian's. Two, being that the New Republic is in-fact a whole new nation of both America and Canada and not a restoration of the united States of America.

Kevin Annett of the ITCCS has mentioned forming a new Canada and the fact that Canadians just elected an anti-Khazarian PM is another sign.

Justin Trudeau, the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada

The united States of America has been corrupted, lost to the dark side... There is no turning back. Before the American War of Independence began, a Continental government was formed which was independent from the current British government of the 13 colonies. Is history repeating itself? Instead of the 13 colonies, there will only be 2. The great nation of the united States of America will cease to exist. The remnants of it will be the original and organic Constitution and it will be brought forth to the New Republic. I believe Canadian's won't mind living under our organic Constitution.

It is on the horizon. A new nation to be born in fire once again... A nation where America and Canada are one -- the New Republic.

And to the US Military -- the time will come when you will be forced to take sides. What side will you choose, Light or Dark?

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