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Monday, April 4, 2016

Illuminati and Global Elite -- Who is Who and What is What?

Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?
I also encourage you to read and listen to the three part series entitled Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite before you start, namely: “Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?”

and then “Part 2 And the Origin of the Species and Source of Elite Power”

and finally “Part 3 their greatest power and ultimate weakness”.
The claim that 150 mega multi-national corporations directly control more than 40 per cent and indirectly control another 40 percent of the total commercial wealth of the planet is not a conspiracy, it is an irrefutable scientific fact based on the most exhaustive study of its kind in Switzerland (Vitali, Glattfelder, Battiston) in 2012, using the Orbis 2007 database to extract approximately 43,000 multi-national corporations from the 30 million corporate records on the database. By establishing clear legal connections as more than 600,000 nodes and more than 1 million ownership ties, the picture became clearer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?

Please download MP3 Audio Broadcast of this Blog > here (70 min 24 Mb)

Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for listening and reading.

Maybe this is the first time you have listened to me speak, or read a Ucadia Blog; or maybe you have heard me speak a few times and read a few Ucadia blogs and information on various Ucadia sites.

Maybe you are someone on a journey of discovery – to find answers to the issues in your own life; or maybe you just like searching for what people are speaking and writing about in the subject heading for the discussion tonight.

Maybe you are a member of the Illuminati or the Global Elite yourself, or part of a family that is connected to the Illuminati or a famous and powerful family of the corporate elite. Or even someone who desperately wants to be part of such a fraternity and has no qualms about doing what it takes to get there.

No matter then, who you are, or whether this be the first time you have come to listen or read, I welcome each and everyone who takes the time to listen.

I also thank you. Because, I know there is already much written about Ucadia – some true and some not so true that may discourage a few listeners and readers from bothering to listen to the topic we will be discussing tonight.

I don’t blame anyone for choosing to filter Ucadia out of their vision, or even feeling “let down” in a sense after all these years of blogs and conversations and information. Indeed, I forgive those who have written and spoken false statements about Ucadia and me – because even though such statements can be hurtful and deliberately designed to keep people from reading, there is always an underlying reason why people write and speak negatively in the first place.

There is simply too much “stuff” on the Internet to view it all, or even part of it unfiltered. We need to rely on the opinions of others and to trust our own senses. The greatest scarcity of the modern age is time, not money. We just don’t seem to have the time we once had to catch up with our family; or to sit down and read a book; or take some time out of our pressure cooker lives to contemplate an idea or a concept.

The modern world puts pressure on us to make instant decisions constantly without necessarily thinking too deeply on the consequences – so how could I possibly be angry with you or anyone if this is the first time you have come to listen to Frank O’Collins, or if you come to listen with some preconceived filters?

Given this is the reality of life for so many of us, tonight I want to summarize as clearly and as simply as I can, exactly what I mean by Ucadia and existence itself versus such labels as the Illuminati and the Global Elite.

I hope that tonight and the next two blogs after our conversation are a kind of synopsis of exactly what is going on and how it is affecting us? Who is behind the seeming endless madness of this planet? How did we get to this point of such insanity? And why, even to those in such positions of power and influence it seems impossible to get off this train ride to “stupid town”? So for the next forty to fifty minutes I ask you to briefly step outside of the rat race, the pressures, the labels of life and circumstance and take stock of what we know as certain and true – before we embark on the next stage of trying to make sense of the deeper why? And then what it means to each and every one of us?

In the end, what I hope is that through our conversation tonight and over the next few blogs that you get a much clearer sense of yourself, the world around us and how it is not inevitable that we must face World War III as the latest Armageddon or some complete extinction of all life on planet Earth, or some culling of the population or some new model of enslavement.

That is why I have chosen the topic tonight entitled: Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?

Let us start then with properly identifying the parties namely :Who are the Illuminati? Who are the Global Elite? What is Ucadia? Before we discuss the next logical question of how we came to be in such a mess?

Who are the Illuminati?

