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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Truth about the Trump Rally in Orange County, CA by Reader G

Reader: "The Truth about Trump Rally in Orange County, CA"

Alternative News and Views, Reported by Agents Around the World, 24 hours a day

Received very early Saturday morning, Reader G. writes:

Hello All, I just wanted to forward to you my comments about attending the Trump Rally last night in California, so there is some "balanced" reporting on the subject.


I just got back from the 1st Trump Rally on California soil, in Orange County.

What a really NICE group of people to be cooped up with for hours!!! EVERYONE feels the exact same way we do. Trump is speaking for us. He is the only one speaking for us.

I can't whistle so I had to do the WooWooo's........until I have no voice left.

They handed out banners, which I waved at every opportunity, so now my shoulders are sore, sore, sore.

So are my feet (sore).

I'm a mess, but I did it. I did it for America. It was well worth the effort.

Trump couldn't believe how many people in commieville California turned out on just 24 hours notice. The place was packed out to the rafters, 32,000 people and thousands who came late and could not get in. (I got there 3 hours early to make sure I got in.) It was like going to a Beatles concert or something. If given more notice I'm SURE Trump could have packed out the Rose Bowl Stadium!!

It was very secure for Trump supporters with metal detectors and examination of purses......just like the airport except we didn't have to walk around in our stocking feet. Trump paid for all the security......and there was a LOT of security, police, firemen, sheriffs, soldiers, and of course the secret service.

Any hecklers who managed to get in got royally shamed and shouted down. The Trump campaign had it all organized if there is a heckler/protester in your area we were instructed to stand up and shout "Trump, Trump, Trump" nonstop while we point at the heckler so the security detail can remove them. One guy almost got mobbed because people thought he was wearing a "Hillary for President" t-shirt. Turns out it was a "Hillary for Prison" t-shirt!

All the protesters were instructed to protest in a remote area of the parking a lot a long way away from the amphitheater.

He really did a good job to ensure everyone's safety.

Lastly it was a BLAST!!!

The whole thing involved 6 hours but I did it. And there were quite a few people hobbling around on canes and in walkers, one in a wheel chair (so I can't complain), as they managed to get there too. A lot of old vets.

Everyone absolutely THRILLED that someone is actually saying all things we have felt for YEARS, and YEARS, and YEARS but he have had NO voice in the District of Corruption. And you know what? We OPENED with prayer and Saluting the American Flag!!! The audience went wild when that announcement was made. NOPE this was NOT a politically correct event at all. And all I can say is THANK GOD!!!!

These were Reagon people who were out here tonight!

Trump loved it. Just the shot in the arm he needed before he goes to the California GOP convention tomorrow in the San Francisco bay area, as keynote speaker. Who knows what shenanigans the CA GOP elite are up to. It better not be much, or they are the ones who will be thrown OUT!!

OK, gotta go. I'm exhausted and hungry, and I NEED to take my ADVIL!

Trumps got California in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!,.......

that means he's got the Convention in the bag........

that means he WILL BE our next president,

as Evil Hillary doesn't stand a chance!

Trump has the over whelming popular sentiment and vote!

PS: Something ODD.

When I came home I just checked Alex Jones website ( to see if he had any coverage of the event, as he puts himself forward as a supporter. He did and it was only negative. The only thing he talked about was apparently some isolated incident in the "protest area" which none of the Trump supporters were even near to, where the protesters apparently cracked the windshield of a police car. As I said earlier, there was a designated space for the idoitic "protesters" (mostly illegal aliens and a few commies), and it was well away from the Trump supporters. Only the lame stream media would cover it, otherwise, if you had been there you wouldn't have even noticed any so called "protesters".

But what bothers me is that one isolated event far from the Trump supporters is ALL that Alex Jones had on his website tonight about this highly successful historic event......only negative if Alex Jones wanted to scare Trump supporters away from Trump events. Shame on Alex Jones.

There were zero negative events in the presence of Trump supporters. The whole event was well planned to protect not only Donald Trump but ALSO his supporters (all at his own expense mind you).

So what is going on with Alex Jones????

See what I mean?

This idiot is not waiving an American Flag, he is waiving a Mexican Flag.
If he loves Mexico so much why doesn't he just move back there?

In light of all the super ridicules NEGATIVE lame stream Media coverage of this event, I have some further thoughts to add:

1) When I was leaving last night, they forced us all to go out through one exit area, even though there were several exits available. The closed exits had police and sheriff guarding them and preventing access. Consequently, it took much longer than necessary to exit the amphitheater. Only now do I realize this was done to protect innocent citizens.

2) When we got out of the amphitheater and moving toward the parking lot, there were armed guards the whole way, as in one armed guard every 6-8 feet. I remember thinking that it was a bit "over kill" as there wasn't even a hint of violence. Of course, I was in the amphitheater all night, I was not out watching the uncivilized communist illegal aliens (Hillary-Obama supporters) and whatever shenanigans they might have been pulling (or threatening to pull) out in the designated "protest area" all night.

