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Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 26, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 26 2018 Compiled 12:07 am EDT 26 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset: 27-28 Sept. 2016 Update

New Republic via a GCR: 27 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 27 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

1. The Sept. 26 2016 Situation Report on Dinar Chronicles stated: "Changes due in October" - Fulford Report - 9.26.16 Excerpt from Ben Fulford 9-26-16

A. Republic President Joseph Dunford placed a 24 hour hold on all RV activities beginning Sunday evening Sept. 25 2016, with the new RV release time still unknown.

B. The UN General Assembly GCR/RV announcement originally scheduled to be made at 12:01am EST Monday was postponed and in fact made Tues. Sept. 26 2016 at 12:00 pm EST via the UN General Assembly mechanism.

C. CIA and Mossad sources were saying the US dollar would continue after Sept. 30 but that the dollar would be divided into a domestic US dollar devalued by 50%, though the international US dollar would remain unchanged.

D. Pentagon and other CIA sources said the Federal Reserve Board would cease to exist on Sept. 30 raising the question of who exactly would control the dollar.

E. The Pentagon reported: “The IMF accepts the gold-backed yuan into the SDR basket on Oct 1, as the Federal Reserve Board ceases Sept 30 . . .The Paris Agreement which secretly activates a global gold standard, is at near 48%; India will ratify Oct 2 (4.5%) so when Russia (7.35%) ratifies it will cross the 55% threshold, but holds off until military issues are resolved and the cabal surrenders.”

F. CIA sources said that China now secretly controlled Special Drawing Rights and the IMF. The IMF had proposed a currency as an alternative to the US dollar.

G. Chinese government sources said China would watch the West over the coming months before making a move, saying the “US dollar is backed by nothing.”

H. Mossad and CIA sources in Asia insisted there are vast hoards of gold in Asia that backed the dollar. They claimed there was gold at an Equator monument in Indonesia where 4,000 tons of gold was located.

I. We were told that each middle eastern conflict must be placed on an irreversible pathway towards resolution before the RV would be released.

J. Meanwhile Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing staff were waiting in 7,000 redemption centers, with word getting out that there were ZIM redemptions on Mon. Sept. 26.

K. Fri. Sept. 30 was a legal back wall for intaking all old fiat currencies. The Chinese Elders must act before October 1, Sat, or be in treaty breach of international law.

L. International law also stated that they must give a two year redemption grace period in order for the public to redeem all retired assets.

M. There would be a one week sovereign rate redemption period whereby anyone turning in old bonds, currencies and historic assets could privately negotiate their conversion at a sovereign rate. After that period, a flat international rate would be applied during conversion (less any negotiation).

2. Also on Sept. 26 2016 CNN Money reported: "We're seeing some significant losses in the markets right now. Downward momentum on Friday has carried through into the new week. U.S. stock futures are all pushing down. Many European markets are dropping by about 1.5% in early trading. And Asian markets are closing out the day with losses. Banking stocks are among the main losers right now. Germany's Deutsche Bank (DB) is falling by nearly 7% to its lowest level in over 20 years. The system is collapsing."

3. TNT and Fisher reported on Sept. 26TNT TIDBIT & FISHER UPDATE, 26 SEPT

A. Ecubucs: I 100% Believe that this is an Asset-Backed GCR occuring with most of the countries in the world revaluing their currencies both up & down. Iraq is the spearhead of this reset and we are within days of seeing this begin to occur Sept. 29. Just my belief.

B. Fisher: Want an update? Can't put it too exactly or it could spoil the plan, but, here goes: Dunford allegedly asked for 25 hours last night, and got it. The UN General assembly members got word on the release today (Sept. 26 2016) at noon.

4. In a Sept. 26 video by Larrabee-Tilton they stated, "We believe the RV will start tonight and the 800 numbers will come out within the next two days.": Gary Larrabee - Philip Tilton: Is this the Finish Line?

5. On the Sept. 26 Real Truth Chatter it was stated: "24 Hours" - Mon. PM RTC Chat w/ Fisher 9-26-16

A. Canes2017: Today Mon. Sept. 26 2016 Art said that tomorrow Tues. Sept. 27 both the 800 numbers and the Zim might be turned loose.

