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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Judicial Watch Team on Clinton's Email Conspiracy

For those who read with comprehension April 22,2016

For all the TELL a LIE vision watchers

Judicial Watch has made several exclusive releases of documents pertaining to Clinton's conflicts of interest

Judicial Watch announces two appearances on the Fox News Channel:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton will appear on "Hannity" in the 10 pm ET hour today, Friday, April 22, 2016, on the Fox News Channel to discuss Hillary Clinton's conflicts of interest while secretary of state.

Judicial Watch has made several exclusive releases of documents pertaining to Clinton's conflicts of interest. The Associated Pressrecently reported: "Most companies and groups that paid Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to speak between 2013 and 2015 have lobbied federal agencies in recent years, and more than one-third are government contractors ..."

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton will also appear on "Fox and Friends" in the 8 am ET hour tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, 2016, on the Fox News Channel to discuss Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe's (D) plan to make it possible for convicted ex-felons to help decide the presidential election.

According to The Washington Post: "About 200,000 convicted felons in Virginia will now have the right to vote in November."


The Judicial Watch Team

Judge Napolitano - Judicial Watch Granted Discovery in Hillary Email Conspiracy

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