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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gordon Duff of VT Gets Put Down over Oregon Standoff

The Comment:

It is sad that pieces of such a magnatude of falsefied and exaggerated garbage such as this is allowed to be printed. It really makes one thing that you are nothing more than a Government propaganda stool. You have so many inaccuracies that you shold be ashamed of yourself for such garbage reporting. Your facts are totally, in fact I would bet that you never bothered to get off your warm fat chair to go there in person to see for yourself the reality or the truth. Instead you listened to the mainstream lies and mis-characterization of the situation. For example you did not mention the history of the BLM roading away at the Hammond ranch, you did not mention that what the Hammonds were charged and placed into jail for was exactly the same thing that the BLM has done illegally for decades. You did not mention the fact that when forced into bankrupcy that the BLM has forced first rights to buy their property. You did not mention that Harney County used to have the second highest income per capata until the private corporation called the BLM and the Forrestry Services stole millions of acres from the prosperous ranchers... you did not mention that Harney county is not the second lowest income county in Oregon thanks to the unconstutional stealing of the land. You did not mention that the FEDS has stolen 72% of the land in that conty alone and are planning to take 2.5 million acres in surrounding counties. You did not mention that there is no... I REPEAT NO constututional authorty for the actual existance of the FBI, the BLM, the Forestry Service in their corporate existance or owning/taking any land from any Sovereign State.. You have not mentioned that the so called FBI/Blackwater mercenaries pre-planned the ambush and was probably planning to kill everybody, you don't mention the military tactics used in the ambush, you do not mention how the full video has not been released but only an edited version of wht they ant you to see, you do not mention how the people in the trucks did not fire one shot in return yet the truck was filled with bullet holes, you did not mention hhow there was no ambuland or medical personal on hand... like they knew none of their own people would be harmed because those in the truck were unarmed, you did not mention how the truck is now in police impound and covered so as not to show the truth of how they riddled it with bullets. You are not telling how these forces have entered a city of Oregon a sovereign state and occupied the city and terrorized the people, you did not mention how peaceful the militia were and how they would go around digging our fire hydrants from the snot when they got a severe snow storm, you did not mention how the people wanted the FBI terrorizing to stop and for them to leave the city. You did not mention that the Gov, Kate Brown, born in Spain and a close friend of Hillary Clinton endorced the violent takeover of Burns Oregon and the Killing of those that peacefully occupied an empty structure. You did not mention how the people could come and go freely at the refuge and the people were treated with respect by the militia. You did not mention that Oregon is an open carry state and everybody in Eastern Oregon does carry their guns as is their right as Americans. This does not make for a so called "Armed Takeover" as there was nobody there to take it over from. In fact the BLM people left the facilites filty and trashed and the Militia cleaned it up for them...

So let me put this delecately... it is obvious that you have your head so far up your nether regions that you cannot be honest, you cannot be self responsible, you cannot be truthful, you cannot get of your chair and you report based upon your apparent ignorance and and how shall I say it ... stupidity?

The sad part is that some people actually believe your lies and dis-informational twist...

Yes, this is about our freedom, it is about the over-reaching and unconstitutional land grab by the government, it is about the right to deal with issues locally, it is about the Constitution and the corrupt Federal Corporation and the corrupt Govoners office/politicians/lawyers stealing the wealth of the land. America has been comatose for long enough.. it is time to wake up and restore land jurisdiction away for the Lawyers Guild owned Statutory Sea Jurisdiction. It is time to quit toppeling countries all over the world because of political greed... Americans do not want this from our Country. We do not want our sons and daughters sent to free the muslim radicale to rape and pillage... we do not approve of Obama or any part of our corporate government to build up ISIS, to bring in illegal hordes by the millions destroying our birthright and our heartage and our country. We do not want our police turned into a military force that beats and kills our own people, especially our black brothers.

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