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- All events are falling into place as planned.

- Zimbabwe is immensely rich in gold and rare earth elements which is already backing the country's currency under the new quantum financial system.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Proof LaVoy Finicum was Not Reaching for a Weapon

PROOF: LaVoy Finicum was not reaching for a weapon

Lame Cherry
Mar 23, 2016

In the continuing series exposing the cover up and lies in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, we return to the Ruger 9 mm pistol which the police state says was found in his jacket pocket.

Everyone has seen the evidence released in the drone footage, so there is no doubt that LaVoy Finicum touched his hip area, but there is damning evidence in not one officer on scene mentioned witnessing seeing this handgun, even when the FBI was involved in moving the body, to the extent that a mushroomed 5.56 mm bullet fell out of Mr. Finicum's shirt as the FBI was searching the body for exit wounds.

In the above, Deschutes County evidence log, and where the LaVoy Finicum items were located, we find a damning scene of the FBI or Oregon State Police were throwing Mr. Finicum's hat, and scattering objects found on his body from a pen, eye glasses, cell phone, some distance from the body in the snow, which is something bizarre as items become lost in the snow.

What is particularly damning though is the following ITEM F, which lists the Ruger 9 mm, found in the vicinity of the body and listed in LEFT FRONT JACKET POCKET.

The drone video clearly shows Mr. Finicum reaching for his side, not his left front breast. We know from the Oregon State Police that both officers in hysterical vision had Mr. Finicum digging in his pocket, which he never did, but again it was at his side.

That is the damning evidence that LaVoy Finicum was never reaching for any weapon on his side, because the chain of evidence lists that weapon in his left front INSIDE pocket by his breast, and that weapon was under a buttoned up coat, if not a zipped up coat covering it too.

The entire official story, backed by drone footage, now proves that the police state was lying.

Added to this is the fact that, David John Oates in Reverse Speech captured Mr. Finicum telling Oregon State Police "I HAVE NO WEAPON".

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