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White House clearing of Cabal/MIC actors/agents is nearly complete.

Actors = Public

Agents = Non-Public

Trump has been clearing the White House of these actors/agents for the Republic since he took office.

Once the White House is secure, the Republic is secure.

Once the Republic is secure, GESARA will be announced.

All 18,500+ indictments of Cabal actors (Public Officials) will begin once GESARA is announced.

The announcement of GESARA will mark the end of Cabal rule over this planet.

The Cabal will be totally bankrupt and all remaining Cabal actors worldwide will be apprehended or taken off planet.

The major correction in the stock market is still expected to happen sometime before the 26th (according to rumors from sources).

The major correction is needed for GESARA and the gold-standard.

The RV is still expected to begin before the major correction occurs.

The window for the RV is now open as of today, the 17th.




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Saturday, May 21, 2016

An Explanation of Ascension by Operation Disclosure

By Operation Disclosure
May 21, 2016

Take on Ascension...

I learned about Ascension years ago. At that time, I had very little knowledge of it but It was very intriguing to me. I've been learning about it ever since. Before that, I was already intrigued to learn about life. There's just something in me... Something that I already know but can't remember and my mind is trying to find the answer. This is one of the reasons why I am much excited for Ascension.

We all know how our lives will turn out before you are even born. But of course, as your light body is transported to the physical body when you are in your mother's womb, you have no recollection of this. Almost everything you have done in your life was planned by yourself. Although, there are always mistakes and those mistakes is what you try to work on for every life you incarnate.

You know exactly when you will "pass" that is why some people leave this Earth on their birthdays. There are no accidents, even if it causes the loss of a loved one. It was supposed to happen. They chose it for their own reasons. But life doesn't end, it continues on with another reincarnation. So you must still treasure the life you have now as you won't have it again. You will be a different person.

After the Ascension, you'll still remember everything and everyone you knew, no more "clean swipes". So you will see your parents again, they may not be in the same physical body, but it is them. You will see all of your relatives and all of your ancestors.

This Ascension is to happen while we are still in our physical bodies. It is about becoming "one" with your physical body and light body. There will no longer be disconnection between the two. All your memories and knowledge of all of your previous reincarnations will flood into your mind like a tidal wave. Everyone will know who they are in full and everyone will see their loved ones again. You may even have already seen your late loved ones, you just don't know its them and they don't know its you.

Long ago when I was still a teenager I had a dream. Just a couple of months ago, I had deja vu and it was that specific dream that I was remembering... I must have been accessing memories from my light body before I incarnated.

Your body is an avatar and your "true self" is composed of light, non-physical. In more simple terms, your "spirit".

Ascension is very real and is coming very soon.

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