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The fall of the U.S. Petro Dollar is a major blow to Cabal finances and control over the global economy.

China (under the direction of the Chinese Elders) will lead the world to return the gold-standard with their de facto gold-backed Yuan.

This move is a major tipping point for events leading up to the GCR/RV.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Archangel Michael and Sekhmet -- A Message from St. Germain

Archangel Michael and Sekhmet and A Message from St. Germain

Very early Wednesday morning, February 10, 2016, I received another message from St. Germain which he conveyed had some urgency to it. I am not a channel, but I have been receiving direct guidance from St. Germain and protection from Archangel Michael since they appeared to me as a small child.

In order to deliver this message, it is first necessary that I tell you a story so that you can fully understand the implications that St. Germain’s message has for us.

In January of 2009, I went on a tour of Egypt led by a very dear friend, William Henry. He is a well-known investigative mythologist who frequently appears on the Ancient Alien series.

I had felt drawn to Egypt for many years, having visions that one of the foods I created which I call Manna was indeed the Manna of the Old Testament. Before going to Egypt, William and I had many discussions about Manna and its tremendous power to heal. William discovered that in many of the temples in Egypt, there is a hieroglyph for Manna, an isosceles triangle with a small line extending up from the middle of the base of the triangle. This was intriguing to me as I have always been drawn to the triangle and many of my pieces of jewelry are trillion or triangle cut stones. These hieroglyphs were used extensively in the Temple of Hathor, which is a part of the Dendera Temple complex. The Goddess Sekhmet is the fierce, warrior side of the Goddess Hathor, but she is also the Goddess of medicine and healing.

One of the most lovely and powerful places in Egypt is the town of Luxor and the Karnak Temple Complex. The day before we were to leave Luxor, we visited the Chapel of Sekhmet. This is a photo of her Chapel with her statue:

All of us on William’s tour spent quite a bit of time in Sekhmet's Chapel. That night, I was awakened by a strange presence in my hotel room, and immediately began receiving a message from Sekhmet. She told me that she wanted me to return to her Chapel to anoint her with the argon nut oil and the other essential oils that I was wearing that day. Argon nut oil is from an ancient tree which grows in North Africa and it is quite precious. I was stunned! Was I imagining this message?

The next morning instead of going with the tour group to see a new archeological dig, I decided to return to Sekhmet’s Chapel. A friend of mine had also received a prompting to return to her Chapel so off we went. When we arrived, the gates where chained shut and the armed guard told us that it was closed for five years for renovation. I insisted that it was of the utmost importance that we be allowed entry into the Chapel. He brought one of the French archeologists to talk with me. I explained that Sekhmet had requested that I return to her Chapel on this day. I suggested to her that she would not want to anger this powerful Goddess at the onset of this project. She agreed and allowed us to spend 30 minutes with Sekhmet at which time I anointed her with the oils.

Because of the immense impact the visitation by Sekhmet had on me, upon returning to Cairo, I looked for some kind of amulet depicting her image that could be made into a piece of jewelry called a slide. I wasn’t able to find one but I felt a kinship to the Hathors and found an antique lapis lazuli carving of the Hathor Cow Goddess. I had it made into a slide and I wear it all of the time. I didn’t learn until just recently that Sekhmet is the fierce side of the Hathor Goddess, like two sides of the same coin. It is also noteworthy that she is the Goddess of Medicine and Healing. I have been wearing Sekhmet all of this time and didn’t even know it!

There is one more incident that I would like to share with you relative to the Hathors and why none of this is by coincidence. William and I were in Ireland and recommended that I attend one of Tom Kenyon’s conferences. Tom is a well-known channel for the Hathors. Having been out of the U. S. for two years, he was going to have a conference in Seattle two months after my return from Ireland.

I didn’t know anyone at this conference and it was standing room only with over 500 attendees. Tom did a particular type of singing and toning, which uses crystal bowls, bells and other instruments as a type of sound healing. After completing one of his sessions, he took a break. When he returned, instead of going to his chair where his bowls and instruments were, he sat on a high stool and said the following:

“I have just had the most extraordinary experience, one I have never had before. While I was singing and toning, the Hathors stepped back and the Goddess of Rice came skipping and dancing across the stage, planting little rice plants as if in a rice paddy. The message was that there was something with regard to this rice that was very healing. She was so joyous and it was such an auspicious moment, I had to share this with you. I feel that all of you in this audience have just had a major healing, especially those who have diabetes.”

