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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Warning to All Keepers of the Royal Assets from Kameran Faily

WARNING To ALL Keepers of The Royal Assets - from Kameran Faily, 21 March 2016

The following message is publicly disseminated with the conscious intent to initiate permanent and lasting global denuclearization:

A link to this forum thread was posted to

WARNING To ALL Keepers of The Royal Assets.pdf


It is good to hear from you and pray that you and your loved ones are well and in good health.

In answer to your email, I am hereby attaching the document detailing the “WARNING To ALL Keepers of The Royal Assets, Global Circular 21st March 2016”. You are welcome to publish this document but ensure that all email addresses are not included.


From: Redstar Kachina
Sent: 20 March 2016 00:35
To: Kameran F
Subject: RE: Erdogan needs to go


By now, your comments would have been forwarded to Erdogan’s network through clandestine channels, coupled with guidance that should keep him in check.

By the manner in which current events are unfolding, I suspect that U.S. power brokers will continue to play a subordinate role to the European elite through the implementation of a comprehensive Middle East peace agreement.


From: Kameran F
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 11:25 AM
To: Redstar Kachina
Subject: Fwd: Erdogan needs to go


Thank you for sending this email and reaching out to me to see if a resolution can be made regarding Turkey's obvious expansionist moves that is currently taking place. I am happy to put in my 2 cents' worth in the ring.

We as a family have a very close link to what is taking place in Iraq and the surrounding region, for we are advising both the Iraqi Central Government and the Kurdish KRG leadership, as well as managing the funds of some sides of the Kurds and I personally am looking into this by advising The Royal Families who own the original title deed of the whole region and who are concerned about the situation at hand.

Before going further we need to understand the possible true motives of the Turkish incursion into it's southern neighbour Iraq going into or close to the Autonomous Kurdish KRG region.

Turkey's excuse is that they are after clearing out ISIS from the region. Then I would suggest that they clear out ISIS offices from Ankara and Istanbul first, then remove their bases in the south of Turkey, then stopping the logistic support it gives to ISIS that is creating all this mayhem, then stop the heads of its government from trading in stolen oil that ISIS takes from Iraq and Syria, then stops interfering in Syria and Iraq internal affairs, then try to coordinate with Syrian and Iraqi governments over the matter, then use the international protocols of lodging its concerns in the UN over it's legitimate concerns regarding Turkish sovereignty and it's citizen's safety. only then and after exhausting all of that, does Turkey has a semblance of a legitimate excuse to use its armed forces in the conflict the way it is doing now by invading a sovereign country next door.

As far as the Kurds are concerned, Turkey is using its heavy hand and brutal ways in preventing it from acquiring its long aspired independence and the continued suppression of the Kurds in both Turkey and outside. They have the legitimate claim that Turkey is returning to using it's medieval way of suppressing freedom as well as it's expansionist policies.

The Syrians see the Turkish involvement in the whole region as San agreed plan of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with the Zionist Israelis, to carve out the region between them with Turkey claiming back to resurrect the Ottoman Empire again headed by (MB). With Syria and a portion of Iraq as the Turkish bounty and the remainder as that of the Greater Israel plan.

As far as the Iraqis are concerned, Turkey has always had it's eyes on the northern oilfields of Iraq, with the excuse that it is trying to protect the Turkman minority in that land and has to use brutal force to achieve those right to this minority even if it means destroying the whole region. This is why the Iraqi claim that the suppression of water flow into Iraq's two major rivers that are sourced from the Kurdish regions in south of a Turkey, this power play with this precious water resource is what a Turkey has been playing at for decades now against Iraq.

Now this is how it could be viewed by the Royal Families: the Ancient Royal Families have ancient assets and treasures that they have scattered all over the planet. These assets are held back by The Royals in perpetration and have registered them with the Galactic councils. These are in readiness to ET Disclosure and the opening the doors of the different Galactic Councils to let Earth humanity into their fold. This then required eons of perpetration and planning and part of what is known as "The Mandate From Heave" to The Royal Families.

It looks like it started by the United States invasion of Iraq and the reported constant attempts by them to access those assets, that are held in safe custody for the future of Humanity. This agenda was pushed by the Zionist Bush Cabal. It also looks like the Zionist on the Israeli side are doing their best to help this traitorous act against the Royal assets. The heavenly defences around the assets made all their plans go to naught.

Now - it seems - that the Zionist side are pushing their stooges in the Turkish government to go after these ancient assets and do their bidding.

The actions of Turkey are now under great scrutiny. If it looks as though they have this agenda, then things will not pan out well for all the parties involved. A foolish act like that might be their last. Time will tell what the path that different parties have chosen.
You are welcome to publish this, but please remove the email address from being published.

Best Regards

From: Redstar Kachina
Sent: Saturday, January 9, 2016 3:07 PM
Subject: Erdogan needs to go


Your email was found on the Project Camelot web site. The purpose of this message is to seek resolution with Turkey’s Erdogan. Once he realizes that he won’t get his Ottoman Empire (as promised…), he’ll take revenge on the United States, resulting in the very sort of nuclear event that the Europeans wish to avoid, as suggested by their message through you during one of your recent interviews. Jim Woolsey was out there back in August trying to sort things out, but to no avail, apparently.

Suggestions welcome…


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