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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Paul Ryan: This is Why Republicans Took on This Fight

FACT: You can’t spend money that Congress does not authorize or appropriate, yet that is what the #IRS did.

This Is Why Republicans Took On This Fight

May 31, 2016 | Speaker Ryan Press Office

Earlier this month, in a big win for the Constitution, a federal judge ruled that the Obama administration unlawfully funded parts of Obamacare without approval from Congress. The House initiated this challenge to protect the power of the purse at Speaker Boehner’s urging.

Now a story in today’s New York Times reveals that administration officials at the highest levels not only took part in this plan, but actually overruled their own experts to make it happen.

In an interview this morning with WTAQ’s Jerry Bader, Speaker Ryan addressed the story and Republicans’ commitment to restore the Constitution. Here is an excerpt from his comments:

“That’s a deposition from a Ways and Means investigation that is ongoing about the Internal Revenue Service and Obamacare and how they’re misapplying taxpayer money, going around the Constitution, and violating . . . the Anti-Deficiency Act. That was a testimony from an IRS employee who was interviewed at the time. . . . We won this latest court round . . . which says ‘Yes, the administration illegally moved money around Obamacare to basically subsidize insurance companies.’ They basically gave billions of dollars, taxpayer dollars, to insurance companies, to try and make Obamacare look better than it is [and] to try to make the premium increases not as high as they otherwise would be. They did this without an appropriation of Congress . . . and Congress controls the power of the purse. You can’t spend money that Congress does not authorize or appropriate, yet that is what the IRS did. What the deposition shows you, and this is part of an ongoing investigation, is that they circumvented the law. That is why we took the IRS and the administration to court, and we have so far won; the court has said we do have standing, we are suing the president for our Article I powers, the power of the purse, the legislative branch powers. And in the ruling, the judges agreed that they have violated this. . . . We believe that the executive branch has so far exceeded its authorities, and that means we’re losing self-government.

“We’re losing the principle of government by consent. So we in Congress, whether through investigations, whether it’s through the power of the purse, whether it is through lawsuits at federal court, are doing everything we can to hold this Administration accountable for trampling on the Constitution. It’s a very important principle. We want to make sure that going forward . . . we make sure the Constitution is respected, so that we maintain one of the critical principles of conservatism, which is self-determination.”


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