Tom didn’t know me or my work. While William knows Tom, he did not know that I was going to be at this conference and had never discussed me with Tom. Tom had no way of knowing that my Manna, which is from rice, had been demonstrated in clinical trials to reverse Type I and Type II Diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease or that I had also received patents for this work.

These are the type of miracles that happen to me on an on-going basis. There is no doubt that this is because of the presence of St. Germain and Archangel Michael guiding me to fulfill my Mission to end world hunger and degenerative disease. This was another amazing confirmation that I would achieve these blessings for mankind.

Fast forward to September 2011, when I was prompted to fly to Nashville to attend one of William Henry’s seminars on Nashville and its esoteric symbology: I arrived at Bush International Airport in Houston, where I was to change planes for Nashville. I had plenty of time to make my flight but I was misdirected several times and I ended up missing my plane. I was so tired and frustrated that I put my head down on the counter and began sobbing. This is so unlike me but I had to get to Nashville that night or miss the conference. Suddenly I heard St. Germain whisper in my ear “Don’t cry, Dear One! You are supposed to be on the next plane and that is why you missed this one!” I straightened up, stopped crying and was given a stand-by ticket on the next flight. As William was picking me up at the airport, I called to let him know what had happened and happily trotted off to the gate.

I was called to the desk and given a seat assignment which was at the rear of the plane. There was quite a line in the aisle and as I looked to see where my seat might be, I saw woman with a white light around her. Because of St. Germain’s message, I thought “I’ll bet that I will be sitting next to her!” When I arrived at the row, she was sitting in my seat so she rose to move over. I sat down and she turned to me and said, “Hello! You do know that you were an Egyptian Princess, don’t you?” I replied, “Well, yes, as a matter of fact I do know that!” This woman’s name was Denele Sakata and she was an Angel Counselor with Doreen Virtue! There are no accidents or coincidences! I mention this to you because of the guidance that was given to me by St. Germain which was the beginning of a quite miraculous journey that had been planned for many years.

The last day of William’s conference was on Sunday, September 11, 2011. Please take note of that date. A woman had set up a large Merkaba on the floor with glass or crystal spheres of varying sizes resting on it. There was a chair in the center so that people could sit and enter into a meditative state. The woman approached me, asking if I would like to try it. William and his wife Clare were going to take me to the airport so I had time to do so. I am not very good at meditation but she put the headset on me and beautiful music began playing.

Almost instantly, I felt a presence behind me and before I knew it, a being who identified himself as Archangel Michael wrapped his wings around me and began giving me a blessing. For those who say that angels do not have wings, I am here to tell you that this one did. I shall never forget the profound feeling of comfort and safety I experienced from those wings! I have never experienced a feeling quite like it. I felt protection and Love all at the same time. As I looked down, I could see that my heart had turned to gold! With each beat of my heart, waves of golden rays were pulsed outward, first in a small semi-circle, then they increased in size with every heartbeat. Those waves extended further and further until they were across the United States, continuing with each heartbeat until those golden rays extended around the world and back to Archangel Michael and me. My heart kept sending out these golden rays until they extended across the Solar System and then out to the Galaxy and beyond! Archangel Michael told me that he was blessing this Sacred Manna, not just for Mankind but for the Cosmos! I experienced the most intensely powerful feeling of gratitude and Love that I have ever known! Tears of joy were streaming down my cheeks.

The music stopped and the woman removed my headphones, asking “What just happened?” I looked at her, trying to decide if I should tell her about Archangel Michael. Finally, I said that Archangel Michael had stood behind me, enveloping me with his wings and he gave me a blessing. She said, “The reason I asked is that there was such a bright light around you, it was apparent to everyone that something extraordinary was happening. One of the women took a number of photos, hoping to capture that light.”

