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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Erausmus of America -- A Special Hospital to Treat and Heal All Kinds of Ailments


I have several friends who are very informed and talented in health issues. They know that many workable cures for ailments exist but are blocked from being shown to you by very corrupt sources using a very corrupt national government, news sources, etc. We are now collecting and qualifying what natural cures have a high success rate in curing all sorts of ailments which we have listed threatening you and your life and health on this earth. Our position is "what works works!" The reason why can be found out later if not already known what the answer is why it works as observed with real people threatened by the involved ailment or ailments. We already have one of the finest health reference libraries in America and adding more to it all the time when we find health answers that work and we did not find out about earlier.

I studied engineering and think like an engineer in health issues. Find out what works and figure how to use it in a project to solve a problem facing mankind. I took a car getting around 17-18 1/2 miles per gallon, observed it was not using very effectively laws of physics that could be used on cars to improve their performance and with maybe less than $50 in parts and modifications got it up to 94 miles per gallon in a publicly witnessed test. After that, I soon got threats to stop my research work on high gas mileage or else! The same situation exists in the health field. What threatens big income in the health field or selling auto fuel in America or the world is not wanted by those in power in society. Corruption has a way of influencing government to suppress what would be good for mankind but threatens their big income in some field they are profiting from. Most people with power are not very idealistic nor too pro-honesty in national policies. Remember Jesus said that Satan was king of this world until God took over and kicked Satan out. Satan works by appealing to the corrupt side of mankind to get his way with the morally weak of society.

I had two tumors. A small one on my left arm and a large tumor on my face. Using a natural ingredient I got rid of the small tumor on my arm in 4 days flat and left no scar. I tried it on the big tumor and again in 4 days flat I got rid of the tumor and left no scar. This 4 day factor intrigued me why 4 days each time to get rid of the tumor? I also had advanced colon cancer then and had had it for over one year. I am philosophical and thought, "When the Lord Jesus is ready, He will show me an answer that will take care of these manifestations of cancer." After getting rid of the two tumors by an inspired idea using a natural ingredient, then I tackled the advanced colon cancer which was much larger and using the same natural ingredient I had used on the two tumors figured out how to take it internally for maximum effect and the advanced colon cancer came out of my body on the 6th day and never came back! That was back around 1987. My health ideas seem to work and the medical field does no want any of my ideas! Attack the root cause of any ailment and the cure will be found there! A friend of mine who had been a defense engineer had blocked passage to his heart and was facing double by-pass surgery in order to save his life. I supplied him something natural I thought could eliminate the need for surgery. He took it and startled they canceled the heart surgery as the blockage to the heart had suddenly disappeared. Again the medical field did not want to know my angle how this was done. I believe that God has given us enough natural answers to use that we can cure any ailment that we have if we can see the God-given angle available for us to use!

I hate to say it but Hillary has taken large contributions from so many corrupt sources in health as I don't see how she could be honest in national health issues if in the White House! We use these God-given answers for national health and I picture Obamacare would be dropped in America as no longer believed necessary for the national health of the American people. This would save a big amount of national taxation and remove one of the main financial pressures for high inflation in the cost of living in America. When I speak the truth in corrupt fields, I step on powerful toes as a general rule.

I want to build a special hospital in America to treat and heal all kinds of ailments using the natural answers supplied us by God. This will be built at my planned community of Camelot where many brilliant friends of mine will live at once built. It will be like a small Switzerland inside of America and real God-given rights will exist there for American citizens not available to them in outside society in America. With its success rate once established, this would put enormous pressure on the medical field to use natural cures for ailments and greatly reduce the cost of national health care in America in the process.

I am an honest man with a vision to be fulfilled. The power elite are putting feminine hormones into the diet of men so they will be sterile. And chemtrails have been demonstrated with scientific tests to be harmful to your health system and natural immunity. So people are going to need effective health answers! We will have answers for patients at my special hospital once built and devoted to natural cures from God if they have need of it then. This is maybe a better health insurance policy of sorts than regular health insurance and I worked as a regional manager in insurance (including health) many years ago. This means I know what can and cannot be done with regular health insurance in America. I will press for passage of my Omni Law posted on my national website and then Americans will have full rights to use non-regular as well as regular health treatments under American law.

Don't forget that European medicine was upset when Louis Pasteur, a chemist, told doctors that germs existed and threatened the health of people. They wanted to put him in prison for claiming that! And when he suggested things like making vaccines from natural ingredients to protect people and animals against diseases, they were mad at him for suggesting that to medical doctors. Of course these chemical soups called vaccines we have today were not what Louis Pasteur suggested for making vaccines from! But made from natural ingredients to fight diseases with.

Our website is Email is My proposed Omni Law (full name "The Omnibus Civil Rights Act for America") will grant the American people the legal right of referendum over our national government so the government has to be the servant of the American people and their national will for America and not the intended master over the American people and with their legal rights ignored in America.

Show this report to others. Why not have a medical field that serves the people with all working answers in the medical field and not just some due to their high price and greater profit to be realized if used in the medical field rather than more honest answers that work?!

Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (Pen name for that American intellectual who gets results in several fields and makes the corrupt angry at him when showing the public answers that the corrupt did not want the people to see!) P.S. If you have problems with the paypal buttons on my website, then my mailing address is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for! We plan to have medical answers for free through a national internet website, health answers and natural ingredients for low cost to treat people with , and as funds provide, supply medical treatment for free when people do not have the funds to pay for medical treatment.) P.S. I was pleased when many people said they liked this concept of a hospital and medical system and three other people and maybe four and maybe five who are exchanging currencies anticipated this week plan to make this the main charitable project they want to back first round.

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