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What is "actually" contained in the spending bill will benefit us all.

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The Petrodollar will be forgotten once oil starts trading in gold-backed Yuan by the 26th.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ronald Wederfoort -- My Point of View and Advice

Dear Brothers and Sisters, how are all of you today.

These Letter is to all of you, who are here on Earth as Humanity, and to all my Brothers and Sisters in the UNIVERSE as whole.

Nice to be here and to explain what i have learned, and all the experiences which the Creator has let me go threw my life mission on Earth and also the Ascension process which we all are experiencing at the moment.

Again we all are my brothers and sisters and we all are LIGHT Beings of LOVE, and also Co-Creators in this UNIVERSE. Again why i am sharing with you all of you this, is because i have asked the Creator, that i didn't want to experience this old Creation anymore, because it was Boring, and all these Old systems which we still are having, don't have any FUN and there is no new Creation with new ideas.

Look for example at the Constellations, all them had a negative and positive history, so again why can we not put that in the past, and Create new Constellations structures or new Ideas and put these them in the past. They are Old systems which has no purpose more. Remember these are only my suggestions to all of you .

Is it because i am different or that i see the things different as many of you. We are very Powerful beings and we can do many good things together, but we need to start to put the PAST in the PAST. We need to but the NEGATIVITY, and old STORIES and HISTORIES in the PAST. 

We need to let these things go. Many brothers and sisters are doing their Investigation and researches in the stories of the past and wasting valuable energies in brings the Past history back. Look at all the Postings which i have been sharing about REPTILIANS, GRAYS, ARHCONS, ANNUNAKI, and more we need to put that in the past.

All these stories we need to let them go, and understand they are not our enemies but our brothers and sisters, so why giving them these names, and label them as bad or negative beings.

If we all are brothers and sisters why do we talk and think negative THOUGHTS and give
negative meanings to our Brothers and sisters and call them bad names. Who are we judge them?

All these Channeling, Stories of ALIENS, and star Systems, and Galactic wars, all them we need to put them aside.

Look at the UNIVERSE the STARS the GALAXIES, Solar Systems all of them the same old Systems, and same thing is still there. Many of them have negative Stories when you see them. We don't need to go back in the past.

Look at my postings which i have been sharing with all of you, do you think i have been reading them? No. Because i have my own mind and life as a Creator son, and i don't want to be influenced with these old systems and Customs which we all have been sharing with each other. Yes, even our space brothers and sisters of other Dimensions have been sending their ideas ,and suggestions and stories threw brothers and sisters which have been Channeling info to them which they have been sharing. I am not against, but we have our own Life and own understanding.

It is always good first to analyze the data or information for your self , if it has a good meaning for you self, and you know it will help a other person feel free to share and give your point of view why you posted it. Be your own master.

We all have our own Life, even Humanity as whole has its own Spiritual Path, so they can not help us, we have to be our self and decide our own evolution with the Creators will. So i try to keep any information or Energies which comes my way positive. I can not let other Energies influence my self who i Love first.
Also I do my own Soul searching if the information is from the Source which i am connected with. We all are connected to the Creator threw our higher self, so why we need other brothers and sisters telling us what we must believe.? They are not here so they can not understand our life path, and our experiences and lessons on earth.

To be your self is to be Creative, and to be unique.

To be Unique and with your own ideas is the key to be creative using our abilities to be dreamers, and to bring forward new ideas and new UNIVERSE Systems and new suggestions, and not these outdated Negative systems which don't have any purpose anymore.

Look at the INTERNET, where all these NEGATIVE messages and stories are being shared with the WORLD, all these WAR stories in Books, and lectures, which we need to but in the past.

Who cares what happened now in the PAST, we need to let go all the PAST meaning also those stories of the past what happened in the UNIVERSE between all our brothers and sisters.

How are we going to have a CLEAN Positive INTERNET, or EDUCATION SYSTEMS where positive information are only be found? How are we going to Clean our Universal Consciousness to remove all those Negativity and all those Old Ideas and systems which are not more needed?

You see what i MEAN?

The GALACTIC WARS, we need to but them in the PAST.

The CABAL, and DARK ONES we need to put that in the PAST, and Forgive them.

AM I, the only one who is seeing all this? I have asked the Creator yesterday to help me because, the LIFE on earth and the UNIVERSE is not fun. I asked what I must do, to change this. So that's why i am writing all of you this letter, to share with all of you my Point of view what i have been seeing and experiencing in my Mission on earth.

Look at the BIBLE, and the LIFE of JESUS, and all these stories all of you talk about, its the past we need let it go, all these Stories is like a rabbit hole, you all keep repeating all these Customs and trying to mind control all of us in the WHOLE UNIVERSE to keep doing the same routines and customs over and over.

It's already OLD, who wants to KNOW the OLD stories and why? They are bad Luggage on your life.

Why do need the AKASHIC Records, why do we need DNA, all these old systems of the Universe which we used to link with LIFE, we as POWERFUL Beings as Creators are still stuck in the rabbit whole.We need to be more CREATIVE, and use our abilities to create new creations.

All these Negative Stories of the AKASHIC records of the UNIVERSE why is it needed? We are now going to the GOLDEN Age, don't you all believe its time for a new start. a NEW UNIVERSE and NEW SYSTEMS and IDEAS? I am just asking all of you as brothers and sisters of the UNIVERSE.

For you all to understand that we need to CHANGE all these systems, and are you all ready to give your part in this new Change?

Now that the FUNDS are out to humanity, I am happy for all of you, because now you all don't have any excuse to help an other human being. I have seen many things which i am not going to talk about, but most of you think for your self's.
I have been for many years walking and i have seen many of you, how you think for your self's. The thing is i can not change none of you, but i understand everything what i have experienced on my life on earth. The Creator has shown me many negative things to see how i will react, and its hard not to think bad of some of you, but your actions tell something different.

Soon i will be free, but my next question is who can work with or TRUST? Even dow we are brothers and sisters the only way it will work if the Communication and trust is there. I hope that many of you can start LOVING your self first, and that you can help one an other.

So because i LOVE my SELF, i decided to put everything in the PAST, that means we need to create a new EARTH and new UNIVERSE where only new POSITIVE Systems are found, and can experienced.

I hope this Letter has helped some of you understand my point of view how i see the WHOLE of the UNIVERSE and all these OLD SYSTEMS we have been supporting. The Universe has watching and helping with the Ascension of Earth to a Higher Dimension. But we need to start thinking or working together to see how we can start with a NEW UNIVERSE with new ideas and not these old Systems and Old stories which has been part of this Universe. Its time to put this UNIVERSE stories to rest, so we can move

I hope that this message is useful to all of you, but this is one of my plans to create a new Universe with new systems, where every one can be happy, Play Sports, against each others and be as a family, and do what ever they like to be happy in LIFE you need to make your self happy.

Have a Blessed day,

Your Brother,
Ronald Wederfoort

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