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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Message The Anshar Group -- May 7, 2016

Anshar Message 5/7/16

We are very happy this message is getting out. As many know, we are inside the earth, we have been here for millions of years. We originally came here to escape the catastrophes of the surface, and we easily created a very comfortable environment for ourselves. We are guilty of posing as other beings to the surface population, be it gods to primitive people, or ETs to modern people. We realize now we have done this in error. We only wanted to stay anonymous and provide security to our own civilization. The information provided, now and in the past, was always uplifting and helpful. We truly only wanted to help, but we realize now that the delivery of our message was incorrect, and our message was skewed because of it. Our hope now is that our message will be accepted and more clear, because we are honest with our identity. We hope that humanity can accept our apology. We are here now to attempt to resolve any misdirection we have caused in the past. 

We wish to provide inspiration and hope, as there is much to be excited about. This time is filled with exciting revelations and understandings. We know that everyone has a huge power of creation. We wish to encourage everyone to pay attention to their focus. As what you focus on becomes magnified and grows. We do not want to spend too much time on topics that are heavily covered already, but we wish to point out that everyone is manifesting all the time, simply by what they focus their attention on. 

We have specific knowledge that we wish to convey. We would like to share the details of this ascension. Many believe that it will be a spontaneous event, that the sun will emit a massive shock wave and the earth will be transformed, wether you are ready or not. We wish to ease the troubled thoughts of many, in the past this has occurred, and there are many tales which is the basis of these theories. This time is special and will be different. The Sphere Beings have set up a buffer for this, and are prepared to absorb the brunt of this wave if necessary. This time will be different because this will be one where ascension is accomplished in physical form. It will be a relatively slow process as a result. Already the energy has stepped up considerably, as many have already noticed. The point we want to convey is that there is nothing to worry about, it will be an easy and relaxed process. To base the future upon events of the past is not a good practice in this time of change. Our own ascension was slow and easy, because we had the foreknowledge to escape into the earth before the waves came. We were able to use the earth itself as our buffer, and we also had an easy transition. 

We will again address the concept of the “GCR” as we know that many are eager for information on this elusive event. We wish to say that it will not remain elusive for much longer. We know that many are anticipating the arrival of this event, and wish to know exactly when it will occur, to this we can not say. We are not fortune tellers, we can not see the future. But we can see potentials, and this event is beyond the state of potential. It is already in progress. We only await the final unveiling. We encourage everyone awaiting this event to picture in your mind what it would feel like to be grateful of it’s completion. As you know this is only the beginning of great change for the planet, and will lead to many more groundbreaking events. 

We are eager to meet you, and one day soon we will reveal our civilization to the world in a very public way. 

- The Anshar Group


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