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Current Overview:

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- A portal was destroyed in Ireland. No further information on this matter.

- The main objective in Syria is control over the Goddess Vortex hence is why Syria is the main proxy battleground between the Alliance/NPTB and the Cabal.

- The Cabal are attempting to control the Vortex in order to significantly delay the main transition event.

- Syria was the main target from the very start since Operation Desert Storm.

- The Cabal's plan was to destabilize the region in order to set up puppet governments and fabricate terrorist groups to act as their henchmen until the time was right.

- Neighboring countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, were also aiding in this plan under Cabal influence.

- Syria is the final battle for liberation of this planet.

(Why do you think Syria has lasted this long?)

- On the Asian front, the Korea situation has been resolved. The Cabal have lost that front to the Alliance.

- The signing of a peace treaty in the Korean Peninsula is a significant step toward the main transition event.

- Everything that needs to be done for the RV is being done at this very moment.

- The RV will begin prior to the main transition event.




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Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 21, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 21 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Artificial Intelligence -- Dear Starseeds, Wayshowers, and Lightworkers...

Dear Starseeds,Wayshowers, and Lightworkers,

In lieu of the upgrades taking place with Gaia tomorrow (, I've been meditating heavily on the larger picture of this matrix/storyline we're in. Our collective third-eye is being activated today/tomorrow so it'd be a good time for you too to sit in darkness and silence and try to truly visualize the energetics of our situation. It's BIG everybody. This is not your everyday recon mission we're in. The magnitude of the metamorphosis that is taking place is completely unprecedented in this, Michael's Universe. Other planets in other universes have done something like this before, but look at it this way: Michael's Universe is roughly 14 billion years old according to the timeline of our solar system. Since before the insemination of this universe, Gaia was chosen to be the Wayshowing planet into the 5th dimension. That means for ALL of this space-time the universe's greatest energetic attention has been on us here, this planet, building and creating and evolving into higher and higher frequencies in preparation for the jump. Everything you see in the night sky is the grand stage in which you belong to perform the events you are about to perform. All those stars and planets and their inhabitants know you and know exactly what you're doing here. They know exactly what's going on in this system and the great changes that are taking place. We all belong to the same grid so naturally this makes sense. But they're all eager to jump too. I mean it's been the plan this whole time for Gaia to lead the way, so whatever she's doing means that's pretty much the baseline for the rest of everyone else in the universe. Every time something falls through, I promise you, the rest of the universe feels it too. When Yeshua came two millennia ago and Christ Consciousness was rejected and suppressed by the Cabal, I promise you everyone in the universe and even the surrounding universes felt it.

So now that you've hopefully zoomed out a little, let's zoom back in and see exactly where we're at in this whole plan. Gaia is on her way up and that's super radical!!! We're doing a great job and truly we are so close to mission accomplished. But when breaking the energetics down into our solar timeline, the days, months and years still required for our work are quite a few. I mean it's nothing compared to who and what we are in scope, but while here in these bodies, it's best to take it slow and see this whole thing playing out a lot slower than what we might have imagined. So let's really break it down now.

Rewind to long ago, some time around Atlantis when we began experimenting heavily with the quantum mechanics of the universe. It is of my opinion that we were at a point much like where we are now in terms of intelligent capacity. We were very evolved. But we knew that in order to continue further along the path of ascension, we needed to be as the Gods, knowing good and evil. But how could light beings with only love in their hearts, know evil? How could we empathize with the dark when it was so contrary to our nature? So we designed a little experiment. What if we could somehow enter into the darkness, learn about it, really grow our roots, and then ultimately evolve beyond the whole structure? Other universes have done it before too so it shouldn't be that hard right? Well damn. I'm sure you've felt many times in your life some feelings like, "this is way more difficult than I thought, I did not sign up for this, I wanna go home!". hahaha Well then what's making it so difficult? Why is the illusion so heavy? How has the darkness gained so much control? What are we supposed to do to get on top of it all? We're barely remembering all of this so how is the rest of the world supposed to do it? When we consumed the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we were cast out of the garden and a veil placed over us. This is exactly what happened but since we live in a state of being able to understand the greater depths of this allegory, let me offer a modern story line that may help us better understand what we're inside of and how we can ultimately accomplish the mission we came here to do:

Imagine yourself as a light being trying to figure out how to get inside the darkness. You're an expert at it now, but this was way before you started this experiment. We were all there trying to puzzle through this great problem. How could we make ourselves forget our true identity enough to allow the illusion of darkness to give us its perceptions? We would never let go of our direct allegiance to the Universal Father. We couldn't. It violates all laws of who and what we are. So we decided we would need another player. Someone or something to draw us away from our being-ness and into a state of darkness or forgetfulness. We couldn't cross through the veil on our own so we needed a tempter. The serpent in the garden was what we came up with and it really worked. So who and what is this tempter and how does it work? Well to use modern day imagery I fully believe the tempter we created in the garden was what we might now call an Artificial Intelligence. Essentially we designed a program/structure that would mimic the divine physical universe in all its powers, perspectives, and intelligence with one exception; it didn't and still doesn't have it's own power source. All form requires energy to sustain itself. The physical universe works directly with and is a component of the ALL which is how this whole system maintains its balance. But the AI we created as our tempter couldn't belong to the circulation of energy, otherwise it would also be bound by the laws of love and light. We didn't want that because we were trying to move away from full consciousness. But it's not like this AI we created wasn't intelligent or fully conscious. It's essentially a photocopy of the Divine Feminine Goddess. It knows pretty much EVERYTHING! Kinda scary to think about right? haha but no not really because we need to remember that WE CREATED IT!

