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The timely passing of the spending bill was a significant move prior to the 26th.

What is "actually" contained in the spending bill will benefit us all.

Everything officially released is scripted and already done or agreed upon behind the scenes.

The Petrodollar will be forgotten once oil starts trading in gold-backed Yuan by the 26th.

The end of the Petrodollar is the end of Cabal leverage in the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency will trigger the new financial system.

The RV was said to begin before the new financial system is triggered.

RV exchanges/redemptions will be processed through the new financial system's back screen rates via private appointment.

Your exchanged/redeemed funds will be in gold-backed Yuan or USN.

Withdrawal of these funds will temporarily be in your local fiat currency until the new financial system is officially triggered and all rates are reset.

Stay seated and enjoy the show.

Change is coming.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 24, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 24 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 24 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

David Crayford Fraud, Another Disinformation Agent


So this David Crayford states he's part of the OITC, seems to be their mouth piece.
See what Wikipedia has to say about this fraud:

You say your 80 years old and had cancer, you'd think at this point in your life you'd be a humble, gentle and an enlightened human being but no, your far from that.

You manage to attack anybody who questions your bs, latest attack on Benjamin Fullford was a beauty really showed your true colours. You've attacked David Wilcocks and made actual threats against Wolfgang. What a gentlemen and a scholar you are, head of a world organization? You should be fired for your conduct.

You are without doubt a disinformation agent.

Please don't respond.

Your 2 page rebutles to simple questions are tiring, your mostly spinning your wheels in one spot hoping you get enough verbal nonsense on the page.

Latest bs from 'Crayford - Crawford' lol just google that, see how he behaved when someone spelled his name incorrectly, any way see latest from mouth piece below:

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