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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Why are the Ascended Masters Helping America so much?

By hebiam

February 4, 2016

This post is not for people who do not believe and that is one of the reasons the spiritual section was created. If you don't believe it, don't make arrogant remarks about what others do believe. The Ascended Masters are beings who were once living people, just as we are now, and who have ascended from death, and removing themselves from the wheel of birth and death forever. They have gained the freedom and victory of limitation of this 3D world of illusion. They are doing everything under the law to help America. This message was from the Divine Director who had taught Saint Germain, Jesus and Kathumi to gain their victory...

Do you think We forget the rest of the World in This Service to America, when there is no race nor nation to Us? Then, why do We urge you, to call and give This Service to America? Because America is the "Cup of Light" to the Earth. The Law, the Great Cosmic Law compels It to be so! It is not anyone's particular desire; but because it is so, We must first render This Service and Assistance to America, then This Light expands and the rest of the World may be Free!

It has already been written that America is a heavenly word, and a word that belongs to the "I AM". The "I AM" is the two words we are to refer to as the Godhead, and we are never, ever to follow these two words with a negative expression or feeling, for we will bring that negativity and quality called by us into our lives. We were promised that one day we shall know the true meaning of the word "America." Things do not just happen. All is under a great divine law. Since December 2, 1939, by the Great Cosmic Law the Divine Director as authority of this law set into motion that as soon as individuals pass out of the body, they are taken out of the atmosphere of earth immediately. Never in the history of humanity had this dispensation been given and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of disencarnated bodies would be caught in the atmosphere and could not pass over. Discord permeated everything in the realms they existed in. This is why the astral and psychic planes were dissolved and now do not exist. We are living in a time now where every assistance in the universe is being given to us to evolve. The entire galactic force surrounding Mother Gaia/Terra has set their eyes of holding up America because she is the brainchild of Prime Creator, from her constitution to the very people who have migrated here from across the globe. This is why the Chinese Elders are holding up America and have always given our country vast sums of money to maintain our light to the world. It is because they are highly spiritual beings and know this truth that America is the light of the world.

Today, with the aide of the galactics and every sacred society our New Republic has gleaned every piece of information concerning the corruption of our government and soon the republic will move in our behalf; swift and sure. This, too, has been seen and planned by Creator, for ascended masters have incarnated in every high place of office to reveal this corruption. Now, stand in awe as the pandemonium of hell passes before you in revue. See how the mighty will fall. It's unavoidable.

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