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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why the Marathon Bombing is Classed as a False Flag

Why the Marathon Bombing Should Be Classed As a False Flag

By Mary W Maxwell

This is a crash course in “Marathon” for those who need to tell their Uncle Dennis the score, in 2,000 words or less.

Dear Uncle Dennis, Since around 1970, the governments of this world -- in cahoots with one another! -- have been making a joke of people by staging disaster-events and then blaming either a mental-case-gunman or a Muslim bomber.

1. The big one was 9-11. In that case the very audacity of knocking down skyscrapers in broad daylight was the key to fooling people – no one could ever believe the US government was behind it.

2. By the time April 15, 2013 came around, many “conspiracy theorists” on the Internet (including scientists) had made a list of what to look for. The formula is simple. For any lone nut gunman, they show that he was recently hurt by a girlfriend, a job loss, or something, and that just he loves guns.

3. On the day of the event, he usually kills a family member (!) -- thus taking that person out of circulation for the court case -- and opens fire in a crowded place. Typically he then suicides or escapes. If the latter, we hear the media play up the danger posed by this man. The formula may include a carjacking.

4. Uncle Dennis, are you with me so far? I know you will be skeptical of the fact that political leaders would go along with meaningless violence. Well, they think it’s meaningful. They want all of us to shut up so we won’t challenge the dictatorship their masters are imposing on us. See?

5. Terrorist attacks give people an unspecified sense of apprehension. So we start to concentrate on immediate selfish needs; this destroys community. It also “allows” Congress to pass laws that invade privacy, as we don’t want terrorists running amok.

6. Look at the Boston event. A city-full of people who respect the Constitution (at least the older folks), were mostly willing to be put into “lockdown” for a day, on the grounds that a 19-year-old bomber was missing!

7. Worse, military-looking police did house-to-house searches, treating the householders with utter disrespect. Such a thing conditions onlookers to believe that now it is normal to ignore the Constitution. Since 2013, lockdowns have become common. Yes.

8. I hear you saying “But maybe the Tsarnaev brothers really were terrorists.” Sure, anything is possible. I agree that it could have happened like media said (but we’d need proof) and you will please give my version a fair listen. (I have some proof!)

9. In a general way, I can tell you that various markers tend to appear at a false flag event. One is that there is an official drill scheduled to happen at the same place that day. A “drill” is a practice session for cops and medics. Boston had a drill.

10. Another thing we often see is an unbelievably rapid coverage by the media. They are there when it happens -- of course at a Marathon they would be there -- and they seem to interview bystanders (but these could be from Central Casting).

11. Media also is quick to supply information about the bombers, their family, their bad habits, their beliefs. This can be entirely made up to suit the needs. Needs? As I said, the whole affair, which occurs in many countries almost identically, results in the powerful pushing democratic protections out of the way. Quel coup.

12. Uncle Dennis, think about it. If you were a ruler who felt threatened, what means are available to you to stave off the day of reckoning when people will kick you out of office and maybe even murder you? Think fast! The people are coming!

13. Back to my list. Two of the most basic human instincts are to adore authority and to hate foreigners. Note how the media get right in there making heroes of cops, firemen, the mayor -- anyone who can play “Daddy” in a time of crisis. The media play on our emotional comfort of being looked after.

14. As for the foreign element, remember when it was “the Russians”? At the moment it is “the Muslims.” They are a particularly handy group as they wear a distinctive costume. So many times we’ve been told – and we fell for it – that the cause of a violent event must be radical fundamentalists wanting to put their system into place. Does that make any sense?

15. The Marathon was a good target. Like the Olympics it is wholesome family fun, celebrating strength and endurance. I said a goal is to cause everyone apprehension (including when you send your 8-year-old off to school in the morning). Even a very general, low-lying fear suffices to suppress clear thinking.

16. The two boys chosen as patsies already had experience as FBI informants. This means they did what they were told, such as “Go to the tavern and compile a list of who’s drinking what.” Maybe “Go to a public event wearing a red hat so our men can contact you.” Tamerlan was likely an FBI pawn.

17. Uncle Dennis, see how the FBI lied at first -- and then they had to admit it. They went on TV for 3 days after the bombing saying they hadn’t a clue who did it. As soon as they put up the photos of “Bomber 1 and 2,” the mother complained that she had been contacted by the FBI many times about her son.

18. The next thing you know, it is said that they went and killed a cop. Why? To get his gun. Wow. Who would be so stupid? Is there any proof the brothers killed that MIT cop, Sean Collier? Now here is where I have to tell you that courts are no longer what they used to be. The Boston court showed a ridiculous video, taken from far away, of two men. No person with fabulous eyesight could say who the two men are. And it’s in the dark.

19. Nevertheless, the prosecutor and the judge speak as though they are looking at “evidence.” Surely the defendant’s lawyer is there to challenge this? No. She is silent. She has been appointed by government and works for the prosecution. Or so it appears. She does not even cross-examine dubious witnesses. You’d hate to be the accused, so unprotected!