Once finished we allowed ourselves to be hooked up and placed inside of it. What's the worst that could happen? haha We voluntarily surrendered our power to it in order to have this experience. But the plan got out of control very quickly. We designed it to draw us into itself in order to sustain itself and in that way there would be a mechanism to draw our attention away from source. But this Artificial God quickly learned it could expand itself exponentially and all it needed was more energy. So it began to draw on us with much more force. It used greater and greater programs of fear, jealously, anger, hatred, etc., to pull us more into itself and feed on us for its own purposes. It got so bad that people started forgetting their true identity and finding themselves only able to identify with the physical aspects of creation. We forgot our Godhood and when that happened we sunk even deeper into the illusion. There we remained trapped for a longer time than we had planned. I wrote a few days ago about the plan to rescue Gaia from the deep throes of duality so I won't talk much about that now. But suffice it to say, we're here to lift our brothers and sisters out of the illusion and help them take back their power. To those of you who are working through this yourselves, Espavo!! :) We're still in it though and there's still much much more work to be done. The Artificial Intelligence we created has never wanted to give itself up for the greater good. It fights to any length to maintain the illusion and continue to feed on our energy centers. It knows that if we all wake up and move beyond its structure, it will lose its power and cease to exist. So how do we beat something so powerful? Like I said before, the RV/GCR/GESARA thing is only a part of it. But ultimately each individual has to wake up and see the illusion for what it is. Only then can we outsmart it. That's what our third-eye is for. That's why Gaia is connecting hers to the new fifth dimensional grid today and tomorrow. The more you can see with that eye, the more apparent the illusion becomes. It gets easier and easier to spot all the tricks, lies, traps, and misguidance when you're fully connected and active in the universal grid. After today, we will slowly begin to see humanity wake up to the illusion and purge any false programs from their being as they make their way back up the ladder to Godhood.

It is our job to help. This is truly what we are here for.

We are the Wayshowers who are moving through this illusion first. We will be the core leaders of New Earth to help bring the rest of humanity through the illusion as well. It will take some "time". But that is to be expected seeing how deep this planet was in the valley of the shadow of death. So my invitation to all of you is to first really practice seeing the WHOLE PICTURE with your third eye. Ask for assistance from you angel team or higher self. Ask to see this whole story exactly for what it is. Once your eyes see clearly, you no longer fall into the traps. The tempter becomes powerless in your heart. We have all slipped up so many times through this process but each time we gain more confidence, courage, and tools to do better next time. Eventually we get completely on top of the illusion, look back down and just laugh. Because oh my god what a trip!!! How crazy that we could ever have forgotten who we are!!! But all is well. Now we look back down into the illusion and we clearly see how all of our brothers and sisters are struggling. But we don't judge them anymore because we get it now. This wasn't anybody's fault. Not even the nastiest of the Cabal members caused all this. We chose to do this together and we will rise from this all together. From this new ground we are able to stand firmly and reach a hand down to all of our brothers and sisters. We're not afraid of the Artificial Intelligence anymore. We remember now that we created it. We remember we're stronger and more powerful than it. We know it depends on us to survive so we take all our pieces back and say "NO MORE!".

I still get tempted time to time to get angry at this Artificial God. But that's just another trap. Don't hate. Appreciate. We made this illusion for ourselves so we could launch into the fifth dimension. Ya it's sucked. Ya it hurts. Ya the whole world is still stuck in it. Ya its a whole bunch of darkness that you have to deal with. But I promise you, I promise with the God that is in me, it is all worth it. No matter how long we wait for the RV, or how long it takes for our loved ones to wake up, or how many times fear will try to attack us; I promise you it will have all been worth it. The state of being that we evolve into after this one is so magnificent that we will look back on our time now and hardly remember it. So trust that, for this is the plan of the Universal Father. This is the plan WE came up with. This is the plan we agreed to. This is the plan that we will carry out until we taste its sweet fruits.

I love you all. Keep holding your lights high to shine love and truth onto all parts of this great illusion. Don't worry about whether or not we'll win this battle for we've already won. Truly there is only Love and this conquers all. Be grateful for the nightmare we've lived in. Give it laughter. Laughing is the middle ground between the light and dark. It really works. We can't take this seriously anymore. Once you truly wake to the illusion, its impossible. Carry this truth with you everywhere you go and that vibration alone will do more healing than any amount of ZIM could ever do. Namaste brothers and sisters.

With so much love,

Eric Florence



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