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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- The Alliance have the Cabal surrounded and know their every move in this game of 4D Chess.

- Some rogue Cabal elements still remain and are being offered by the Alliance to surrender. If not, it's off to the Galactic Central Sun, in other words, death. Most chose the latter.

- All events are falling into place as planned.

- Zimbabwe is immensely rich in gold and rare earth elements which is already backing the country's currency under the new quantum financial system.

- GESARA will be enacted once the collapse of the global economy is visible.

- The enactment of GESARA will result in the activation of the new quantum financial system.

- Upon the activation of the new financial system, all currencies will be reset based on each country's assets and agriculture.

- Prosperity packages will be given to citizens of various countries, but not all.

- Many countries will need humanitarian aid.

- The RV will begin before the enactment of GESARA.

- The elusive release of the RV is set to be at any moment.




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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Archangel Michael -- Trump and Hillary Have Wonderful Masks

Golden Age of Gaia, May 14, 2016, at

This is an excerpt from a personal reading I had with Archangel Michael on May 6 through Linda Dillon. Used with Linda's permission. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Americans are concerned for the outcome of their election. On a freewill planet where intervention can only be limited, Archangel Michael shows that, behind the scenes, the calm hand of loving consciousness has the helm.

Steve: Will the new American Republic be announced on July 4 or before that?

Archangel Michael: That is highly unlikely.

Steve: …that it’ll be announced on July 4?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Will it be announced soon?

AAM: It will not be an announcement per se. What you have is the old fading away and the new emerging.

You are looking for a singular event. I have said to you many times that it is a series of events, some of which are already in play. So do not look for the revolution. Look for the evolution.

Steve: Alright, is Obama still president? Neil Keenan has come out and said that Obama is no longer president.

AAM: Oh no, of course he is president, dear heart. He is our star brother. We would not have him removed.

Steve: Right. So he’ll live out his term?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Are Trump and Hillary going to last through to the election or they going to be…what’s the word…removed from the scene?

AAM: What these two are doing is helping the collective in many countries release the polarity/duality. This fact that it is black or white when everything is blue! (1) So, they are playing a very important role.

They have wonderful masks. Whether they will be needed or not - think in universal terms - for the duration has not yet been determined. (2) It’s determined, not by them, but by the reaction and the shift in consciousness of the collective.

Many are leaving, as you know.

Steve: Yes.

AAM: Many are choosing alternative realities. The reality that is of pain and suffering, lack and limitation is not of Nova Earth and not of [the Divine] Mother’s creation of 12 dimensions. There is no place for it. So they either have to leave or be relocated. But most of them die. (3)


(1) Archangel Michael represents the blue ray. And he just plain likes blue.

(2) No matter what that determination, everyone is treated with fairness. The guys and gals in the masks could not have picked a less or more formidable foe.

(3) See "Not Everyone will Ascend" at

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