20. One witness was Nathan Harman. People read in the paper that he eye-witnessed the killing of Collier, right? All Nathan claims is that he rode by on his bike in the dark and did not stop or slow down. He saw a man leaning into Collier’s driver-side door, but did not see violence or hear cries or gunshots. Unc, would you call that “witnessing a killing”?

21. I should have mentioned another witness, Jeff Bauman. He says that before the bombs went off, he saw Tamerlan Tsarnaev (in the crowd) who “locked eyes” with him. I cannot think why Tamerlan, if guilty, would lock eyes with any person.

22. Have you heard of any other witness? Any person who could have pinned down the suspect for us? Yes. Everyone heard, back in April 2013, that a Chinese student went to the media, but did not want to give his name (at the trial it was announced as Dun Meng, nickname Danny). He helped us by saying that he was carjacked.

23. Let me tell you. He was worth his weight in gold (I can’t be sure he was a paid witness, but such things do exist). He wrapped up two big elements of the story. He said that Tamerlan volunteered the information that he killed a cop, and that he had done the Marathon bombing! (Maybe Tamerlan confessed as a brag?) Without this there would be no case.

24. Oh Uncle, I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking “Who needs Danny? There were photos of Jahar [the younger Tsarnaev bro whose real name is Dzhokhar] taken right near the 8-year-old boy who died. Well, that’s true. Jahar is in the picture. He is carrying a grey or white backpack.

25. Bingo! The alleged weapon that caused all the amputations was located in a black backpack. The FBI boldly displays the offending black (very tattered from the explosion) backpack. So that clears Jahar, right? No, in the new game, where the court does not question the facts, black is, how you say, white.

26. The government also said it had a video of Jahar laying his backpack on the ground. And that we did not need to see that video. If you were a juror, would you do the right thing and decide right then and there that the case is phony? How can the all-important evidence not be presented? Mind-boggling.

27. OK, are you ready? I am now gong to “take you to” the place where they not only don’t show the main thing that happened (that every soul in the world watching Youtube knows about), they say something else happened – for which there is no video. A plethora of cops in the vicinity but none with a dashcam apparently.

28. I am referring to the Podstava video. In it, Tamerlan is seen to be arrested, is lying in the ground at around 1.04am April 19 (on Adams St, Watertown) and clearly shouts “podstava” -- Russian for “It’ s a set-up.” I guess at that point he got the message that he was no longer working “with” the FBI. Next we see him being escorted into a police van. He is stark naked.

29. We know for sure (I said I had proof; that’s my proof) that Tamerlan was not wounded, and was not in a shootout. He was in custody and soon died in custody. Standard office procedure, more or less. Yet the media ranted and raved about a huge clash of the brothers with the cops. The brothers “threw pipe bombs.” Jahar hopped into an SUV and “ran over Tamerlan”!

30. The jury agreed to convict on every one of 72 charges, and despite what may seem “faulty evidence” such as the white backpack, they chose the death penalty for Jahar. Why not? The government wants him dead.

31. A helicopter flew over the boat where he was lying unconscious. The “authorities” then threw ied’s into the boat, and shot 228 bullets at the boat.

32. There followed 14 visits by the defense team to the parents in Russia, resulting in Aunt Maret Tsarnaeva’s affidavit, sent to Judge O’Toole, saying that they had admitted knowing of Jahar’s innocence -- but that they were under pressure “from above” to tell the family “not to resist conviction” !!!!!

33. The Mom then obeyed the US authorities and urged her son to cooperate with Judy Clarke’s team. Jahar NEVER pleaded guilty. He pleaded not guilty. Yet his lawyer said, in her opening statement, “It was him.”’ Despite the TV networks having many lawyers in their stable, none cried Foul.

34. (Well, after all, Jahar is a foreigner, right? No, actually he’s an American citizen. But he has terrorist thoughts, doesn’t he? I don’t know, I am not a thought-reader, although at this point he may indeed be having some terrorist thoughts!)

35. I omitted, Uncle Dennis, that part way through the long two years that Jahar awaited trial, all his pals were rounded up and threatened, and three of them were arrested. And that, in order to keep him silent, even on Death Row, his visits and phone calls are extremely restricted and monitored.

36. This is America! I think you’d better do something about it. You could reach out to the many cops who hated to go along with, say, the killing of the suspect at the boat scene. You must arrest the judge. Honest. For treason.

Stop fearing friends’ anger over your “conspiracy theories.” They need your help! You can handle this.

If you live in Boston, here’s my best advice: Be strong.

--Mary W Maxwell was born and raised in the Dorchester section of Boston and has lived in Australia since 1980. She is the author of Fraud Upon the Court and writes weekly for There’s a link below to wonderful articles about the Boston Marathon written by Josée Lépine, Cheryl Dean, and Mary Maxwell. Please spread it around.

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