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Sunday, July 3, 2016

David Crayford Responds to Anna von Reitz Post on NESARA Blog

Judge Anna von Reitz An article recently appeared on RumorMill News by David Crawford demanding to know ‘what the Hell America is up to now’ and detailing the printing of three trillion USD in Thailand, backed by gold in a Swiss Bank.

by Anna von Reitz

In the first place, David, if you are up to speed enough to write an article like this, why are you referring to this as an “American” problem???

Obviously, these cretins are not representing America nor are they representing American interests. Far from it. They are counterfeiting United States currency (which is not American) in an effort to further devaluate the “United States Dollar”.

Our American “dollar” is a unit measure of fine silver, like a cup of water or a ton of lead. Not a piece of paper backed by the “good faith of a bunch of crooks” and their banker bosses at the Federal Reserve and IMF.

You aren’t talking about the American Dollar here, so why are you blaming “America” and addressing the American people as if we were doing this clandestine printing of three trillion USD?

We are the chief victims, not the perpetrators!

You are talking about a paper currency issued by a government that is FOREIGN with respect to Americans — a government that is operating in a fraudulent and destructive manner.

This situation has everything to do with the obligation that many world governments and international banking cartels have to end this deceit and madness and the obligation of the Joint Chiefs and US Armed Forces to put an end to this fraud and counterfeiting and nothing whatsoever to do with America, the American People, nor affecting our lawful money.

The sooner everyone realizes that, the better.

Dear Anna,

The problem, which is so evident in your article, is DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL, which is not only an American problem but a problem largely evident in the West, with Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore in the East.

You can deny all you want, but it will not do any good because you have to look at the principles involved here.

It is the American people who vote these politicians of America into power, whether a Constitutional Government or Corporate Government. Once in power they do what they want, and they do not tell the people. You can’t blame the rest of the world for that.

There is very little oversight / control of Governance whether it is the Senators, Congressmen / women, The President and his administration, or even the Bureaucrats.
They are the elected Managers of the Country, for a term period, and they will do as party mandate tells them what to do.

Over the years, your country has been turned from a Constitutional Government into a Corporate Constitution, without you or other realising it. Not unlike other countries in Europe, especially those in the EU. 

However, they, the ones elected by the people, ma
ke the decisions, execute Treaties, Treaty Agreements, General Agreements, MOU’s, etc. 

They are also controlled by the written Constitution of America that is filed within the United Nations when America became a member of the United Nations, which in this case is the Constitutional Articles of the USA, not the Corporate Constitution.

All of this legally adds up to full responsibility of America and its people, not just the cretins in Government which you appear to advocate.

To advise you, even though you probably do not need such advice. America have been undertaking spurious and illegal operations for decades and no one, as far as I can see, has bothered to correct it, but they certainly panic and go into blatant denial when the truth starts to come out, and that is what appears within your own article.

Let’s become a little more brutal on this issue.

a). Did anyone question or take action in Ronald Reagan’s time when he, as per executive order to George Bush Snr, became involved in illegal trading using Collateral Account Assets, without power or authority, for the purpose of raising funds to brutalise the Russian Ruble and destroy Communism. NO, NO, NO, they didn’t but many clapped their hands in favour of Leo Wanta when he claimed he owned the balance of some $60 trill USD which he was going to utilise for America. He even did a deal with the US IRS to pay a few Trillion USD to them so he could bring the money back into America. The reality is that all of this was illegal, but Americans deny that fact.

b). Did anyone question good old Bill Clinton’s illegal actions when in 1998 he was caught red-handed in the cookie jar of the Collateral Accounts and was forced to pay it all back. NO, NO, NO they didn’t. Even then Clinton used Freddie Mac to prevent anything appearing of Government Records. Billions of Dollars were paid back to the Collateral Accounts by means of Freddie Mac Certificates (Note: The Collateral Accounts own 98% of all Freddie Macs ever issued). Even today those Freddie Macs are being abused by J.P.Morgan-Chase and the American Government because the Owner just receives a Computer Slip of ownership whereby the real original documents of Freddie Mac are not allowed out of America, by law, so they are very easy to use by those parties who are Custodians of same.

c). Did anyone question good old Bill Clinton’s illegal actions, in conjunction with Dick Cheney and Boris Yeltsin of Russia, when Clinton illegally, without the power or authority, ordered over 100,000 MT of Gold to be, moved from the Russian Depositories to XXXXXXXXXXX, YYYYYYYY, and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, with a smaller amount being shipped to a private depository in Uruguay. NO, NO, NO, they didn’t

d). Did anyone question George Bush Jnr’s illegal actions, in conjunction with Tony Blair of the UK, when GB ordered, without power or authority, that 10,000 MT of Gold be moved from the Bank of England Vaults to America. Tony Blair orchestrated it from the UK side in conjunction with a Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. NO, NO, NO, they didn’t.

Yet, let look at facts. Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton, George Bus Jnr were all Presidents of the United States when each one of them entered into these illegal and criminal acts. George Bush Snr wasn’t far behind either, preferring to stay quietly, and directing from the background. NO, NO, NO, they didn’t.

