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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Retaliation with Collateral Damage-would Muslim Terrorists Stop Killing us

Posted by GPD (Guest Posting Department) on April 12, 2016

Retaliation with collateral damage-would muslim terrorists stop killing us

Kristofir Bee Kuk and others. Patriotville, Amerika

This controversial hypothetical deniable solution to muslim terrorists might seem like a Hollywood movie script. But what if it was actually done? What about our military and intelligence forces actually conducting these missions? Would muslim terrorists stop killing us? At the centre of this argument is the notion that non-conventional means must be used to deter future mass murdering muslims from killing innocent people.

Firstly, our hearts go out to the Russian, French, and Belgium people who have been victims of islamic fanatical killings recently. While Russia and the West disagree on many things internationally, we are on the same page concerning the “Islamic war” of WW3, united to defeat radical islam. To prove this is a worldwide war and it is about extreme islam against the rest of all peaceful religions, consider all the attacks in the last few months of January, February, and March 2016 or the last year of 2015 (Wikipedia, If ever has there been a time for strengthened cooperation between NATO and Russia concerning extremist muslims, now is the time. United we can defeat this plague, but it might take non-conventional methods. Russia is already utilizing these by bombing the hell out of terrorist camps and not caring about civilian loss of life. They are using missiles from land, troops on the ground, and missiles from submarines. However, now they are leaving Syria for some unknown reason. An all out bombing and combat campaign is something we should do if we wanted to win, but the U.S. is hesitant to repeat the past so called mistakes in Irak. This short article suggests some possible scenarios that would, might, or could occur if this were a movie. But what if it were under consideration?

It is evident that radical muslim terrorists will do anything, kill anyone, and maim anyone at any time and at anyplace. They murder on a large scale innocent civilians and even their own people. No country is immune from these non-humane murderers. For example Russia’s civilian passenger bombing in the Egyptian desert on October 31 and the mass killing in Paris, France on November 13th of 2015. More recently in Amerika the san bernadino mass murderer killed his friends in the name of islam. Then in Blegium at the airport these Nazis serial killers killed many innocent people. In Amerika, the subhuman muslim killer should have his family members printed on highway billboards with the statement “these people produced the san bernadino murdering scum bag”. We face an international war with these born modern day Nazis or recent converts to extreme islam (the religion of peace?). They yell Allahu Akbar (God is great or greater) before they kill innocent people. So why would they call upon his name before killing men, women, children, and babies that he has made? It is because they are not from god but satan, and satan’s desire is to destroy what God has made and said.

How are we to fight such horrific crimes against humanity? How are we supposed to defeat these murderers? We are bound by international law concerning war operations. They are not, they don’t care about humans, the right of life, the existence of individual opinions, and what God said in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. True serial killing monsters, A.K.A. radical muslim islamists that cannot be defeated using the Geneva Convention rules. Yet, we still must follow those rules. Why? We agreed to them, we believe in some basic rules of human life, protecting civilians, and fair treatment of prisoners of war and expect everyone to follow those rules. But they are not. So are the rules tossed out?

We have two choices. One, the president formerly withdraws from the Geneva Convention agreement and starts to use military force the same as the radical muslim terrorists have done. Or a modified declaration that we will not conform to the rules of war concerning attacks by extreme radical muslim terrorists specifically the satanic group daesh and the murdering thugs Al-Qaida. If congress attempts to stop him, he can merely rule by his infamous presidential orders bypassing congress and the courts. It will take the courts years to decide if this is legal or not. The second choice is a hypothetical solution that can be easily denied, presently illegal, and very controversial. But then again in a movie anything is possible, but what if?

What if we secretly eliminated the terrorist’s entire non-american family and extended family members after a suicide attack or some radical islamic terrorist bomb attack? Of course we would not do that—that is against our written laws, right? Yet, if a terrorist knew that if his family supports him in anyway at all, then they would be targeted. Such as his spouse, siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, along with grandparents. Suddenly, after an attack they would be nowhere to be found, would he still commit a murderous act of killing innocent people? I don’t think so. Hmmm, retaliation with collateral damage.

