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Friday, April 8, 2016

Chemtrails -- Call it for what it Really is, Murder

By GPD (Guest Posting Department)

April 8th, 2016

Written by G

Response to: A Global Pandemic: It's a Syndrome, Not just a Flu -- Chemtrails

That was an excellent article that highlighted the basics in detail.

Here is my beef with the whole issue. The evidence is clear that this spraying is causing poor heath, disease, and death. However, even this article is calling it by another name such as syndrome, bioengineering, etc.

Why not call it for what it really is... murder or at the least, attempted murder for those who get sick but don't die right away. Why paste any other name on it than that?

Until people get it, they will continue to live with it until they die from it.

People will ask, "Is there any evidence to suggest that this is a deliberate intent to destroy people's lives?" My answer to that is, "So you haven't researched Agenda 21?"

But let's just forget about Agenda 21 for a second. Can anyone in their right mind conclude anything thing other than attempted murder when a toxic cocktail this poisonous is sprayed over and over again over populated areas?

Or have we lost our minds completely so that the light never comes on like in the movie "Short Circuit", where the robot finally goes, "DISASSEMBLE!"

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