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All groups waiting in Reno were rumored to have exchanged including the Admiral.

The Admiral was told his RV funds would be available this morning.

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If recent rumors prove to be true, the major correction in the stock market will happen sometime this week.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The JFK Horsemen -- The Zapruder/Nix Hoax

Submitted by G - 1:17 PM ET on July 6, 2016

Sometimes seeing isn't always believing. The point is, that multiple eyewitnesses are more accurate than film, when the two don't agree. Never forget that. Otherwise the magicians always win.

There was another video research done that showed inconsistencies in the immediate background focus that didn't agree with the focus of the limousine, both of which were at infinity since Zapruder was filming from up by the grassy knoll.

Frame to frame showed the focus changing from fuzzy back to sharp back to fuzzy between the limousine and the people on the far side of Elm Street.

Clearly a whole bunch of frames were missing that would have shown the limousine stopped or slowed to a nearer standstill for a couple of seconds before moving off at speed, after the top of the President's head was blown to bits.

Had the viewing public seen that they would have recognized that the whole thing was a staged setup.

Recall how many of the people were cowering on the lawn of Dealey Plaza. They were ducking because they just saw the President's head blow up while the motorcade was stopped, or nearly stopped, and they were witness to the crime... instinctively knowing they could be next because of what they witnessed.

Jackie immediately figured it out as well, which is why she tried to escape off the trunk of the limo before secret service forced her back into the vehicle.

She must have felt like a sitting duck after Jack's head was blown off while at a virtual standstill. I mean, his head was ripped wide open and flung back by the third shot, just as she turned sideways to get close to him to see what was wrong after the second shot.

She was just inches away from being blown to bits herself. Because she was positioned to the left front of Jack's head, she managed to escape most of the bone and brain fragments which blew off behind them and onto the four horsemen. One of the motorcycle policemen riding to the inside left got hit so hard by the debris field that he thought for a moment he had been shot.

In some of the Zapruder frames, right after that happened, you can see the look of deep bewildered horror on Jackie's face. She must have immediately went into self preservation mode and tried to flee.

That did not fit the scenario so they had to force her back into the limo and then silence her. She had to have been in shock most of the time after that. She probably knew that if she said anything she and her children's lives were in grave danger. So she must have shut down emotionally.

She witnessed the evil monster very up close and personal and likely shrunk down and cowered out of self preservation.

What is curious is that Zapruder was likely a plant sent to film the shooting from the same vicinity as the grassy knoll, where James Files fired his scoped Remington Fireball pistol by the picket fence.

The smoking gun was that Zapruder never turned around to look where the shot came from, but kept filming the limousine as it later sped off down Elm Street toward the underpass.

You have to understand that a Remington Fireball uses a 222 modified 223 case in a single shot bolt action pistol. That baby is really loud. About as loud as a cherry bomb or M80. The projectile is only a 22 in a thin frangible jacket moving at close to 4000'/sec muzzle velocity.

As soon as it hits anything it goes to pieces, releasing all of its energy. This energy was enough to literally smack back the side and top of Kennedy's skull and brain to shreds.

The drama of such an event by the eyewitness bystanders is similar to that of extreme battle shock that brings on PTSD. The fact that there were several people in both the limo, and surrounding secret service detail that orchestrated this whole event without blinking an eye, is evidence of the evil cold hearted hatred they lived in their lives.

This is exactly the reality of what we have been living under for many decades.

Everybody there heard the loud gunshot which is why a number of people ran up the grassy knoll to where the sound came from.

One of the four horsemen rode up the grassy knoll and dismounted his Harley in order to pursue the person behind the loud sound of the shooting.

The motorcycle officer did catch up with the shooter and questioned him. However, James Files, the assassin had already been provided with secret service credentials so he just flashed his fake creds before walking over to his car with brief case in hand and driving off. In his briefcase was the compact scoped 222 Remington Fireball.

That Zapruder did not stop filming when such a loud explosion went off just to the right of him is completely unreasonable and totally suspect. Anyone else would have panned over in the direction of the loud gunshot noise.

How do I know it was James Files that made the head shot? He allowed a video testimony to be made while in prison for another offense many years later. In that video testimony he described many others involved, how they were approached for the job by the CIA through their organized crime mob bosses who contracted him.

Files always used a trademark for every successful hit. He would always bite the top of the spent brass casing before leaving it standing in the place from where he shot the target.

The person doing the video testimony later went back to the picket fence and actually found the spent 222 brass casing buried about an inch down in the grass after more than twenty years. And sure enough, it had a bite mark from someone's incisors right at the top of the case close to the neck, just as Files had described.

