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The timely passing of the spending bill was a significant move prior to the 26th.

What is "actually" contained in the spending bill will benefit us all.

Everything officially released is scripted and already done or agreed upon behind the scenes.

The Petrodollar will be forgotten once oil starts trading in gold-backed Yuan by the 26th.

The end of the Petrodollar is the end of Cabal leverage in the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency will trigger the new financial system.

The RV was said to begin before the new financial system is triggered.

RV exchanges/redemptions will be processed through the new financial system's back screen rates via private appointment.

Your exchanged/redeemed funds will be in gold-backed Yuan or USN.

Withdrawal of these funds will temporarily be in your local fiat currency until the new financial system is officially triggered and all rates are reset.

Stay seated and enjoy the show.

Change is coming.




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Friday, March 11, 2016

Understanding the Wild Stuff Going on, or Not Going on

First seen at Dinar Chronicles:

Understanding the WILD stuff going on, or not going on as it were....

First, we are getting Miss-Information from both the bad guys and the good guys.

The Bad Guys Dis-Information:

The nature of the bad guy's information is of loss of hope, and fear.

These messages state things like the RV will never happen, or will happen months or years from now.

They want you to lose hope about it, cash in your currencies and at the very least stop buying any more, and stop telling others about it.

When you read information that sounds like it it is not happening any time soon if ever, that is bad guy's information.

The Good Guy's Dis-Information:

The nature of the good's guy's disinformation is to fake out the bad guys so they will make a move or as a trial balloon.

The last time this global reset was going to happen, was September 12, 2001. The date was clearly set so far in advance that the bad guys were able to plan a hugely destructive event on Sep 11, 2001 (9/11) the day before which derailed the entire event for nearly 15 years.

So, now, there is no way we will know the exact date until it is already going and done. There will be no advance warning to the bad guys.

With that said, the good guys have clearly and deliberately tricked us into believing that it would happen on a certain date with all the lintel providers so that the bad guys would think so as well. No doubt you have heard about some of these which turned out to be "Sting" operations. They tricked the bad guys into action and they were then caught. If they had done the same thing 15 years ago, they may have been able to figure out what the bad guys were planning. Personally, I don't think that they had any idea how far they would go to stop it, but, they do now and they are being VERY Cautious this time, to be sure it doesn't happen again.

So, sorry for all the false calls on dates, but, in the long run, it saves the RV and lives as well.

The "Trial" Balloon:

The trial balloon is where an idea is floated out into the public as news before it actually happens just to see how people will react to it. This goes back as far as civilization does. If the public or target audience likes the idea, it will be clear or if they don;t you will know BEFORE doing it. Often, the news is presented as already done/true so that they can get the best feed back about it. The truest response.

I heard the story about "Led Zeppelin" name cam from a reference to a review of their music as "Going over like a led zeppelin(Balloon)" In short it wasn't liked at first.

So I think that the White House info may have been a "Trial Balloon" to see if that type of transition of power "would Work." I don't know. With most dis-information some of it is true and some is not.

Where are We Now... Really?:

For sure we are closer than we have ever been. Non-Intel people in the project funding side have said they are actually getting their money, which is a very good sign. It seems that the sources of currency are drying up and becoming hard to get, that is a good sign. The banks are on high alert which has happened many times over the last two years. However that is a good tool because they keep bringing in their people over and over again, and then, one day they bring them in and it really happens.

It would be so easy if it wasn't a secret from the rest of the World, it didn't involve 210 countries, and there wasn't bad guys that were trying to stop it from happening who were willing to kill people to prevent it.

But it is secret, involves 210 countries and is a fight.

We will eventually know what was really true and what really happened after this is all over. But until then, we can only ride this wild roller coaster knowing that when it comes to a stop, we will be in the bank getting our money. For now, we are still on the ride.

My Thoughts:

I really think that it will happen this weekend. The Most dis-information always comes at the end when it really matters and boy are we being barraged by misinformation right now. I think As soon as we (and the bad guys) are burned out about the date and time, it will happen. When least expected.

Now... On with the show!!!!

Signed: "One Who Believes"

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