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- A portal was destroyed in Ireland. No further information on this matter.

- The main objective in Syria is control over the Goddess Vortex hence is why Syria is the main proxy battleground between the Alliance/NPTB and the Cabal.

- The Cabal are attempting to control the Vortex in order to significantly delay the main transition event.

- Syria was the main target from the very start since Operation Desert Storm.

- The Cabal's plan was to destabilize the region in order to set up puppet governments and fabricate terrorist groups to act as their henchmen until the time was right.

- Neighboring countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, were also aiding in this plan under Cabal influence.

- Syria is the final battle for liberation of this planet.

(Why do you think Syria has lasted this long?)

- On the Asian front, the Korea situation has been resolved. The Cabal have lost that front to the Alliance.

- The signing of a peace treaty in the Korean Peninsula is a significant step toward the main transition event.

- Everything that needs to be done for the RV is being done at this very moment.

- The RV will begin prior to the main transition event.




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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Insane Rumor from Judge Anna von Reitz

Submitted by Maverick T | 4:59 PM ET on July 17, 2016

As far as I’m concerned Judge Anna von Rietz is talking out of the wrong end of the horse with her claims that Putin is itching for a reason to attack the US:

Rumor that U.S. and NATO to Attack Russia, by Anna von Rietz

Let nobody be fooled again.

The ONLY reason the U.S. and NATO would attack Russia would be that Putin wanted them to do so. And it would be a puny, ineffectual attack in the nature of another False Flag to give Putin and/or NATO an excuse to invade us under the guise of “peacekeeping”.

The Russians have developed some new scalar / gravitational weapons that they think give them superiority. In fact we have all the same weapons and more widely deployed but Obummer is preventing us from using them because he is a Communist and has always been a Communist and the Joint Chiefs are working for European banking interests that want to come in here and seize everything. Putin wants Alaska and seaports on our West Coast. So does China.

They have been staging for invasion for three years now using Free Trade Zones in the U.S.

But as always they have to come up with a story line….. Big Bad NATO attacked Russia at Russia’s behest, so that Russia has an excuse to invade us and split the pie with all the other usual culprits.

Just more excuses and LIES.

Don’t believe a word of it.

And if any such thing does happen I am counting on enough Americans will have the brains they were born with and take out Obummer, DC, Rome, and the Inner City of London and the United Nations City State as recompense.


So let me get this straight. Vladimir Putin is going to tell the US and NATO to purposely attack him so that he and NATO can have a good excuse for attacking the US right back with their fancy new weapons, right? Because Putin wants to take away our Alaska and so does China. They’ve been planning this evil genius plot for three years now. That about it?

Anna, honey, come to your senses. This is just crazy talk. Your post is so devoid of logic and reason I really have to wonder if you’ve lost your mind.

Now I’ve never met Mr. Putin but there is one thing I can tell just from listening to what he says and watching what he does. The man is smart as a whip. His intelligence is legend. Whereas the scenario you described above is just plain stupid. It is stupid from every angle. In fact it is so stupid I don’t even have to lay out the arguments why it’s stupid. The stupid speaks for itself.

Furthermore, you should know that Vladimir Putin has already invaded America. He invaded people's hearts. Thousands of people a day are waking up to who he is as a world leader and what he’s really up to. Which is craftily avoiding World War III and reversing the damage wreaked on the planet by the NWO agents. (I felt the need to tell you that because you’re obviously still snoozing.) America is falling in love with the guy in droves. General Dunford wouldn’t have heaped such glowing praise on a guy who was plotting to attack innocent civilians and steal our Alaska.

And lastly, Anna, not that many folks will take your remarks about Putin seriously anyway but when you use the name Obummer, your credibility really hits the manure pile.

This content was originally submitted and published at Operation Disclosure.

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