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The Yuan-backed Oil Futures Contracts begins trading on Monday, the 26th.

The trading of the Yuan-backed Oil Futures Contracts will force the U.S. Petro Dollar to die out.

The fall of the U.S. Petro Dollar is a major blow to Cabal finances and control over the global economy.

China (under the direction of the Chinese Elders) will lead the world to return the gold-standard with their de facto gold-backed Yuan.

This move is a major tipping point for events leading up to the GCR/RV.

The window for the RV release opened last Saturday, the 17th.

The RV may be released any time between now and the 26th.

The possibility of the RV release after the 26th should not be overlooked.

All eyes on the 26th.




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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 21 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Jim Stone: One Week from Today, We will know for Sure if Hillary Clinton is Alive

You DO Realize That ONE WEEK From Today We Will Know For Sure, Don't You??

I am talking about the first Sept 26 Presidential debate....

ie, Whether Killery is alive, in custody, intensive care or in an hospice somewhere.

Jim Stone makes a good case in today's piece: see especially the third paragraph below....

A few short comments

American attack on Russia in Syria 

This was an obvious attack, and American backed Islamic State militants moved into the area cleared by America IMMEDIATELY, which proves it even more obviously. Russia played it "cool" by saying it was only an attack that was "on the edge between gross negligence and direct assistance to Islamic State terrorists". MORE IMPORTANTLY, THERE IS A VIRTUAL NEWS BLACKOUT ON THE TOPIC IN THE U.S. WHICH I SEE AS AN ATTEMPT TO MAKE AMERICANS IGNORANT TO ANY REASON WHY RUSSIA MIGHT STRIKE BACK, AND WHY ANY WAR WITH RUSSIA MIGHT BREAK OUT. After all, it will be a lot easier to get Americans to support a war on Russia if they successfully portray Russia as the aggressor.

Pipeline break: 

There is no conceivable way that a problem with a single pipe line could cause all the so-called mayhem that is going on in a country built like America. The fact that America has been driven downhill rapidly recently can't change the past 100 years, when countless pipelines were made (and there are backups everywhere, not just one supply line) and it also can't bury the fact that America still has railroads that can deliver, and that there are countless semi trucks that can pick up the slack.

More importantly than all of this however, is the fact that there are storage facilities everywhere and they could not have possibly emptied out so fast it would cause fuel shortages already. Any fuel shortage situation should have taken at least two weeks to evolve, the fact it is happening so quickly proves it is a psy op, and the pipeline was probably "sabotaged" by the people who stand to profit. My guess? The pipeline was broken on purpose and will now sit idle until someone's objective is met.

Hillary is a no-show, NOW AND FOREVER

I do not care if "people are shouting F YOU", if insults and everything else is clearly audible when "Hillary appears" now, or if the press "interviews her on an airplane". She is now FAKE no ifs or buts and if these types of things are happening now it is only because a think tank said that to make it more real, have people swear at her and tell her she's going to jail, right where microphones can pick it up, and don't edit it out, either. Have her limp a little too. It is all an effort to fool the public into thinking she is real.

The scamming left cannot get over the fact that she faded out and glitched in North Carolina all the while the environment she was in stayed crystal clear. She was an overlay NO IFS OR BUTS, this cannot ever be recovered from, once you are gone from a frame while the environment remains the same you are a drop in that is totally fake. I am not backing down on this, EVER, to see what I am talking about, scroll down this page and see for yourself. What is shown is only the worst two frames, in the frames leading up to and trailing this, there is something wrong enough to prove she's not there in at least 15 frames. She is NOT supposed to glitch like an R2D2 projection of Princess Leia after the empire takes her to a galaxy far far away!

Pipe bombings 

Yeah, blame the alt right! Distract from the topic of the U.S. bombing Assad and Russia in Syria, ON PURPOSE. And if you can't properly milk that, then claim it is some form of home grown Islamic terror so the groundwork is laid for actions against Americans and postponing the election. You don't need to do that from this event alone, just let this event set an attitude to exploit in the future. YEAH, THAT'S IT.

The recent "Islamic terror attacks" are so convenient and the play book so empty and worn out it will be a wonder if anyone believes it. Want to know what else I don't believe? I DO NOT BELIEVE TRUMP IS AHEAD BY 7 POINTS. REALITY: TRUMP IS AHEAD 90:10 AND IT IS TROLLS POSTING HOW THRILLED THEY ARE THAT HE IS AHEAD BY 7 AND THEN SAYING HE'LL WIN. 7 points is NOTHING, all they are doing is setting the stage for a steal because now they can say the MSM is honest because they did report Trump ahead "at one point" but it just was not enough.

They want Hologram Hillary in so that not even her corrupted mind can get in the way of the will of Soros. They got an illegal President with a tranny "wife" and probably two kids who were stolen (if not that, actors) with Obama and are going for one better - NO PRESIDENT AT ALL. If a hologram/blue screen overlay can cut it with the masses, that is all they need, why even bother with the election charade?

DO NOT MISS THIS CRUCIAL POINT: Hillary "appeared" at a university that has been over run by communists that would go along with staging it all no questions asked. Now the only thing to handle is a few secret service people who won't rat out the body double when it hits the white house. Bill won't notice, he's senile already and after all the other girls probably does not know what Hillary is like anymore anyway.

Clinton foundation theft from Haiti earthquake relief 

I reported on this more than three years ago. It was semi public knowledge. Why is this only coming out now? I interviewed people who were actually there, and did not see a dime of over a billion donated to the Clinton foundation for the earthquake. She did not pay out 7 percent, SHE PAID OUT NOTHING, everything, EVERY LAST DIME given to the foundation was a theft pure and simple. The U.N. came in and built a total of about 5 homes at a cost of "millions each" and only the churches actually did any good at all. Haiti "relief" was a NWO commie scam all the way through. This alone should bury Hillary, but if it did not bury her 3 years ago, it never will. Too big to jail is a government fail. America has indeed slipped on a banana peel.

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