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Current Overview:

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- Alliance SSP directed energy weapons are currently pointed at Israel's government and military assets to force their surrender. Israel is under the influence of Cabal crime syndicate families. Their recent attempt to start WW3 by attacking Iranian assets in Syria was a failure. Iran agreed to not retaliate as advised by Russia and China.

- One of the main reasons delaying the RV is Cabal deception through the mainstream media's false narratives.

- We are the minority. The majority have no idea about what's going on. People will still believe the mainstream media and that is the Cabal's main weapon.

- There cannot be full disclosure so long as the Cabal controls the mainstream media.

- Disclosure can only be given in baby steps for the majority until the mainstream media is dealt with.

- Any significant event that will benefit us can be easily demonized and turned around by the mainstream media.

- Counter-deception is being used by the Alliance to combat this issue.

- Major mainstream media outlets will undergo scandals and will be forced to have their licenses revoked for colluding with the Deep State.

- Thousands of lower-level Cabal members are currently at GTMO.

- The main roundup event by the military including the military trials of all Cabal members will occur once GESARA is enacted.

- Signatories for the RV have finished all needed requirements for the release months ago. They are currently working on implementing Post-GESARA systems.

- According to sources, the release date for the RV was finalized and is set to occur by the end of this month.




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Saturday, July 23, 2016

We Need to Shine the Light Brightly on this Dark Cabal

Submitted by Sylvie Girl | 3:19 PM ET on July 23, 2016

Dear White Dragon Society & fighters for the planet's freedom against the Cabal,
Thank you for your efforts fighting this evil Satanistic organization. Ben Fulford has stubbornly kept in the fight with you as your advocate. I pray all of you have formidable protection -- Neil Keenan, Drake Bailey, David Wilcock, & all others behind the scenes intimately involved with this challenge.

I had heard of the NWO/Illuminati/Cabal several years ago on the net, but thought it was just conspiracy theory. Until a few months ago, I had no idea it was actually true! I believe that there may be millions of people like me who don’t use “social media”, but still use the Internet for quick reference/research, or for REAL news not found on main stream media. These folks may be "surfing the net” just like I was, oblivious to the nefarious World Government.

One day, I just happened across information about the Global Collateral Accounts & was curious. Little did I know just how far this story of Truth would take me! WOW! I kept up my research & can say now, I fully support this effort to remove & destroy this organization. Weird -- to this day, I remember in the 1990’s when several times in speeches by George H.W. Bush, I first heard him use the term “New World Order” & it gave me the creeps even then... 

H W Bush “New World Order” quotes

Exposure on this evil group needs to be "advertised". Contact websites, especially non-Cabal financial websites, alternative news sites, Youtube channels, Facebook members/groups, Twitter groups, website newsletters -- all those that have high/huge numbers of subscribers & promote this struggle with the Cabal in a brief video describing their stranglehold on us & give valid links where internet users can find good information about them & how they can help. Additionally, here's a video I found absolutely compelling. 


In summary, I have a couple questions about the bounty offers the White Dragon Society has put forth . If someone (or a group) decided they wanted to attempt to arrest any of these people, wouldn't they have to have the law-enforcement "arrest warrant" in their possession to do so? Along that same line, wouldn't those people in the Secret Service details who protect these criminals have to honor the "arrest warrants" & turn over the criminals mentioned? Otherwise, wouldn’t they be risking prosecution for "aiding & abetting"?

This content was submitted and published at Operation Disclosure.

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