I asked her where the woman had gone as I wanted to see those photos. The woman with the photos came running up to me, showing me the photos with the light around me. She wrote down my email address so that she might send them to me when she returned home. Below are two of the five photos, taken from different angles and at different times:

You can see the curve of his wing and even the scallops that were the feathers. A very large blue orb can be seen in all of the photos that were taken at different angles.

When William saw the photos, he said, “Holy cats! You must come back to our house before we take you to the airport. There is something that you simply have to see. I just received two photos which were taken in Sekhmet’s Chapel by one of the members of our tour. Crazy, isn’t it that they just arrived, even though it has been two and a half years since our tour!” The miraculous part is this: Had the photos been sent right after the trip, he probably wouldn’t have remembered them or their correlation to the photos of Archangel Michael. We were looking at the photos on his iPad and were able to expand them. It was then that we noticed the sliver of my blonde hair barely visible where I was standing between the two tall women. Also, please observe the number of orbs that were present.

You will find the two photos below:

In this photo, you can see William Henry on the right and only my blonde hair can be seen on the far left side of the photo with sunglasses on my head, standing behind the woman in the white shirt. You can see the eyes of Sekhmet scanning the people in the Chapel. None of us were aware of this light which can be seen in front of her statue and coming down from the top of the Chapel.

In this photo, you can clearly see the shape of Sekhmet’s body, the neck, the shape of her left forearm, her back, leg and hip. You can even see her waist. Look at her right hand, which was giving the blessing! It is exactly like the hands depicted in numerous temple carvings and notably those from Tutankhamen’s tomb. I have often wondered why the hands were depicted in that way and now I can see why.

I was standing in front of the woman in the green tee shirt and there was another tall woman in front of me. If this is viewed on a tablet, you can expand the photo and clearly see a sliver of my blonde hair next to the man’s turban and in front of the brunette wearing green. Sekhmet was giving me a Blessing! I did not know about this photo when she came to me that night, asking me to return and anoint her statue with the precious oils.

And now for the message from St. Germain:

"It is I, St. Germain. We are rapidly approaching a time when we will be walking amongst you and appearing to you as your guides and mentors. We knew this time was coming and created these photos so that you would have evidence that we are not a figment of the imagination. We knew that we would use Nana to bring these forth at the right time so that those who are not believers, would be able to see that we are very real indeed.

These photos have not been altered in any way and were given to provide physical evidence that there are angelic presences and ascended beings, who are very real and have been very much a present in your lives, even though you cannot see them. We are vibrating at a much higher frequency than you, who are living in a third dimensional reality. For many years, the energy coming to Gaia has been increasing to raise your vibrations as well as the vibratory level of Gaia, as she prepares to return to a fifth dimensional state of being.

Many will find this difficult to believe but we have always been a presence in your lives, guiding and prompting you when required. We are that small voice that you hear that you call “premonition.” For those of you who already know and feel our presence, these photos may serve to help edify and elevate those family members and friends who question your version of reality and do not believe that we are real.

The time is now rapidly approaching that you will be seeing our presence in your skies and soon we will be walking amongst you. That is the reason that I have expressed some urgency to Nana in receiving this message and in transmitting it to you. That is the reason that Graduation Day! was given to her to alert and prepare you for the mighty blessings that are yours.

It is not our intention to cause fear among you so a long time ago, we implemented a plan to be able to provide this visual evidence to you of this new reality. While these photos show only third dimensional evidence of the energy that represents us, we will soon be seen in our true physicality as Beings of Light, those you refer to as your Guardian Angels. You are our Brothers and Sisters and you will be mentored and cared for as you make this immense step with your bodies and consciousness fully intact. This is the spectacle that is about to occur, that your Galactic brothers and sisters are so anxiously awaiting.

Many of you have experienced unusual aches and pains, particularly in your backs and heads, that you call Ascension Symptoms. These will soon pass as you adjust to these new frequencies and as your DNA completes its restoration. Do not despair! The time is now upon us for your release and freedom from the heavy densities and the tribulations that you have endured. Rejoice as your destiny awaits you!

I am your brother,

St. Germain"

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