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- The Cabal are desperately attempting to ignite War World 3 to significantly delay the transition event.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another Flat Earth Theory Debunked, Planes Not Tilting Down During Flight?

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Why Don't Planes Tilt Down In Flight?

Posted By: EarthGrid
Date: Saturday, 24-Sep-2016 16:54:38

Why Don't Planes Tilt Down In Flight at maximum altitude? Or fly straight with no tilt? How come cups of liquid in the cabin of Concordes tilted back towards you while in flight? Surely there would be no need to do that on a ball-earth, where you had to go down constantly over the horizon?

If you are so sure we live on a rotating oblate spheroid, why don't planes tilt down or kept flat during flight?


Jumbo Jet, 9.5 miles/minute, if no tilt would lose 60.2 feet/min, so it tilts 2.5 degrees up. 

Concorde Jet, 22.56 miles/minute, if no tilt would lose .77 miles/min, so it tilts 5.5 degrees up. 

SR-71 Blackbird, 36.667 miles/minute, if no tilt would lose 2 miles/min, so it tilts 8 degrees up.

The Pilot Pact - Operation Hide Concave Earth (Cell Earth) - YouTube

Read SR-71 Revealed: The Untold Story, by Richard H. Graham, page 65: 

"Unlike many other aircraft, Habus never practiced stalls in the SR-71. As Angle of Attack (AOA) increased, the aircraft reached a point where it departed from controlled flight rather than stalling out. A nose-up pitching moment developed as the AOA increased, which eventually becomes uncontrollable as the critical AOA was reached. Subsonic, the critical AOA for pitch-up is approximately 18 degrees. At high Mach cruise, extreme caution was necessary if Habus were flying at altitudes above those for optimum supersonic cruise because the AOA could exceed 7 to 8 degrees. At 7 to 8 degrees AOA, any pitch transients caused by unstarts, increased bank angles, etc., could easily lead to an uncontrolled pitch-up maneuver." 

"Since there was no stall warning, the SR-71 had an Automatic Pitch Warning (APW) system incorporated into the flight controls. Placing the "PUSHER & SHAKER" switch to the "SHAKER ONLY" position caused the control stick to vibrate vigorously when the rate of pitch changed was sensed to be too great, or a predetermined AOA was reached. When you pulled too quickly on the stick and got the shaker, merely relaxing back pressure eliminated the shaking stick. In the "PUSHER & SHAKER" switch position, if you ignored the shaker warning and continued to pull harder on the stick, the pusher system activated. The pusher system physically moved the elevons down and literally jerked the stick forward out of your hand to reduce the AOA. When it activated at supersonic speeds, you knew you were in trouble and had better relax back pressure because if you didn't, a bailout was not far away!"

Lots of us are refusing to learn about the "rawness" of life. Lots of people are willing to go to twelve step groups such as AA, NA, & GA, but never Ball-Earth-Anonymous. At some point you have to admit you've been hypnotized by a teacher of some sort, instead of putting puzzle pieces of life together in your own way.

Did you want to keep reading about false-flags, bullets and FEMA coffins, or did you want to actually learn something without being a SJW about it?

Remember what I asked? How is it that a stack of fragile rocks stays together as the earth spins? It's because we're not spinning: the space-ball you see in the sky is. And the sun/moon are self illuminating. Thus, because we're still in space time travel must have been easier between Woodridge, NJ and Santa Fe, NM. It would have been a nightmare to dial back our position in space-time if you actually had a spinning ball-earth going through space.

None of us have seen an honest photo of space completely outside this ball-jail earth. Some of us are waking up.

If I hear from actual loving "Angels", they had better have an explanation as to why we were lied to about this jail planet. And how long our "sentence" is.

For all pilots, it's shameful that you keep up this lie about the rawness of the world.

You Asked So I Will Answer

Posted By: CapnGriff
Date: Saturday, 24-Sep-2016 19:25:45

In Response To: Why Don't Planes Tilt Down In Flight? (EarthGrid)

I am not about to consider the flat earth theory. I can tell you as an airline pilot for 31 years with 18000 flight hours this is why airplanes do not appear to tilt down in flight.

Imagine a black rectangle on the wing of the jet you are flying. This rectangle is perfectly centered between the leading and trailing edges of the wing. Imagine now that there is a Blue Circle in that rectangle. As the jet climbs higher and higher you will notice that the center of lift denoted by the Blue Circle moves towards the trailing edge of the wing. Finally, when at cruise altitudes and the jet levels off at the assigned cruising altitude the nose of the aircraft must be raised above the horizon slightly (usually about 3 degrees) to maintain the altitude and best economy for the engines. This keeps the airplane flying safely and within it's safety envelope portrayed in this exercise by the black rectangle. The Blue Circle will always be in the black rectangle.

Bottom line is the aircraft flies with a slightly nose-up attitude at cruise. Then when the pilots begin the descent for landing the engines are powered back (most modern jets this occurs simply by resetting the altitude alerter to a lower altitude.)Autothrottles do the work of managing speed along with the autopilot. The airspeed remains the same and the angle of attack remains about the same but with less power the plane descends downhill without gaining airspeed as managed by the autothrottles.

Once out of Mach speed range the speed does increase noticeably. And the aircraft attitude is managed by the autothrottles. Attitudes below the horizon on the attitude indicator do occur but normally 2 degrees or less and it all depends on what the flight is directed to do in consequence to conflicting traffic. A quick descent assigned by the ground controller will result in as much as a few degrees down. Most passengers rarely notice this.

Jets are not flown either to slow or too fast both are dangerous. Thus, the angle of attack or the angle of the aircraft if you could see it from the outside is within a small number of degrees in climb, cruise and descent. Basically, the attitude of the airplane stays the same once above 18,000 feet or so. Unless one is in the cockpit looking at the attitude indicator, it is nearly impossible to know what the pitch angle of the aircraft actually is.

Have a good evening,


Thank you CapnGriff, my father was a pilot as well. I'm glad to see pilots standing up to these flat earth theories. - OD

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