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Current Overview:

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- Alliance SSP directed energy weapons are currently pointed at Israel's government and military assets to force their surrender. Israel is under the influence of Cabal crime syndicate families. Their recent attempt to start WW3 by attacking Iranian assets in Syria was a failure. Iran agreed to not retaliate as advised by Russia and China.

- One of the main reasons delaying the RV is Cabal deception through the mainstream media's false narratives.

- We are the minority. The majority have no idea about what's going on. People will still believe the mainstream media and that is the Cabal's main weapon.

- There cannot be full disclosure so long as the Cabal controls the mainstream media.

- Disclosure can only be given in baby steps for the majority until the mainstream media is dealt with.

- Any significant event that will benefit us can be easily demonized and turned around by the mainstream media.

- Counter-deception is being used by the Alliance to combat this issue.

- Major mainstream media outlets will undergo scandals and will be forced to have their licenses revoked for colluding with the Deep State.

- Thousands of lower-level Cabal members are currently at GTMO.

- The main roundup event by the military including the military trials of all Cabal members will occur once GESARA is enacted.

- Signatories for the RV have finished all needed requirements for the release months ago. They are currently working on implementing Post-GESARA systems.

- According to sources, the release date for the RV was finalized and is set to occur by the end of this month.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 24, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 24 2018 Compiled 2:45 am EDT 24 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abu...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Regarding Trump and the Intel SITREP for 6-28-16

Submitted by Dinar Chronicles at 5:31 PM ET on June 30, 2016

Regarding the "Like It Or Not" post of 6-28-16

"Like it or Not" - Intel SITREP - 12:00:00 EST - Tuesday - 6.28.16 (7)

This email states the author's opinion that:

  • Monday July 4th there will be some kind of official recognition of the restored Republic under the constitution, and perhaps the swearing in of new President Paul Ryan, formerly the Speaker of the House and natural successor to the Presidency.
  • Donald Trump will then be forced to exit the race by the traditional Republican guard in favor of a sitting Republican US President.
  • Paul Ryan will most likely run and win a fairly tabulated election and become Republic President for 4 years, and possibly another 4 years because the Republic will have no debt and gold backed currency--and he'll be the political conservative face of amazing new growth, debt reduction and upward promise for the country.
​It could have been understood if China was trying to insist on the removal of DJT. However, the opinion that there is a "Republican Guard" that will insist on Paul Ryan as the Republican candidate for the November election is ​not warranted or reasonable.

Donald Trump is, in fact, a representative of a movement. He is not a political operative who "discerned" anti-globalistic nationalism, he is someone who first-hand witnessed the effects of globalism/fascism in the United States and resolved to be a tool to put an end to it. To do this he resolves to secure the borders, build infrastructure, negotiate trade deals that leave Americans the ability to support themselves through jobs (for which a tool is simply consulting the trade balance) and ending the tactics of perpetual war to support the dollar. Frankly, this isn't as hard as others make it out to be, it first requires a moral sense of right and wrong and a work ethic, plus some competence in negotiation and understanding of business and what is money (see 

One of the things we who are behind DJT as our leader (although were he assassinated we would pick another like Jeff Sessions) have witnessed is the progressive corruption of our government by the proliferation of printed fiat money. While the global currency reset will go a long way toward remedying this problem because funds cannot magically appear to corrupt individuals, there is still the problem remaining as to how much we can forgive and forget. As you know, Anonymous states, We Do Not Forgive OR Forget." To some degree those who have been complicit in flooding the US with, essentially, invaders, and using our budget for things to support, for example, the Agenda 21 depopulation initiative, will have to be dealt with. It is uncertain what degree one is speaking of, here, since it is difficult to expunge a vast majority and still have a working government. A good example of what happened with treasonous traitors is found when France retook its country in 1944....and, for some types of behaviors, in the Trials in Germany following WWII.

What happens in America will happen against a context of what is happening in Europe. If the Bilderberg elites are hunted down like rats and never heard from again, this will set a certain mood...however if Europe, after having their countries pillaged and raped, is willing to forgive to a degree, this will likely set the tone in the US.

But the most important point here is, Donald Trump symbolizes an end to this corruption, while Paul Ryan has to a degree been complicit in it. Granted, Ryan may have a good explanation, may have wanted to do the right thing, but been unable, and now may be determined to DO the right thing. (In that case it is feasible Trump may defer to Ryan.) This story has yet to surface. But be sure DJT is NOT one person, DJT is Millions and Millions of Americans who Want Their Country Back, want Jobs, want Borders, want to Love Their Country, want their Country To Stand for Truth, Justice, Liberty, and The American Way, and are very sorry they as individuals were unable to prevent its institutions from corruptly being used.

One encounters the critics who doubt DJT's motivations, basically because this chapter of US history has taught us to doubt EVERYONE. However, one has to start somewhere in setting the moral tone for a nation. We, admittedly a minority, but an informed minority, are setting brushfires of freedom among a sleeping populace. We have grown in numbers, many, many, MANY more are AWAKE! We ask only that you JOIN US in standing up for TRUTH and JUSTICE and LIBERTY! That you PARTICIPATE in government! That you FORCE the corrupt PRESS to report TRUTH! (who knows whether most of them will be tarred and feathered, but you cannot have representative government work without TRUTH.) Also we will have to CHANGE the SYSTEM to ensure government is By The People and For The People by having one System for all, no special benefits or treatment for Elites.

We who are behind DJT are fully aware, as he is, that the odds have been against him living to November, much less to next year. Reports are he is only alive because successive plots were ratted out by honest Secret Service persons, by the Russians, and by alternative media who have contacts. But should DJT die we will NOT stop, we will unite behind another who will Make America Great Again...and it should be added to this...NOT at the expense of other nations, but FAIRLY, without war, regime change, chemtrails, and various other nefarious methods. One knows, it is hard for others to try to believe anymore in government, that there are people who yet live who want government to be good, righteous, true, serve the People. But, if your hearts are not completely dry, if you haven't forgotten America's Heritage, if you long for trying for a REAL land of Liberty, believe, believe, BELIEVE

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