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- Further information has been revealed on the portal that was destroyed in Ireland.

- North Korea is currently the main headline for news worldwide.

- The upcoming summit where Trump and Kim will meet is only for show.

- Everything has already been discussed and agreed upon months ago behind closed doors.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Israel's Islamic State Conspiracy

If you want to know the complicated truth regarding the rise and support of ISIS - read this article and watch the 2 videos. This is not an abbreviated research, it is thorough and packed up with facts, dates names and places. The first video is 12 minutes, the second one about 45 minutes. The bottom line is ISIS was a creation of US government policy along with the long term plans of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other nations. Almost $1 billion a year has been spent by the US to finance ISIS. The plan was to align the Sunni Muslims against the Shia Muslims. And the Sunni Muslims were to eventually be led by Turkey. As the Moslem nations would war against each other, both would be weakened, which was an advantage for Israel. The collapse of Syria would help open up oil and gas lines through that nation from the middle eastto Europe. And, it would provide a base of operations for the invasion of Iran later. Bolstering the strength of ISIS by the US was an on going project and part of US policy. The 911 attack on the US was exploited by long term planners to bring the US into a broader war in the middle east to facilitate the end result of regime changes in several nations. It was to weaken Israel's enemies and control natural resources and begin the march towards Russia with the mercenary army called ISIS. These videos detail how Whitehouse policy became actions to create the mercenary army called ISIS. The truth is, we have been lied to by our government about what is going on. They have created armies for their purposes, and then pretend to fight against them. Millions of lives have been lost because of US policy. GE

Israel's ISIS conspiracy

ISRAELI CHIEF OF STAFF AT THE PENTAGON, January 2002 -The Zionist war agenda known as the War on Terror was pushed by the Israeli military and the Zionist Neo-Cons who have dominated policy making at the Pentagon and State Department since 9/11.
The people of the United States have been utterly deceived by the Zionist-controlled government and media about the “War on Terror”, the Zionist fraud that was kick-started by the false-flag terror atrocity of 9/11. This criminal deception has gone on for more than 14 years and has only succeeded in plundering our national wealth, destroying millions of lives, and ruining American prestige around the world. It clearly has to be brought to an end or it will be the end of our American republic.

I am not encouraged by the lack of honesty about 9/11 in the current political discourse in the United States. Presidential candidates and political pundits who should know better talk about the terror atrocity as if the official version pushed by the government and media, which has been proven utterly false, were true. This is a recipe for national disaster because any policy that is based on lies is bound to fail.

In order to understand how the West has been deceived into supporting the criminal Zionist war agenda it is essential to understand how Israeli military intelligence created ISIS, and its previous incarnations such as Al Qaida. In the following one-hour video, “The ISIS Conspiracy” (in two parts), Brandon Martinez explains and documents how the U.S. created the very enemy that it claims to be fighting in order to further the Zionist agenda to dominate the Middle East. This is clearly not a policy that is meant to advance any real U.S. national interest, but a prime example of how U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has been hijacked to advance a criminal Zionist agenda. This must come to a screeching halt.

It is now a matter of the utmost importance for the United States to divorce itself from this criminal Zionist agenda, which is completely detrimental to our national interest and the real source of the destruction and devastation in theMiddle East.

“The ISIS Conspiracy: Origins”

Video Link –

In part one, Brandon Martinez unravels the murky origins of ISIS and unveils how the group’s meteoric rise in Iraq and Syria is a continuation of US psychological warfare designedto facilitate the Zionist-Neocon plan to dominate the region by toppling seven sovereign Middle Eastern and North African States.

“The ISIS Conspiracy: US-Israeli-Saudi Intrigue” 

Video Link –

In part two, Brandon Martinez unravels the web of deceit that lies behind the manufactured ISIS phenomenon, and shows how the U.S. and Israel have plotted for decades to implode the Middle East.

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