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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Final Test for the F-35 Pushed Back to 2018

(Franco Iacch)

The final test that should permit the start of serial production of the F-35, will be held by 2018. And 'this official confirmation that the Pentagon has acknowledged the delay of at least six months than previously estimated. The F-35 will not get the "full combat capability" until 2018.

The goal was the middle of 2017 - said Frank Kendall, the Pentagon's Under Secretary for Acquisition - now it is clear that this is not the timing will be respected.

What is called Initial Operational Test and Evaluation, IOT & E, will cover 23 F-35 with software and hardware capabilities based on the final block 3F. As we have stated earlier, the optimization of unstable 2B and 3i software has taken longer than had been anticipated, estimated then confirmed by the Program Executive Office in a written report delivered to the Armed Services Committee of the House. Inevitable, then, that tests on Block 3F slittassero six months. The latter is an indicative date as it comes to 2018 calendar year.

The software Block third was delivered to exactly one year flight test does, in support of the IOC Air Force statement. Throughout 2016 there is more updates until the completion of the 3F expected by the end of the phase of System Development and Demonstration Program (SDD), to support the IOC Declaration Navy planned for 2018 and the start of the evaluation phase operating IOT & E (Initial operational Test and Evaluation).

The Pentagon insists that is not expected difficulties for the Initial Operational Capacity of the Navy remains scheduled to 2018/2019 ".

The problems related to software and to their integration into the final flow, as we have repeatedly pointed out, are serious. A malfunction of the software caused by an unforeseeable error that interferes with the ability of the radar AN / APG-81 AESA F-35. It is, therefore, a mismatch between the timing of the aircraft's sensors and software architecture of the F-35 main systems. The "choking effect" requires a restart of the software. The problems of stability and functionality of 3F are still evident as they inherited from the previous software.

It would be recalled that the Block 3F, according to the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, Michael Gilmore, even with significant improvements in stability, will not be ready before the end of 2018.

The Block 3F software should give 100 percent of the warfighting capability of the tactical fighter, with full integration of all external systems. Also in 3F, the codes are also present to enable the cannon and a series of ammunition including AIM-9X, AMRAAM, GBU-12, GBU-31 and II-SDB (Small Diameter Bomb II). However, the current problem of the Pentagon regards the packaging of the third software, the Air Force urgently needs to declare its F-35A operational within the year.

Without the final 3F software, the F-35 can not enter into large-scale production.

(Photo: Lockheed Martin)

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