If I had a dollar for every pyramid of power, ever diagram of global control, every secret circle and shadow committee that is claimed on the Internet to be running the planet, I would be rich. There are tens of thousands of sites all claiming some kind of “inner knowledge” of who is supposed to be running the show and their agendas. In other words, a person just trying to find the basic answer of “who is supposed to be ultimately in charge?” could literally spend the next 20 years reading 100 websites a day and still not be any clearer of who is and who is not the elite on this planet.

That is why I want to start with an obvious, verifiable and central part of the apparatus of planet control in the form of the Illuminati. No, I am not speaking about some “Dan Brown” like secretive group from a story or film, or some other claim. I am speaking about the group that has a publicly available constitution and does not attempt to hide itself. It is and has been the only true group known as the Illuminati since the 18th Century.

So by “Illuminati:, I mean the 300 or so First Class members or Knights of Justice of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, or “Sovereign Military Knights of Malta” for short; and the 800 or so Second Class members or Knights and Dames of Honor, or Grace in Devotion and Obedience; and the 12,000 or so Third Class members of Knights and Dames and others of various categories; and finally those few hundred thousand members of orders, fraternities and bodies whose leaders are recognized as Third Class members. This is definitively what is properly called the “Illuminati” – not as a myth, not as a legend but as a real body connecting all relevant groups of the planet together in a military and religious fraternal hierarchy. A hierarchy of some 150,000 to 300,000 people that connects all major political leaders, all key military leaders, all main religious leaders of all major religions (including Hinduism, Islam and Judaism), all key industry leaders and entrepreneurs, all leading judges and academics, all key scientists and professionals and all leading artists, actors and respected philosophers.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Illuminati is not some secret brotherhood invented by Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th Century, or some Hollywood conspiracy, but a real organizational network centered around Knights of Justice of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, or “Sovereign Military Knights of Malta” for short. These people are already leaders of industry, politics, religion, business and society – so there is no mystery there. All that the term Illuminati means is how such people are then encouraged to be tightly connected and bound and further controlled through membership to fraternal organizations directly or indirectly connected to one another.

So to answer further who and what are the Illuminati, let’s have a look at their constitution for some answers? I have linked their constitution to this article so you can download. Under Article 9, the Constitution tells us who the 300 or so members of the First Class or Knights of Justice are under Paragraph One being those who “profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience”, they are governed by their own rule and they are not obliged to live in community. This makes it pretty blatant as there is only one Catholic Order that under its formation is free to live “in the world but not of the world” and not wear traditional religious garments – The Society of Jesus or the “Jesuits”.

Now, what about hierarchy and structure of the Sovereign Knights of Malta as the Illuminati? Well, as a Sovereign and Military and a Religious Order, the constitution makes clear a three stream system of authority, and Article 19 makes clear that it is the religious head known as the Prelate who is most powerful head of the Illuminati, in terms of spiritual guidance, confession and teaching. The public sovereign head of the order in accord with Article 12 to 16 is the Grand Master, but only in terms of ceremony, honors and ritual. In terms of operation of the Illuminati and its government, the military power of the Illuminati in accord with Article 18 are the Grand Commander, the Grand Chancellor, the Grand Hospitaller and the Receiver of the Common Treasure.

As to the 800 or so Second Class members or Knights and Dames of Honor, or Grace in Devotion and Obedience, we find that these are virtually the “Whos Who” of the elite leadership of the world as Kings, Queens, Sheiks, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Presidents, Prime Ministers past and present as the only organization that recognizes them individually and separate from their positions as Heads of State and across all religious boundaries.

As to the 12,000 or so Third Class members of Knights and Dames or whatever the ultimate number is, we find that the third class are Generals, Leaders of Intelligence Authorities, Police Commissioners, Justices, Politicians, Artists, Scientists and leaders of the community again across all nations and religious boundaries.

So now you know the structure of the Illuminati and its hierarchy and evidence and proof that you can investigate on your own to discover more.

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