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According to recent developments, the Alliance is waiting on Trump to clear the White House of all Cabal-MIC agents/actors.

The clearing of the White House is an essential step to securing the Republic.

Once the White House is secured of all remaining Cabal-MIC agents/actors, the event will proceed.

The RV is expected to begin before the 26th.

According to rumors, the collapse (a.k.a. major correction) will occur on the 24th.

Sources claim the RV is to be released before the major correction.

Current window for the RV begins tomorrow, the 17th.

GESARA will be announced once the RV exchanges/redemptions have completed.




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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Sonic Healing Technology Corrects Neurological Conditions

New (16 years suppressed) Sonic Healing Technology Permanently Corrects Physiological And Neurological Conditions.

Dear Hobie,

With all the research data finally coming out about our "junk" DNA (which isn't junk at all) and DNA frequency, I think it's safe enough for me to come out with my sonic healing technology, which uses Time Reversal technology and the DNA frequencies.

I am a scientist and patented inventor. Sixteen years ago I invented an ultrasound based technology, which I found, cures or heals or corrects (whichever term you prefer) physical and neurological conditions.

Over the last 16 years, on my own "nickel" I have successfully tested my technology and permanently corrected conditions such as epilepsy, vertigo, balance disorders, bi-polar disorders, hyperthyroidism, hiatal hernias, dislocated knees, broken bones and a vast array of injuries, maladies and painful conditions, all non-invasively, without drugs or medicine and without standard medical attention and with no negative side effects that accompany most pharmaceuticals.

After reading what is transpiring with NESARA and The New Republic, I feel it's safe enough for me to put out this information. It hasn't been safe for me in the past, to be sure. (I've had 3 attempts on my life.)

I originally created this technology as a counter measure for the previous technology I invented. This previous technology was a hearing device for the profoundly deaf and it allowed the deaf to hear and understand through their skin.

I achieved 90 - 95% word recognition, which had never been done. My technology was handed over to Sandia National Labs and was used for Mind Control (I was told).

My counter measure technology blocks any mind control technology. But, more importantly, it provides a safe, pharma free, non-invasive method to remedy physical and mental conditions.

After reading about the upcoming changes to suppressed technologies, I thought now is the time to put the word out and offer an alternative to the current debacle of the Big Pharma and Medical communities.

Here's my offer to the world. When the disclosure announcementscome out, I will disclose and offer my technology free to any serious researcher, who truly wants to help people. Kits will beavailable at the price of the parts only. Assembly instructions will be made available to the researchers - free. Then, people can make their own health device. I haven't been sick since I first made this technology - not even sniffles.

My technology employs my own, proprietary, Time Reversal technology and DNA frequencies and it works faster than a Tylenol type drug can. It has relieved painful conditions within 10 - 15 minutes, faster than pills can get into your system. Plus, the pain is permanently gone. You don't have to take another pill in 4 hours. The technology "re-tunes" your DNA to its' optimum, healthy frequency and thus changes the cells to a healthy condition. Change the DNA frequency, you change the cells of the body.

There is a video on my web site ( ) which shows Allen, a paraplegic, standing, unassisted, for the first time in over 3 years. He was injured in a bull riding accident and was paralyzed from the chest down. This "re-tuning" of his DNA was accomplished with only 4, one hour sessions with my tech. At this rate, he should be walking within a month.

Hobie, please tell the people. There is (and has been for 16 years) a safe, non-invasive, and inexpensive way to optimum health care. Autism, Alzheimers, Parkinson Disease, Depression, etc. are all conditions of the past. There's no need to get "Vaxed" any more. The "medicine" for the 21st century is here.

I have tried to get in touch with medicos, Michael J Fox Foundation (Parkinson Disorders) physical therapists, etc., but, I am blown off and not replied to. I even tried to apply for a grant from the Michael J Fox Foundation and the email I got back was "Thanks for spreading the awareness of Parkinson Disease..." but we can't help you, and you don't need to apply for a grant, in essence. They obviously get their monies from Big Pharma. Poor Michael J Fox (and all the other PD sufferers). He could have been healed already.

You can publish my name and email addy.


Charles Richardson
Creative Sonic Research
Tucson, AZ

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