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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Admits Publishing Disinformation

Gordon Duff And Veterans Today Is An Admitted Source Of Disinformation

Published On 08/18/2014 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News

As an increasing number of people become aware of the Jewish problem, there seems to be a new trend of websites that talk about this subject but mix it in with all sorts of disinformation. One of the websites that does this is Veterans Today a site run by an individual named Gordon Duff. I was a bit surprised that this website receives as much traffic as it does, especially after Duff openly admitted that a significant percentage of what is posted on Veterans Today is disinformation. It defies comprehension that there are people out there that continue to read and reference material on this site especially after such an admission.

Here is the exact quote from Duff.

“About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposefully partially false. Because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that.”

If this old man is too much of a coward to post truthful information on his own website than he should be openly mocked and ridiculed. At his age he has very little to lose by being truthful even if his claims of being killed are somehow true.

Of course his claims about being killed by an intelligence organization or government entity for posting truthful information is a fabrication. Unfortunately, false claims like these help fuel additional paranoia that already exist within the underground media and discourages people from speaking out about these issues. Who knows, maybe that was Duff’s original intention.

What’s interesting about the alternative media is that you will actually encounter more difficulties and problems with the people who are supposedly on your side. The number of ego maniacs and insane people that you see in this business goes far beyond what you would see in any other career field. The biggest problem alternative researchers and journalists face is not government interference but instead other alternative researchers. So this makes Duff’s claims even more difficult to believe.

Several authors and researchers have also exposed Duff as a self hating Jew which needless to say further destroys his credibility. Although at this point it doesn’t really matter if he’s a Jew or not. He lost all of his credibility after admitting that he posts false information regardless of his racial background.

A recent example of Duff’s disinformation work can be seen with an article he posted claiming that the Israeli military was using some sort of directed energy weapon against the Palestinians. This article is speculation at best and disinformation at worst. Duff titles the article “Israel Unleashes Death Ray In Gaza”, making the reader believe that the use of such a weapon is a fact when it is obviously not. He even went so far as to post highly questionable pictures to prove his claims. Duff was immediately criticized by several posters in the comments section of the article stating that Duff misrepresented the photos using long exposure shots to fool his readers.

Duff’s article is basically an attempt to get people arguing over the existence of the weapon, when the existence of such a weapon doesn’t even matter in the bigger picture. We already know that the Israeli military has committed a number of war crimes through their indiscriminate shelling of Gaza so it really makes no difference what sort of weapon they used to commit these atrocities. Even if Duff’s claims could be proven true, the subject is of little relevance when there is much more credible evidence available proving Israeli war crimes. This type of speculation is nothing but a distraction and actually damages the overall cause of exposing Jewish criminality.

Besides Duff, Veterans Today posts articles from a number of individuals who are claimed to have maintained substantial connections within various intelligence communities. Check out their staff page and see for yourself. These types of people are more likely to post disinformation and by Duff’s previous admission, it seems clear that this is indeed the case.

James Fetzer who has spent years obsessing and arguing over the particulars of events like the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks is also a contributor for Veterans Today. Fetzer is one of those individuals who represents much of what is wrong with the alleged truth movement. He focuses in on studying the nuances of particular events and does not focus in on the larger picture of what’s really important. The amount of time he has spent debating different aspects of the 9/11 attacks revolving around the no plane theory and the potential use of directed energy weapons is simply ridiculous. As I’ve mentioned many times before, these theoretical discussions have no relevance in helping bring us any sort of real political change. They are a complete waste of time and seem to exist only as distractions and to feed people’s personal egos.

Veterans Today also has some sort of partnership with radio host Jeff Rense who has linked to many Veterans Today articles. Rense’s association with Veterans Today obviously raises a number of questions about his operation which in many respects is not much different than Veterans Today. His site links to some credible information about Jews and Zionism but is mixed in with all sorts of speculative material and disinformation.

To conclude, any information that is sourced from Veterans Today should be dismissed as disinformation. The website and the people associated with it have no credibility. Other sites that promote Veterans Today material should also be questioned considering it is an admitted disinformation outlet.

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