What is also curious is that the motorcycle police officer disappeared for several weeks after confronting Stiles. Apparently he laid low realizing the whole event was staged and his life could be in danger for what he had witnessed.

Whenever something of this magnitude happens and it immediately uncovers the complete corruption of the whole system, witnesses soon realize that they live in an evil banana republic and that the good ole USA is just a myth. And this event happened back in 1963.

The experience can be so disorienting that many just shut down and lay low out of self preservation. They came face to face with the monster and the monster won, as they remained silent.

Another interesting observation is the people on the grassy knoll. One moment they are all standing waiting for the presidential limo to pass by and as it appears to be passing by, everyone is now down on the ground as of they had been reclining there all along.

The only way that could happen is if about twenty seconds of the footage were removed that would have shown the limo stopping for several seconds, during which time Kennedy's head is hit twice and the people on the grassy knoll instinctively diving to the ground for cover, before the limo takes off.

Another eyewitness account says that a teenager found a skull fragment of the President's head on the grass of the Dealey Plaza side of Elm Street. A secret service agent took the piece from the teenager, then walked over to the limo and tossed it in with Jackie and the rest of Kennedy's remains.

All of that activity was removed from the Zapruder and Nix films. Why? Because it showed that the blowback from the head wound was from the right front to the left rear.

This would not match the evidence showing a lone shooter from the book depository building to right rear blowing toward the front.

As soon as we get into any detail, nothing with the Zapruder/Nix composite frames add up. It is clearly altered in order to try and corroborate the lone assassin theory.

Another interesting piece of info that I recall from earlier investigation is that Oswald was with Files the day before the event observing Files preparations and practice shots outside of Misquite, TX. How so? Because Oswald was an operative of the CIA in preparation for Kennedy's assassination.

What Lee Harvey didn't know was that he was being setup by the company to be the patsy and take the fall for Kennedy's murder.

Bring an operative for the CIA means he knew too much and had to be taken out quickly.

Consequently, Jack Ruby was brought in to take out Oswald. And then Jack was taken out himself in order to tie off any loose ends.

Everywhere you turn there is evidence of a massive preplanned conspiracy and subsequent cover-up.

Clearly the Secret Service was in on the planning together with the CIA, both under control of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia that owned the Federal Reserve.

Notice how the Secret Service is also in charge of investigating forged Federal Reserve Notes for the Treasury Department. They answer not to the President but to the RKM.

If a President gets out of line, like Kennedy did with the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, they have the Secret Service as an inside hit team to get rid of the President. Kennedy was surrounded by assassin's. He didn't have a chance. What he tried to do was pure suicide.

Johnson was positioned as Kennedy's VP just in case Kennedy's forces stole the election that Nixon was supposed to win.

Indeed, Joe Kennedy's mob connections were used to steal the election for Kennedy in Illinois. Kennedy later turned on those connections and they agreed to help take him out on account of the betrayal.

Johnson, as President, was then used to escalate the VietNam War necessary to increase the body count that was being used as dead mules for smuggling heroin into the country.

The organs of soldiers never made it back home. Instead their organs were discarded and the abdominal cavities were filled with several kilos of heroin being flown in under military transport guard.

The heroin was used to help finance the war while also staving off bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation, even back in the 60's.

That whole decade of God and Country and Mom's Apple pie was just a smoke screen for the evil empire. Nothing is what it appears to be... including Sheldon's crystal light chambers.

Here is part two of the two part series covering the JFK Horsemen. 

In this section they cover the fact that between shot 2 and shot 3 the motorcade had stopped, according to escort motorcycle police officer Jackson. He said they stopped just short of the grassy knoll and that five or six secret service men got out of the Secret Service car just behind the Presidential limo, three on one side of the limo and at least two on the other side of the limo,and positioned themselves with guns and rifles drawn before the third shot rang out.

That means that the limo was stopped for a length of time before the third shot rang out. That testimony by one of the motorcycle police horsemen completely refutes the film evidence that does not show any of that activity at all.

It was clearly a ploy to make sure that one of the assassins had a clear still shot of the President's head for the coup d'tat.

That evidence completely debunks the authenticity of both the Zapruder and Nix films.

My question is, did any of these Secret Service agents pursue the person who fired the kill shot from the grassy knoll? There has been no testimony that I know of on that aspect. First off, it does not follow the script of events. Secondly, perhaps because of the distraction of the third shot everyone hit the deck.

We only know of one Horseman that pursued the gunman up on the grassy knoll.

This article was submitted and published at Operation Disclosure.

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