In the quran there are 164 verses that command muslims to kill, raid, and loot (, If they seem commanded by mohamed to murder everyone that does not believe or behave like them, perhaps they should consider other more powerful countries have the ability to neutralize their enemies using nonconventional means. Of course in a movie…The authors or author in no way suggests this should be under consideration as a new policy but rather something the fascist muslims who follow a radical form of islam should consider. What if unauthorized special black ops units take it upon their own to eliminate the source that produced these murderers and their suspected close supporters? Erasing the entire genetic pool that produced such evil anti human scourges might send a strong signal that we are not playing anymore.

What if our CIA, DOD, and Homeland Security units along with their counterparts: MI16, DGSE, BND, MIVD, ADIV, SVR-RF start a tit for tat retaliation? They can easily get the information on terrorist’s family members after an attack. There are special operation units contained within the federal government and our military “could” or “might” take it upon themselves to stop future attacks. It is their duty by any plausible means to protect Amerikans wherever they may be, even if it sometimes must be denied in the name of national security. Of course, should any unlawful activity occur, our president can simply deny it publically. Who would know? Isn’t the president’s main duty to protect Amerika and Amerikans during war?

But wait, aren’t we already using drones to assassinate Middle Eastern terrorists? Don’t we target leaders of terrorist units? This has had a major impact on many radical muslim terrorist groups ability to kill innocent people already. They send their younger brained washed murderers to do the killing, but they want to stay alive. Running back into a mosque to plan the next mass murder. We target every one of their leaders in every country. We do not have to get permission from anyone. We are at war remember. That means our plan should be to win. How? Defeat the enemy by all costs and by all means. Consider the last war we won like World War Two. We didn’t drop a few bombs every day. We sent in an overwhelming amount of troops and decimated the enemy. If not, we are wasting time and money and will never win.

What about creating a law that states if you are an immigrant, not born in the U.S. and your family member commits an act of terrorism in the U.S. or against the U.S. or Amerikans overseas, the entire family will automatically be deported. Should a muslim be born in Amerika they will be exempt unless they provided some support in the terrorist act. That would also be an automatic deportation to an Israeli or Russian prison. Congress can do this if they have the will. But we have to wait until the next president is elected as the present one will not do anything serious for fear of offending islam. Just a few daily bombs here and there not utilizing the full force of our military to defeat the enemy. A sure way to fail before we get started. Should we enact family linked terrorism deportations, it will clearly be some form of deterrence to encourage family members to inform authorities that their relative is a potential terrorist.

Many of the islamic terrorists are recruits from Europe and middle Asian countries. They have prior western educational values and families that are still living outside of the Middle East. Should retaliatory “action” on their families occur, they might think twice about killing innocent people. Of course, we cannot or would do such a thing as assassinating the entire terrorist family. But if it did occur, by some unknown entity several times, it would probably stop a lot of fanatical muslim terrorist attacks on western society’s civilian population.

Again, plausible deniability by our president can be made publicly. Certainly many countries and all muslims will know what really happened. But who really cares? In fact, most muslim countries do not want these killers alive as they are a threat to them also. Most muslim countries are peaceful except on human rights and personal liberties. There’re legitimate countries and live that way. However, this is a war, or at least we should use all means available and all strategies to win it. Yet, we do not. We are playing whack the mole; a cock roach runs out of a mosque and we hit it. We don’t hit the ness. But what if we start to treat this as a real war like in WW One or WW Two? We did everything possible to win and did. So is this controversial hypothetical deniable solution really so bad? What if this was not a movie script and we did?

(The author or authors deny any knowledge of or any existence of any tactical security or military unit or present policy under consideration concerning this article. It would be against federal law to disclose such information).,_January%E2%80%93June_2016,_2015

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