They could not have done this if any of them were just plain Mr’s. They were all in a position of power and they abused that power to conduct criminal activities. The people of America voted these crooks .into power, so the people are also responsible, whether they believe it or not.

I will give a little leeway to the people of America to a small degree because they probably didn’t know what was going on. However, since then I have been putting out the truth about all of this, but very few have taken notice, probably because they don’t want to know the truth because it would hurt so much, so they just deny it.

In fact America is still, to this very day, undertaking more illegal and criminal acts, using Military Contractors to steal assets of the Collateral Accounts in various places around the world, of which one country is the Philippines with in excess of 3000 military contractors very active in the Philippines.

Then of course you have the likes of Karen Hudes, Neil Keenan, Jerzy and Doug, Winston Shrout, Wanta, Cottrell, and many others, all from America, and the Americans believe them, because they live in a state of denial all the time .............. DENIAL OF THE TRUTH.

So please Anna, don’t give me this, quote “the people are not responsible” because it is the people who voted these crooks into power.

You only have to look at the election campaigns in America, especially those people who fervently support dear old Hillary Clinton, who is as bad as dear old Bill Clinton, and they want her as President. 

I personally wouldn’t put a broom in her hands to sweep the floors, let lone support her to be a Presidential Candidate. And you think American people are not responsible for their actions in electing these crooks. 

Come on Anna, I thought you were better than that.

The American Dollar is “Fiat” currency and its value is based upon the goodwill of the Government. It may have a “Benchmark” but it is only a “Benchmark” which doesn’t mean much when its real value is less than 10 cents of its stated value.

Your comments, quote “You aren’t talking about the American Dollar here”. I really have to ask the question here as to what are you talking about here, because I am talking about the American Dollar, the “Fiat” Dollar which has printed on it “IN GOD WE TRUST”. I am not talking about some Galactic currency from some far off planet which is flooding this planet and making life pretty uncomfortable for many around the world.

Your comments, quote “Obviously, these cretins are not representing America nor are they representing American interests. Far from it. They are counterfeiting United States currency (which is not American) in an effort to further devaluate the “United States Dollar”.

Those cretins are the American Government, not the Filipinos or the Thais. Do you honesty believe that the Filipinos and Thais have the intellect to orchestrate something with the America Dollar. Give me a break Anna.

America have entered into an agreement with the Filipinos to print US Currency. The Filipinos have entered into an agreement with a company in Thailand for the printing of same, albeit apparently via the Central Bank of Thailand. 

The Federal Reserve will be supplying the Printing Plates, the Paper, the Packaging, the Inks, etc. The Federal Reserve, albeit a corporation and supposedly independent of the Government, is closely linked to the Government, of which the latter is responsible for electing the Governor of the Federal Reserve, so there has to be, by association, involvement from the Government, whether you want to believe that or not is up to you.

The American people are complicit in these illegal acts by members of your Government, because they elected the very people to Government who organise and implement these illegal and criminal acts. It certainly wasn’t us who elected these crooks, and it certainly wasn’t the multitude of other Nationals who live and work outside of the USA (excluding American expats), so if the American people are not responsible then who is Anna, because these crooks just do not walk into the White House or any other apartment of the US Government and say, “We are the new Government and are taking over the reins from now, because we do not need to be elected by you or any other persons”.
Come on Anna, stop living in a “State of Denial”.

Yes, I agree that America has a lot of problems that it desperately needs to get to grips with and sort them out, but have the people got the will and determination to sort those problems out. It doesn’t appear that they have, they will continue to walk blindly into the future trying to ignore those problems hoping that they will disappear in time.

As I have stated above, you only need to look at the election campaign for Hillary Clinton. Those people who support her must be totally short of common sense and certainly short of principles. 


Anna, please, if you intend to write articles to Blogs on the web, please don’t make a fool of yourself again. Don’t live in a Total State of Denial.

Oh, and by the way, your Military personnel is as much guilty as your Government. I could name several of your Generals, Air Chief Marshalls, and Admirals who are / were involved in criminal actions in respect of the Collateral Accounts.

How do you think they move all this Gold out of the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and other countries. They certainly don’t tie a rope around it all and then send a swimmer to pull it across the water until they reach land. They use US Military Aircraft, US Navy Fleets, and Military personnel to move it to the docks or airports. 

Those US Military Aircraft, US Navy Fleets, and Military personnel are in and out of countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia on a very regular basis, and I will hazard a guess that the personnel have been told not to talk to anyone as this is a “Top Secret” mission.

In short, it is an ILLEGAL TOP SECRET MISSION, and you the people know little or nothing about it, and probably don’t want to know anything about it because you live in a total state of denial all the time.

The UK people took their future into their own hands and voted BREXIT. That is the best thing which could have happened if only those who voted PRO EUROPE would realise it.
As H.M. The Queen was overheard to say quite recently, “If we stay in Europe then we will have WW III”. A truer word could not have been said.

In contrast, Americans deny everything, do nothing, steal everything possible, and live in a financial fantasy world without facing reality, whereby comments such as yours Anna really do not help any American.


David Crayford.

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