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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Georgia Senator Exposes CPS Corruption Worldwide

Uploaded on Mar 28, 2010

Please leave your heart felt comments and condolences for Senator Nancy Schaefer and her family, and also please comment on whether or not you believe the media and authorities version of what happened to her. It is has become obvious from the press coverage of this so far that if this murder is going to be scrutinized the way it most defiantly should be it is going to take public pressure on the authorities and the press to bring that about.

It is with great pain and sorrow that we announce the death by murder of Senator Nancy Schaefer. Nancy perhaps was known best for being an international hero to those who had their children stolen by corrupt family courts and unethical adoption agencies and practices, and those that had their children stolen through corrupt practices of the CPS.

She was a genuine, grade A bad ass. After proposing legislation to protect children and families in Georgia from getting their children stolen through unethical so called "adoption practices" that amounted to mass kidnappings of innocent children form innocent parents she was unseated by her own beloved Republican party in the next election. After her own Republican party rejected her for doing what was right she became a national favorite of Independents The Republicans in Georgia pressured her and pressured her to back down from trying to stop unethical adoption practices before unseating her, but their efforts were to no avail. Her answer was that she would rather go down with the ship than to do what went against her constituents' best interest. To say that we do not have many politicians like that on either side of the aisle is defiantly an understatement.

The actions of these corrupt Republican politicians in Georgia did not stop her, she worked for the rest of her life fighting against unethical so called "adoption practices" and against CPS corruption, and for Christian ideals. To us she is and will always be a hero. To think that this is the kind of person the Republican party is trying to get rid of!

And make no mistake many in the Republican party hated her, and so did many in CPS, and so did many traffickers of children and corrupt child snaatching "adoption" agencies and their lobbies. In all honesty she was a huge force in changing the way the world thought about these things and her efforts succeeding meant many of these child stealing monsters and their political allies stood to lose millions of dollars and all of their political power.

Thats why it was so interesting when we heard the news this morning that Nancy Schaefer's beloved husband whom she had lived with for decades without a problem had suddenly and inexplicably just gone out of his mind and killed his wife and then himself. And it got even more interesting when key Republicans from Georgia talked to the press and said they thought her husband had cancer and that was what made him get a gun and kill his wife, when the Schaefer's own daughter said that was untrue and that her father was not sick. And it even got more interesting when Republican blogs made rumors that Schaefer and her husband had a death pact--which turned out to be completely untrue--and was very insulting and distasteful to assert particularly on the day after her death.

And her murder needs to be investigated very, very thoroughly because it is just hard to believe that a loving elderly couple that had devoted their entire lives to public service, one day-- just one day out of the blue-- had a Columbine right in their bedroom, especially when so many monsters stood to gain so many things from their untimely passing.

Check out this article in the Gainesville times, Nancy's husband was not sick according to their daughter, so why is Georgia Republican State Sen. Don Thomas of Dalton going around telling the press he was? :

Senate Bill 415
By: Senators Schaefer of the 50th, Williams of the 19th, Pearson of the 51st, Murphy of the 27th, Douglas of the 17th and others

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