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Current Overview:

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- Israel is attempting to start a war in the Middle East by attacking Iran's assets in Syria.

- Iran is furious but Russia and China are holding them back from retaliating.

- The Cabal are desperately attempting to ignite War World 3 to significantly delay the transition event.

- Nothing has been delayed as their attempts have been unsuccessful thanks to the Alliance.

- The signing of a peace treaty in the Korean Peninsula is underway which is a prerequisite to GESARA.

- The RV is the last on the list needed events, right before GESARA.

- We're at the end of that list.

- The RV remains set to begin at any moment.

- The status of RV exchange Tiers 1-2 is unknown.

- Tier 3 has not exchanged/redeemed. There are thousands of groups categorized under Tier 3.

- Once Tier 3 is done, the toll-free 800 numbers will be activated, released, and published which will begin Tier 4 exchanges/redemptions.

- All Tiers are expected to exchange/redeem within a time-span of 2 months once the RV begins.




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Monday, August 22, 2016

A Discussion/Analysis of the RV/GCR and the "Restored Republic" 8-22-15

Bob T | 11:21 AM EDT on August 22, 2016 | Dinar Chronicles

An Analysis of the RV/GCR and the "Restored Republic" 8-22-15

The following discussion is based on research and analysis of what has transpired in the RV land of Intel and various other sources of info that has come before us to date. All presented here is my opinion of what we are seeing and going to see in the immediate future. Many of you may not agree with what is presented here, and that is OK, as it is presented solely as food for thought..

First a definition: I see that most of the RV Intel Gurus use the term "New Republic". There is nothing new here. The true organic Constitutional Republic has never gone anywhere. It was usurped by the cabal/banksters by creating an illegal US Corporation registered in Porto Rico and domiciled in the District of Columbia which is a 10 square mile area within Washington DC. Therefore IMO a more appropriate term is "Restored Republic".

I have a friend of many years who is a retired, high ranking, military officer. He is a constitutional expert and has a Top Secret clearance. He sent me the following info some time ago when I asked him about this subject.

"There is nothing in the constitution empowering Congress to enact any law addressed to the owners of the Constitution, the American Nationals. Said Americans cannot be made citizens of a subordinate organization, the United States Government especially by a statute. Remember, the American Nationals own all the land except that given the government when it was formed and those lands purchased by the Government with the approval of the State Legislatures where the land is located. Statutes cannot alter, revise, or amend the constitution.”

First what do we think we know via info collected:

1) “In April [ 2015 I believe] to start it off the Chinese Elders gave the Republic the equivalent of 100 billion in gold bullion, Winston says there may have been more given since that time.”

2) ”Winston: A new currency was issued known as Treasury Reserve Notes [TRN's]. This money is government level money. This money does not go out publicly on the streets. But it was a valid currency and it started trading in the international markets in the summer of 2015, and it is still trading.”

3) The Chinese Elders have provided gold to the Restored Republic with conditions.

4) The conditions for this gold to be used by the Restored Republic are:

a) The release of the RV funds,

b) The complete removal of the illegal US Corp US government and the FED,

c) The public announcement that the Restored Republic is now in place and is legally and lawfully running the country per the original organic constitution.

5) Once these above conditions are met, and the Restored Republic can use its hydrated funds to run the country, then the American Nationals still need a useable currency.

“Winston: This currency has been created for use by the people for thier day-to-day and commercial activities. This currency is known as United States Notes [USN] and has already been printed.”

Now based on the above info, assuming it is correct, and I personally feel it is, then where are we at this present moment?

1) It only makes logical and common sense, to me, that the Restored Republic will have to be announced soon. It cannot wait right up until we are at the door steps of the current US Corp November, dog and pony show elections. This would not give time to get the public oriented, and allow time for them to be educated. The US Nationals will be givien the truth, with proof, as to what is and has happened since the cabal/banksters took over our country, and what steps were taken to restore it to our original constitution.

2) If the original plan, time schedule, is still in effect, once the Restored Republic is announced it will be overseen by an “Interim Government” for a period of 120 days or so. Therefore the new elections under the Restored Republic will not take place in November 2016 but will take place, likey in early spring of 2017.

3) Now since the RV/GCR must happen for the Restored Republic to be able to use its hydrated funds then it seems reasonable that the RV has to happen just before the public announcement of Restored Republic or concurently together.

4) Once all the above is dealt with, then NESARA and all the rest of the funds can be rolled out (PPs, humanitarian project funds, St Germain trust funds etc can come forth and GSEARA globally.

In closing I firmly believe that the RV/GCR will happen one of two ways:

The easy way is for it be announced before the banks and economy totally crash. Or if the brain dead politicians wait for the global economy to totally crash then the RV/GCR will be announced after the crash since there will be no other option then.

So if the above analysis is close to the true state of affairs then we should see movement on both the RV/GCR as well as the public announcement of the "Restored Republic" well before the US Corp elections in November. So let it be so.

Bob T

"Life is too important to be taken seriously." ~ Oscar Wilde

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