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Current Overview:

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- A portal was destroyed in Ireland. No further information on this matter.

- The main objective in Syria is control over the Goddess Vortex hence is why Syria is the main proxy battleground between the Alliance/NPTB and the Cabal.

- The Cabal are attempting to control the Vortex in order to significantly delay the main transition event.

- Syria was the main target from the very start since Operation Desert Storm.

- The Cabal's plan was to destabilize the region in order to set up puppet governments and fabricate terrorist groups to act as their henchmen until the time was right.

- Neighboring countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, were also aiding in this plan under Cabal influence.

- Syria is the final battle for liberation of this planet.

(Why do you think Syria has lasted this long?)

- On the Asian front, the Korea situation has been resolved. The Cabal have lost that front to the Alliance.

- The signing of a peace treaty in the Korean Peninsula is a significant step toward the main transition event.

- Everything that needs to be done for the RV is being done at this very moment.

- The RV will begin prior to the main transition event.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 20, 2018

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Ucadia -- Corporations, America, Admiralty Law and Piracy

Episode 92 · Sea of Souls · Corporations, America, Admiralty Law & Piracy

Contrary to the claim that usury laws were first formed in the 13th C, it appears the first real definitions against Usury were as late as the 16C and the Papal Bull "Inter Multiplices" by Leo X on 4 May 1515 in the creation of the "pawn shops" for faithful.

Thus in the 16th Century while Catholic Countries were making Commerce as Usury a "sin", the concept of commerce as a right was front and center in the Protestant "work ethic".

It wasn't then until the 18C - after some convenient fires destroyed ancient statutes in England that we see Commerce cease to be the right of the noble classes and become a sin in Protestant law. How? By equating commerce to war, to conflict and therefore immoral and a crime and a sin.

Therefore, to the revised Protestant world of commerce- "all business is warfare" and "all crime is commercial". Which is why conflict is necessary in their system and why everything remains predicated on perpetual war and letters of marque.

Published on Sep 2, 2013

This is an amazing lesson on history presented by Frank O'Collins of Ucadia, especially America, with extensive documents providing proof (link below).

More and more people are waking up every day to the fact that they are not the "WE" referred to in the Constitution of the United States. Whether it be through a cruel experience with the courts, or experience of the rampant piracy of alphabet agencies hell-bent on extracting outrageous fines, or simply the reckless abandon of politicians and large financial institutions to get away with virtually whatever they want.

Talk is cheap, where is the proof?

The problem has been proof. You may have heard or read that the courts now operate under Admiralty as well as other law- how can this be proven and explained? You may have heard that the United States is nothing more than a "for profit" corporation- where is the proof and how did this happen?

This is the goal of this latest broadcast and the links below- to provide some of this evidence from the very laws that made it all possible.

Link to Article mentioned in the audio:

Sovereign Law - Article 170 Corporation

The links to pdf's mentioned in audio:

UK Act 1696 America Colonies Fraud Prevention
UK Act 1707 America Trade
UK Act 1707 East India Company
UK Act 1710 South Seas Company
UK Act 1740 America Trade
UK Act 1782 American Colonies Peace
UK Act 1783 Paris
UK Act 1790 Pennsylvania Annuity
UK Act 1783 United States Free Trade
UK Act 1783 United States Trade
UK Act 1795 United States Trade
UK Act 1790 Public Debt
UK Act 1791 North America
US Treaty 1794 Westminster
UK Act 1796 United States Treaty
UK Act 1801 Letters of Marque
UK Act 1801 Vice Admiralty Courts
UK Act 1803 US Monies
UK Act 1808 US Payment Distribution
UK Parliament 1812 US Payments Report

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