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Signs of the major correction are showing up with Dow dropping below 1,000 points in two days.

All in timing prior to the 26th when the "golden alternative" to the Petrodollar goes live.

Another timely event was the passing of the omnibus spending bill (gold-standard?).

All recent events are alluding to a "new financial system" which will result in a global currency reset (GCR).

The RV release is currently on an any moment basis as of the 17th.

Some inactive 800#'s have been preemptively given to a selected few.

Redemption centers in the U.S. are ready to go.

Banks, not so much.

Some banks say they aren't ready, other banks are cutting last minute deals.

Many bankers have been arrested as the result.

The RV exchanges/redemptions must be worldwide.

All must go or none go at all.




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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner Announces Search for Alien Life

Writer: F.C.
Posted 10 minutes ago

Screenshot: YouTube

Stephen Hawking and the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner start a hundreds of millions of dollars worth search for extraterrestrial life, and about their project are informing public at the press conference.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckenberg will also join the presentation of the project "Brakthrough Starshot", which aims to search the universe in search of aliens, writes ABC News.

Astronomers believe that Earth-like planet could exist within the "habitable zone" around a star Alpha Centauri, the nearest star to us after the Sun, distant "only" 4.37 light years.

"The Earth is a beautiful place, but it may not last forever. Sooner or later, we have to look at the stars. Breakthrough Starshot is an exciting first step in this direction," Hawking said in a statement.

However, the whole project is still shrouded in mystery, and some portals speculate that Hawking and Milner presented a miniature aircraft that will go in search of extraterrestrial life.

Below follow the course of the conference:

18:22 Milner discovered that the new technologies that are 1,000 times faster than today's fastest aircraft, a million times faster than the cars on the highway. Do Alpha Centers mini spacecraft will take only 20 years, and a message will travel from there 4 years Earth Milner explained.

18:20 "Only in the last fifteen years, three technological inventions enabled us to achieve much higher speeds. Mobile technology has enabled us to reduce the technological components. This is the" Star chip "containing the camera and all the technology, is like a large postage stamp and it is very inexpensive, "Milner presented the first part of the mini spaceship.

"The second part is" Lightsail, "and together they form a" Nanocraft "which should make a revolution in the study of the Universe," said Milner.

18:15 "The technology we are developing can bring us closer to the speed that we need, which implies abandoning the fuel," said Yuri, adding that the fuel we use today is not conducive to travel around the universe because it is limited.

18:10 "How will we travel faster," Yuri asked a question, showing the closest star after the Sun, Alpha Centauri, which is said to be not so close.

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