B. Fisher: Stop and ask yourselves - Why are there over 20 reports of private redemptions on the Zim in the last few days, with no NDA, and why were they allowed to get out? Ya think somebody wanted more pressure to be applied?


"Great Debate" - Intel SITREP - 17:00:00 EDT - Monday - 9.26.16 (8)

"Changes due in October" - Fulford Report - 9.26.16

"24 Hours" - Mon. PM RTC Chat w/ Fisher 9-26-16

New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 26, 2016

Gary Larrabee - Philip Tilton: Is this the Finish Line?

"Waiting on Numbers" - Mon. PM RTC Intel 9-26-16

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Crashing Deutsche Bank Assures Markets that it is "Fine"

New Republic via a GCR: 28 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 28 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

1. Bruce: On Wed. Sept. 21 most sovereign nations were paid out with their debts eliminated. The US debt was expected to do the same within a year.

2. As of Fri. Sept. 23 major bank redemption centers and Abbot Downing were staffed, up and running.

3. Gerry Maguire: Zim redemptions began Mon. Sept. 26 2016, while other currency exchanges were taking place on both Mon and Tues. Sept. 27Wingit

4. The UN General Assembly announced the Global Currency Reset at noon EST Mon. Sept. 26.

5. Exchange center personnel were called in the night of Mon. Sept. 26.

6. Yosef: We had four different (independent) confirmations of "overnight" RV performance yesterday Sept. 26 2016 from AIIB, Wells Fargo, Abbot Downing, and Exchange Location sources. No RV.

7. Yosef: We were told by all that the RV would happen before, during, or after the great debate on Sept. 26. No RV.

8. All redemption center staff were manning their desks since 6pm EDT Sept. 26 in anticipation of a roll out, and then ramped up efforts after the great debate finished. While their lights stayed on all night, there was no RV.

9. Bruce: By around noon today Sept. 27 other pending matters regarding the Global Currency Reset had been taken care of. The Big Call

10. Art: We thought they were going to release the 800#s at noon today Sept. 27, though that did not happen.

11. Fisher: There was forward progress today Sept. 27 in many areas, but there were still a few loose ends that needed tidying up. Whether or not (Chief of Staff at the Pentagon and new US Republic President General Joseph) Dunford needed more time, we would see what developed this evening.

12. Fisher: China would have gone gold-backed Thurs. Sept. 29. Thurs Sept. 29 was a drop dead day for the system.

13. There was a back wall of Friday Sept. 30 for the Global Currency Reset to happen.

14. WSOMN AdminBill: There was no news, other than we were expecting completion on, or before, Sept. 30.

15. Yosef: As they agreed back in 2009, China was going to release their gold holdings before Sept. 30. In 2009 China choose to reform the IMF and become the fifth IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency. (A basket of currencies designed to form one global reserve currency along with the Japanese Yen (bankrupt), United States Dollar (bankrupt), British Pound (Brexit), European Dollar (bankrupt) and Chinese Yuan/Renimbi (gold backed).).

16. Announcements regarding NESARA and returning to the new US Republic form of government would be coming forth shortly after notification of the 800 numbers.

17. Right now we were waiting for notification of the 800 numbers. That could take a few days, but we are there.

18. Oct. 1 was the date set for gold backed global currencies to go public.

19. The actual announcement of returning to the gold standard could be Sept. 30, Oct.1 or Oct.2.

20. It was announced that on Oct. 2 India would ratify the Paris Agreement (that contained the GCR), the timing coinciding with their national festival to celebrate Gandhi's birthday:

20. Immediately Russia was expected to follow with its own ratification of the Paris Agreement, the rationale for not having yet ratified was to keep the cabal destabilized.

21. As soon as these ratifications happened, the Paris Agreement would be in full force. At that point China was expected to start it's currency-conversion in order to swiftly establish economic dominence where it wished to have greater influence in the world.

22. China would have only a very limited amount of time to flood these countries with funds at extremely high conversion rates before it, too, would have to back off and accept the new global gold standard and its currency value of a 1:1 ratio worldwide.

23. Soon Germany's Deutsche Bank (which held and laundered most of Europe's cabal money) was expected to default, thus taking down the cabal-driven financial order as swiftly and efficiently as the cabal once took down the Twin Towers.


New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 27, 2016

"Great Debate" - Intel SITREP - 17:00:00 EDT - Monday - 9.26.16 (8)

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