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The Yuan-backed Oil Futures Contracts begins trading on Monday, the 26th.

The trading of the Yuan-backed Oil Futures Contracts will force the U.S. Petro Dollar to die out.

The fall of the U.S. Petro Dollar is a major blow to Cabal finances and control over the global economy.

China (under the direction of the Chinese Elders) will lead the world to return the gold-standard with their de facto gold-backed Yuan.

This move is a major tipping point for events leading up to the GCR/RV.

The window for the RV release opened last Saturday, the 17th.

The RV may be released any time between now and the 26th.

The possibility of the RV release after the 26th should not be overlooked.

All eyes on the 26th.




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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Neil Keenan Update: He's Ba-aaack -- April 10, 2016



Just when they thought they had Neil down, he resurfaces with renewed vigor, advising them they will soon be “mincemeat” in the circle of things. Yes, Neil has shaken off the pains created by those who wished to see him leave this planet yesterday!

He has bounced back and with nary a “hello” goes directly for their jugulars! You know, if you knew Neil, he can be the sweetest guy, but rub him the wrong way, and you’ll have a world of problems. Your world becomes a nightmare, and he does not want to hear about taking prisoners at all.

What’s great is that you can now see his intensity level is up where it belongs when he is healthy, and his eyes are sharply focused on what needs to be completed. Believe me, he clearly knows what he now has to do.

Neil is angry that many capable individuals have let you people down by not stepping up at critical times and not moving forward to give a hand to Neil whom has given his all for the last 7 years.

Despite this, Neil has vowed to continue fighting until the very end, because he deeply cares about you people!

Neil cannot believe that people with great financial means can donate huge sums to a political campaign, but they cannot give to assist the people of this planet, thus continuing to allow the Globalists / Oligarchs to poison or destroy all of us one way or another. What is happening is sick and unwarranted… other than “entitled” population control!

We must vigorously continue to apply pressure to them to “shit or get off the pot”, and if they do not get off the pot, toss them… into the FEMA camps that are waiting for them, not us!

Keep your eyes and prayers on Drake. He is not well, and he also needs to make things happen. He is in hibernation while his wife takes good care of him. He also needs to know you are there for him as well.

Now let’s get this thing going and finally put to bed, and get those Accounts opened before it’s too late!

Neil Keenan & Group K.

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