Now that I see that the uncivilized communist illegal aliens smashed up a Police car, and punched one trump supporter in the nose (one out of over 32,000), in retrospect I guess these armed guards were necessary to keep the peace. Not because of anything the Trump supporters did but because of what the demonic uncivilized illegal alien Hillary-Obama supporters did.

3) I recall as I walked by one of the many big RV's housing the major media over hearing one media person saying to one of the guards, how remarkably nice the Trump supporters all were.

Lame stream media was expecting Trump supporters to act like Hillary-Obama supporters, but it was the exact opposite that happened. Of course this FACT is NOT politically correct, and thus would not sell papers.

In retrospect I wouldn't be a bit surprised that the lame stream media suggested the idea to the hand full of "protesters" to "act up and get violent" otherwise there would have been no sensational story to write or talk about. And then this is the crap fed to Americans via main stream media, better known as "lame stream media".

It was all for "show". All instigated by lame stream media, because the truth, that Trump is NOT inciting his supporters to run out and join the KKK, resulted in a dull story. The truth didn't fit with their "propaganda" to they had to stir things up.

Please keep all this in mind whenever you listen to the total crap on lame stream media, trying desperately to make Trump out like a KKK hitler.

They are losing the battle and they know it, so they are getting desperate. Trump has blown the lid off this "political correctness" total crap which was just meant to bind law abiding American citizens into silence. And they are now in a quandary as to what to do about it.....thus the desperations.

You are welcome.

Just keep all this in mind when you see all these negative reports. The liberal media is absolutely desperate to disparage Trump and Trump supporters.

If illegal alien protesters aren't violent the media will encourage them to be so, just to have "something" to show on the evening news. From this we are to conclude that the entire world hates Trump.

I'm willing to bet there are a LOT of European's listening to his messages, and LOVING them as they can see that their leaders are sold out to a national self destruction agenda to ruin their nation and heritage.

I just did a quick search, and I'm right, Europeans are listening INTENTLY as their daughters and wives get raped by illegal aliens. Europeans are worse off than we are, but we are headed in the exact destructive direction, except for Trump:

Europeans Are Fixated On Trump And The U.S. Election ...
Here and Now
Mar 11, 2016 - The BBC's Gavin Hewitt says it's not just for entertainment value. Trump is also tapping into their concerns.
Donald Trump 2016: Europeans are obsessed with the ...
Aug 28, 2015 - But as his poll numbers keep rising, Europeans have also started to think how Trump-ism applies in their countries, giving rise to an array of ...

I'm getting nothing but fan mail today. I'm glad you encouraged me to post my first hand experience of the CA Trump Rally.

I got a good night's sleep last night, today exhausted. I've had my dinner and I'm having trouble getting my mind off this whole Trump campaign. I'm really fired up.......and I can't settle down, even if I want to. I need to rest and recuperate and common sense says to move my thoughts to more relaxing subjects.

I decided last night I was going to go to Trump's website today to order a T-shirt and a bumper sticker. I did a search just putting Trump's name in the search box, and his campaign website did NOT even come up at all. Instead it was more CNN propaganda promoting violence against Trump and Trump supporters......this time the arena was the state GOP convention in SF.

So out of curiosity, I read the article and automatically a news video starting playing. The announcer said "hundreds" of protesters (all carrying Mexican flags by the way), were blocking entrance to the Hyatt Regency where the convention is being held. But when you examine the footage, it is clear there were about 30 maybe 40 people there. It just got my blood pressure up again (when I was trying to settle it down). Same old crap. Same old SPIN. Same old BLATANT LIES.

The Trump Revolution has nothing to do with Trump's rhetoric.....which is just plain telling the unvarnished TRUTH. (Like the Emperor has no clothes on, children's story?)

You know if ANYone is responsible for the Trump Revolution it is OBAMA-HILLARY!....and lame stream media's complicity in the ruination of this nation.

8 years of complete insanity run-a-muck is enough to raise people from the dead!!!

Trump is just going public with what we all have noticed, but we lack the public platform.

Illegal Alien protesters rage outside Trump rally in Southern California...
Smash police car, hurl rocks at motorists...
Hundreds waving Mexican flags...
Cops outnumbered...


Trump Honors Families Of Those Killed By Illegals...

Only GOP Candidate to Respond to Letter for Victims...


Here's a video of the whole event:

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump's MASSIVE Rally 31,000+ in Costa Mesa, CA (4-28-16)

This one shows the lines outside of people trying to get in:

It's kind of long (3 hours) so I'll point out the highlights so you can skip right to them:

15 minutes in they show the long, long lines of people queuing up to get in.

1:18 minutes still showing long, long lines of people trying to get in.

1:28 minutes in camera from helicopter picks up Trump's motorcade arriving.

1:30 minutes in they switch to a camera inside the stadium.

1:32 minutes in Trumps campaign manager gives a warm up speech.

1:41 minutes in the lights come up announcing Trump's arrival at the podium

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