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The beginning of the end for the Petrodollar grows near.

China's gold-backed alternative to the Petrodollar launches on the 26th.

Oil will begin trading in Yuan and gold instead of fiat US Dollars and Treasuries.

This will result in the price of gold to increase.

It also marks the end of Cabal control over the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency and the major correction in the stock market will force all countries to ditch fiat currency and agree to a global gold-backed monetary system.

The worldwide consensus to a global gold-backed monetary system will result in the announcement of GESARA law.

The new quantum financial system will then officially come online and reset all currencies.

The RV is expected to release before these events occur.




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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Viruses can be used to Cure Disease

Hello, my name is Dr. Sam Chachoua. I am an Australian Medical Doctor registered around the world. England, Australia, Mexico, China, India and Comoros are among the places where my medical qualifications are honored and have kept me sufficiently busy over the past three decades.

In Australia and England, doctors have the qualification M. B. B. S., which is the same as the MD qualification enjoyed by American doctors. Doctors from America need to apply for a reciprocation exam to work in England and Australia and vice versa. I may one day choose to do that for America but the events of the past twenty years did not even allow that as a consideration.


These vaccines were created and tested over thirty years and have received registration in several countries around the world. They were used to eradicate both HIV and Chickungunya from the nation of Comoros. To this day, this remains the only nation to have zero incidence of death from AIDS. Nearly 800,000 people have been treated in that country alone with no recording of any serious side effects. Many of these vaccines have been extensively studied.


In the greatest experiment done by nature, millions of Mexicans have drunk goat milk infected with CAEV (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus). I followed people from a small village in Mexico who were infected with CAEV, and thousands more were studied by USC, not one developed AIDS over decades of follow-up.


Just like a cold will affect the nose and the flu the lungs, there are infections that will only infect cancer cells or other disease tissue. There are organisms that neutralize each other in nature, such as seen above in CAEV and HIV.

Even measles and mumps can interfere with AIDS and leukemia and other types of cancer. These common infections have been reported to give long lasting remissions from these ailments, but there are strains and infection types that are far more efficient than others. I had developed, isolated and enhanced a library of organisms that could be used to create vaccines and therapies to eradicate cancer and AIDS. The therapies achieved phenomenal success and when American celebrities were cured, Cedar Sinai Medical Center and UCLA sought me out to work with them with promises of FDA registration and the healing of mankind.

After reporting profound and exciting results, researchers at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, UCLA and USC decided to remove my name from the discoveries and publish them as their own. They denied knowing me in media attacks across the world, but worst, although they had stolen the technology, they decided not to release it. They did patent it, mind you, to stop others from copying it. For me, that was the final straw. I sued them in Federal Court and I won. The damage they had done, however, was irreversible. They had taken and destroyed all of the cultures they had promised to safe guard for me and told the world and the FDA that the in-vitro data that I had paid them to produce was fabricated.

This essentially destroyed any chances that I had to register with the FDA in America. Much of the data that I had asked them to produce was highly specific and could not be replicated without the original cultures, which they had destroyed. It has taken me over two decades to recreate many of my most effective treatments with a twist. In my urgency to bring back an effective therapy, I focused on DNA repair mechanisms. A lot of the anti-disease organisms were based on cases of spontaneous remission where cancer suddenly and mysteriously disappears, not even leaving scar tissue behind. These cases show that cancer is not a war. All cells can develop into cancer and all cells can be turned back into normal cells given the right stimulus and genetic correction. The idea of our own DNA repair being imperfect supersedes theories that cancer is a simple immune deficiency.

In illness, DNA repair must be compromised. Oncogenes for example, or an HIV genome, are readily accepted by the body as being part of the normal DNA. The body, therefore, does not attempt to correct it. It needs an outside DNA correction mechanism. These may come from microorganisms or from human or animal donors.


Whereas scientists focus on enzymes and other detailed repair mechanisms and whereas these do form part of this treatment, microbes have been battling for world domination for eons . This includes battling for their hosts. When measles or mumps or other viruses such as Newcastles or the goat arthritis virus, CAEV, wish to enter a human host, they must destroy whatever disease is preventing them from growing there efficiently. The right strains will therefore demolish viruses such as HIV or herpes and even change leukemic cells back to normal in order to grow happily inside healthy white blood cells.


The nemesis theory first postulated by me in 1980 was that – “for every disease there is an anti-disease organism capable of destroying it and restoring health.” It is not surprising therefore that every case of spontaneous remission investigated shows that cancer or AIDS or other disease may disappear miraculously even for a short period of time after infection with its nemesis.


The heavy science will be covered in follow up publications on this web site. Just be aware that the basics were already investigated by UCLA and Cedars Sinai Medical Center and found to be dramatically effective.

1.) Biological lytic and apoptosis agents are used to destroy disease cells and organisms.

2.) Vaccines made from Nemesis Organisms TM are used to optimize the above process and protect cells and tissues that have not been corrupted by disease (this essentially stops metastasis in cancer and prevents HIV from being able to progress). These vaccines also contain DNA correction enzymes that enables disease removal from our genetic blueprint. This process is both enzymatic and immunologic.

3.) In most disease cases the immune system is exhausted and a fresh younger version is supplied from a bank or from children of the ill person. This can be more than just a younger fresher system. For example, if the measles or mumps are used to tag and attack cancer, and blood from children recently vaccinated against measles and mumps is used, then the immune response from the children will directly attack any cancer cells carrying the measles or the mumps virus.

This system, described as profound and exciting by Cedar Sinai Medical Center and UCLA, showed that the blood transfusions from children were an effective treatment for cancer and without side effects.

This therapy can be made available legally in California and other states that practice the Freedom of Health Act because the therapy and protocols are approved treatments in overseas countries and can be readily brought in by patients who need them.

The blood transfusion technology is completely within FDA guidelines and investigational new drug (IND) applications are being made with the FDA to allow this treatment to be practiced throughout the United States.

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